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Elitch Gardens Address, Phone & Discount Tickets

Find Elitch Gardens Coupons, Discounts & Deals!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Denver, Colorado's Elitch Gardens. As you can tell from the photos of Elitch's rides and attractions, you'll find something for everyone in your family when you visit here...from the mild to the wild.

Elitch Gardens = great family theme park fun!

Picture: Big Wheel at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado Elitch Gardens is Denver, Colorado's most historic and best-loved amusement park. As their slogan goes, "Not to See Elitch's is Not to See Denver!" Most theme park lovers visiting & living in the area would agree! Since the opening of Elitch's Zoological Gardens on May 1, 1890, the park has never quit expanding, adding, and changing its attractions. And Elitch's legions of enthusiasts have never quit growing, either! These days, approximately one million visitors per year pass through its turnstiles.

Planning your Elitch Gardens visit: On this page, you'll discover the practical info you need for planning a fun theme park outing to Elitch's. This information includes the Elitch Gardens address, directions and map to the park; the Elitch Gardens phone number & contact information; and a summary of Elitch Gardens ticket prices. Then on other pages of this section, you can get a list of Elitch Gardens roller coasters & thrill rides, and check out Elitch's hours of operation for this year's operating season.

Elitch Gardens Address, Directions, Map and Contact Information

Picture: Boomerang roller coaster at Elitch Gardens theme park in Denver, CO The Elitch Gardens address is: 2000 Elitch Circle, Denver, CO 80204. This location is just to the east side of I-25 at the Speer Blvd exit.

Directions to Elitch Gardens: From Interstate 25, take the Speer Blvd exit and head eastwards towards downtown Denver. Stay in the right lane, then turn directly onto Elitch's entrance drive (there is a sign plainly marking it.)

Map to Elitch Gardens: Here is a Google map to Denver, Colorado's Elitch Gardens if you'd like to get a better mental picture of this area.

PDF Printable Map to Elitch Gardens: If you'd like, you may print up a handy printable PDF map to Elitch Gardens to take along with you as you drive. The theme park is marked by the number "54" on the left side of the map.

Elitch Gardens phone number is 303/595-4386 Need help remembering this number? It's 595-4FUN!

Elitch Gardens discount tickets & coupons

Money-saving ways to get cheaper tickets

Picture: Half Pipe thrill ride at Elitch Gardens theme park in Denver, CO How much do Elitch Gardens tickets cost? In Spring 2015, single-day tickets cost $45.99 at the park for adults/teens/and kids over 48 inches tall. Kid's tickets (for children under 48") cost $31.99 when purchased at the theme park's ticket booths. Senior tickets (age 62 and up) cost $29.99. If you show up at Elitch's without first making plans to get a discount, you'll pay these prices. But, with some advance planning, you will almost certainly be able to get a better deal. Hopefully, one of the ideas listed on this page will work well for you and your family.

1.) Elitch Gardens Online Ticket Discounts: You can save money on Elitch Gardens tickets by purchasing them online BEFORE you head to the park (rather than waiting until you reach the front gate.) How much will you save by purchasing your tickets before you leave home? The park's website offers various types of discounts throughout the operating season, but generally speaking, you'll save at LEAST $5 (each) by printing your tickets at home...and sometimes you'll get an even bigger discount. To check the current prices, here's a link to the Elitch Gardens Online Ticket Store. (Note: Adult/teen tickets get an online discount, but Junior & Senior tickets usually don't---because they're already priced so low. However, purchasing Junior and Senior tickets online will save you from waiting at the park's ticket booths, even though there is no discount.)

Note: Elitch's offers free admission for babies and toddlers: Babies and children through age 3 may enter Elitch Gardens free of charge.

2.) Denver Kids magazine discount: You may already be familiar with the website. Many parents discover both fun and practical resources for families living along the Front Range. This site also has a coupon page which hosts a variety of coupons you might enjoy. Theme park-lovers will ESPECIALLY enjoy this year's Elitch Gardens coupon. (Note: there is no expiration listed on the coupon at the time of this update, so the offer may end at any time.) This year, the coupon isn't actually something that you can print out. Rather, it's the directions to go to a secret page on the website to purchase discount tickets online. First, here's a link to the coupon page. If the Elitch's coupon is still being offered on the day you plan to visit, then you will see it on this page. We DO have one comment to make about the coupon, however. The web address is slightly incorrect; when we copy and paste the URL listed in, it doesn't work. We were able to reach the "secret page" by using the following url: (You will find info about birthday parties and daycamps before you reach the information about daily tickets)

3.) King Soopers Discount Tickets to Elitch's: The King Soopers grocery stores usually sell Elitch Gardens tickets seasonally (at the service desk. The price varies depending on the time of year that you purchase them.) King Soopers always allows you to pay cash or use a check for the tickets. So, if you don't have a credit or a debit card (and can't get the park's own online discounts,) then this is a very good option for you. One problem we've encountered is that our local King Soopers sometimes only has season passes...but no single-day tickets.

4.) Pepsi can discount for Elitch Gardens: Elitch has annual tradition of giving Pepsi can discounts, and they will be offered again this year for summer vacationers. How does this discount work? Simply bring your Pepsi can to the Elitch Gardens ticket booths to receive an good discount on adult/teen general admission tickets. (Last year it was $8.) You'll be able to find Pepsi cans imprinted with coupons once the promotion begins for this year. However, you do not HAVE to use a Pepsi can that's "specially marked" with a coupon in order to claim your discount; "plain" Pepsi cans will work just fine. No Pepsi discount is given on kid's tickets or senior tickets. Note: the Pepsi special cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons, and it can't be used when purchasing Elitch tickets online (because the online price is already discounted.)

5.) Elitch Gardens Group Discounts: It's easier to purchase Group Discounts at Elitch's than at many other parks. (Some places make you call in advance or make reservations 2 weeks ahead, or have other inconvenient requirements.)

Elitch Gardens lets you purchase your group discount tickets online, whenever you're ready & it's convenient for you! At Elitch's, a "group" is defined as 15 or more people...and there are several types of group discounts available:

A.) Good any day group discount: For whatever reason that you're getting together in a group...from celebrating a family reunion, to simply going to the park with several other families, you can get a group discount. This discount can be purchased online, and it's good every day during the operating season.

B.) Birthday Party Discount: What could be a more festive way to celebrate a birthday than going to Elitch Gardens? As long as your party consists of 10 or more paying guests, then you're eligible for the Elitch Gardens Birthday Party discount! In 2015, the Birthday Party prices begin at $32.99 each...AND the birthday guy or gal gets a FREE ticket! For an additional fee, you may add various perks to your package. You may purchase the basic birthday tickets any time you wish through the Elitch website's online store. However, if you'd like to make arrangements for an upgraded Elitch Birthday Package, which can include a meal, free parking, birthday gift and souvenirs for the guests (depending on the type of package you desire,) then you WILL need to call ahead to reserve it. The Elitch Gardens birthday party phone number is 303/595-4386, extension 162. For complete information about the prices and perks of various packages, here's a link to the Elitch Gardens Birtday Party Package page of the park's website.

C.) Day Camp, School and youth group discount tickets: If your youth group (church, day care, school field trips, etc.) has 15 or more students, you're eligible for the Youth Rate discount. This ticket may be purchased online at any time before your arrival at the park. Bear in mind that you should plan on bringing an adequate number of adults to supervise the kids in your care.

PURCHASING GROUP DISCOUNT TICKETS FOR ELITCH GARDENS: Once your group has decided on the date you'll visit Elitch Gardens, you need to select ONE member of the group to purchase all of the tickets. (You're not eligible to get the group discount if everyone buys his/her own ticket separately...even if you'll all be arriving at the same time.) You may purchase your Elitch Group Discount Tickets on the Elitch Gardens official Group Discounts page of the park's website.

Picture: Boomerang roller coaster at Elitch Gardens theme park in Denver, CO5.) Library summer reading programs: Every year, the Elitch Gardens theme park rewards students for joining their library's summer reading program. A number of different library systems in Colorado are members of this plan, including the large Denver and Aurora libraries.

How do you enroll in a library Summer Reading program? June is the month when the participating libraries will open up their summer reading programs so that you can register. Although reading is lots of fun anyway, if you're really anxious to go to Elitch Gardens, make sure that your library is participating before you sign up, and learn the requirements for getting your reward.

What is the reward for the Summer Reading Programs connected with this plan? The reward is a FREE ticket to enjoy one day at Elitch Gardens! You will have to finish a minimum number of books to qualify. Once you earn your free ticket, you may use it on ANY day of the park's operating season.

7.) AAA Discounts for Elitch Gardens: If you're a member of the AAA auto club, then you may purchase discount tickets directly from one of the club's branch offices or from the AAA Colorado website. Why would you do that? To purchase the tickets, you will need to login...for which your membership number is needed. If you geet them from one of the offices, you'll need to show your membership card.

8.) Credit Union and employer discounts: A number of credit unions in Colorado carry Elitch Gardens discount tickets...and so do some of the state's employers. Be sure to check your credit union or human resources department before your next park visit to see if tickets are available. These deals are generally better than the discounts offered on the ticketing page of Elitch's website.

9.) Elitch special discounts for "fans": You can become a fan of Elitch Gardens in 3 ways--- (1) Sign up for the Elitch Gardens email newsletter (the sign-up box is on their website) (2) Follow them on Facebook (3.) Receive their Tweets from Twitter. Elitch's will let you know about new specials via these three methods--but that's not all! They also offer special discounts ONLY for their fans from time to time.

Rainy days can be a good day to see if Elitch's has Tweeted a discount.

Elitch's also has a newsletter which will keep you informed about any new special events at the park. You may sign up for this e-mail newsletter on the website.

2015 season passes are available for Elitch's!

Picture: Chaos ride at the Elitch Gardens amusement park in Colorado2015 Elitch Gardens season passes are now on sale! As of Spring 2015, the Elitch passes cost $69.99 each...which is actually an Early Bird special. (The price will increase to $79.99 after June 14th---but even so, it's still a good deal for frequent Elitch visitors.)

You can use your season pass as many times as you like---from the time you buy them all the way through the rest of the operating season. The passes include not only the theme park's fun rides & attractions, but also the Island Kingdom water park and Fright Fest, as well! Plus, you'll also get a coupon book full of discounts for Elitch's games, food, merchandise--and even discount coupons for your friend's tickets.

Premium season pass: The "Premium" pass is not always offered, but when it is, a Premium Pass can be an even better deal for frequent park visitors. The Premium Pass inludes free parking, After your first several visits to Elitch Gardens, you'll pay for the pass...and then the rest of your theme park fun for the rest of the season will be free! To check the current season pass prices, here's a link to the Elitch Gardens Online Ticket Store.

Attractions included with Elitch Gardens admission

Picture: Castaway Creek tubing river at Elitch Gardens' Island Kingdom water park in Denver, Colorado Activities included with admission:

Island Kingdom water park admission is included with your ticket purchase to Elitch Gardens. (However, the water park opens later in the year...and closes sooner...than the amusement park. The water park is open daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day.)

Concerts: Admission to concerts by major artists in the Elitch Arena comes included with the price of admission...BUT you need to head to the arena in advance of concert time to hold your spot. There is no assigned seating; "first come, first served" is the rule. Once all the seats are taken, you won't get into the concert. A full list of the summer concert series can be found on the Elitch Gardens website.

Fright Fest: During the month of October, Halloween Fright Fest activities are included with the price of admission, too. This is an especially good bargain, since many theme parks in the US require extra tickets to enter their Halloween events!

Activities not included: The XLR8R free-fall swing and the Sling Shot thrill ride are extra-fee attractions. Games of skill (located through out the park) as well as arcade games require an extra fee to play. Stroller, wheelchair and locker rentals are not included with admission. "Rapid Ride" front-of-line passes are also sold for an extra fee. Parking requires an extra fee per car, and is not included with your ticket price.

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