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Fiesta Texas Coupons and Discount Tickets

Picture of the refreshing water park at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

In the photo above, you're viewing a picture of the exciting Goliath roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas---as seen from the park's refreshing swimming pool! If you'll soon be going to Fiesta Texas, you'll surely want to find the best ways to save money on your visit. Don't head to the park & pay full price---there are too many great ways to save money. You can get some good discount ideas on this page!

Is it easy to get Fiesta Texas coupons & discounts?

Yes, it is! BUT, you can't just show up at the park to get them!

Picture of the train at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
Six Flags Fiesta Texas is one of the tip-top tourist attractions in San Antonio, Texas. And, why shouldn't it be? Fiesta Texas has an attractive decor, good food, interesting shopping, a water park inside the gates, fun family and kiddie rides...and, best of all, exciting thrill rides! The theme park truly offers "something for everyone," and your entire family can have a great time together here during your visit to San Antonio.

Fiesta Texas prices: For Summer 2018, admission prices at the Six Flags Fiesta ticket booths are $79.99 for adults, teens & kids over 48" tall...and $64.99 for kids under that height. (One exception: kids age 2 & under are admitted free of charge.) Tax is added to all ticket sales, and an "order processing fee" is added to tickets purchased online. However, you'll still save money over getting your tickets at the park...not to mention the fact that you'll save time, as well. (Note: You may notice that prices have raised $1 per ticket since Spring. It's unlikely that they'll raise again this year...but it could happen.)

Is there a way that you can get cheaper tickets? Of course! But, you won't get them by walking up to the ticket counter & expecting the staff to simply hand you the discounts. You've got to think ahead. You'll find that there are a number of good Fiesta Texas deals & discounts...and that you can surely find one of them that's just right for your family.

Fiesta Texas online print-at-home specials!

You can get good discounts from!

Picture of the Goliath roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.The Six Flags Fiesta Texas website is now offering online specials! If you have a debit or credit card, you can get terrific prices on tickets and season passes...and save BIG over the price you'll find at the park's ticket booths!

1.) Print-at-home discount for 1-day Fiesta Texas tickets: If you only plan to visit Six Flags Fiesta Texas one time this year, then your best bet might be to use the park's own print-at-home discount. The exact amount of the park's internet special varies from time to time, but it's ALWAYS cheaper than buying your tickets at the Fiesta Texas admission booths.

At the time of this update, "pick-a-date" discounts are available! You may choose the date you'd like to visit based on what day the discounts will be the greatest. Discounts range from $14 to $20 (depending on how crowded the park expects to be. You'll get the best deals on the dates when attendance is expected to be the lightest.) The best discounts are on weekdays before the summer tourist rush. Weekends and the vacation season discounts are a bit less...but still pretty good.

(Note: The pick-a-date special may end at any time, but if that happens, it will be replaced with some other good deal for Fiesta Texas admission.)

2.) Six Flags Fiesta Texas season passes & memberships: Are you a theme park lover? Then, season passes are a terrific deal for you.

The 2018 Fiesta Texas season passes are now on sale! AND, you can start using them right away...from now, all the way until the end of 2018!

Save up to 55% OFF San Antonio's Top Attractions!
Each season pass holder will get a coupon book full of park discounts. (Actually, these days most people get their discounts from the secret Pass Holders page of the Six Flags website, but they're the same terrific discounts that they always were.) What discounts are in the Fiesta Texas coupon book or the secret online page? There are offers for discounts on food, merchandise and games at the theme park. But, the BEST coupons are the "BRING A FRIEND FREE" coupons. What a money-saver!

Metro PCS "Bring a Friend Free" Mondays: You will get your normal "free friend" coupons from Six Flags...but for the rest of Summer Vacation Time 2018, pass holders can get one EXTRA "free friend" coupon that's valid on Mondays! How? If you're a pass holder, you can stop by any San Antonio location of Metro PCS and pick up a Free Friend coupon that can be used any Monday between June 11th and August 13th. You must accompany your friend to the park and show your season pass or membership card as you enter Fiesta Texas. (This offer expires after 8/13/18...but your regular Six Flags pass-holder discounts are valid for the entire season.)

Gold Season Passes: You can pay a little extra to gain still more perks. By getting the Fiesta Texas Gold Pass, you'll get all the benefits of a regular season pass...PLUS free parking, an extra "free friend ticket," and early entry to the park on selected dates.

What is a Fiesta Texas membership? "Memberships" are sometimes available for purchase. When offered, these are a good deal for frequent visitors. With a membership, you get the same benefits as a season pass, but you can make 12 monthly payments instead of paying all at once. If you're looking for a way to make your theme park visits easier on your budget, then this is a good way to go. There's really no "catch" or downside to the program, except for the fact that you can't quit for the first 12 months (which is the time it will take to fully pay for your season pass.) After that, Six Flags keeps taking monthly payments out of your account, so your admission privileges long as you want them to. And if you want to stop? Just inform the park, and they'll cancel your membership & quit taking out the payments.

If you want to get more details about the Fiesta Texas tickets, season passes and memberships, then you may use the following link to the Six Flags Fiesta Texas Tickets Page of the Six Flags website.

Fiesta Texas Coupons

Picture of the Tornado funnel slide at Six Flags Fiesta Texas water parkSix Flags Fiesta Texas is one of the easiest theme parks in the USA for finding good coupons. This is thanks to the superior work and tireless planning of San Antonio's visitor's & convention organizations...along with the Fiesta Texas management team's commitment to help families visit their outstanding park.

There are almost ALWAYS Fiesta Texas coupons online! The San Antonio tourist-promotion organizations make certain that these attraction coupons are in their brochures and ALSO on their websites. Simply print up your coupon before leaving home---and you're all set with a discount!

FIESTA TEXAS PRINTABLE COUPONS--Your choice of several different coupons: Several good discount coupons that will give you a substantial savings can be found on the Fiesta Texas coupons page of the website. When visiting the site to get your coupon, you'll also have the chance to discover a number of other good discount coupons to various San Antonio attractions that your family will enjoy.

STILL MORE FIESTA TEXAS DISCOUNTS: The San Antonio Visitor's and Convention bureau used to offer only printable coupons, but now ALSO gives you the option of buying discount theme park tickets online. You can check the following link to see which of this agency's discount offers will work best for you: Here are the Fiesta Texas and other tourist discount tickets from the San Antonio Visitor's and Convention Bureau website. From this page, you may choose to print out coupons, buy tickets, or view other info for visitors.

What if you're a tourist who's away from home without a laptop & printer? No problem! Visitors to the Lone Star state will start to see coupons just as soon as they cross the border into Texas. The state has large and well-stocked visitor's centers at every major highway coming into Texas. There are brochures for every nook & cranny in the state...and you'll want to head straight to the San Antonio section of these visitor's centers. It won't take you long leafing through the brochures before you discover one with Six Flags Fiesta Texas coupons.

Did you miss stopping at the Texas Welcome Center? Once again, no problem. Take a look at your hotel's tourist information rack, where there's a very good chance you'll find a Fiesta Texas coupon among the offerings. You may also ask at your hotel's registration desk, where you may be offered either a coupon or the chance to purchase discount tickets directly from the hotel.

Other Six Flags Fiesta Texas discounts

Picture of the Tornado funnel slide at Six Flags Fiesta Texas water parkCoke, AAA & Military discounts...and more!

GREAT DISCOUNT FOR VACATIONERS! If you'll be visiting other San Antonio attractions in addition to Six Flags, you may be interested in the new San Antonio Explorer Card.

What's the Explorer Card? A multi-attraction discount plan that saves you money at ALL of the places you visit! In addition to Fiesta Texas, you may choose either 2 or 4 more attractions (from a list of favorite San Antonio places...including the San Antonio Zoo, the hop on/hop off city tour, a Rio San Antonio cruise, the Ripley's attractions, and more. The total price will save you quite a bit (compared to buying your tickets at all of the various ticket booths at each attraction.)

How does it work? You show your pass at each attraction and walk in. That's it! Your pass is good for 30 days from the time you first use it. Our family has used this brand of pass before while visiting a different city---and we were quite pleased with it. There were no hassles or problems with it being accepted whatsoever.

San Antonio Explorer Card prices: Prices vary depending on the plan you choose. To check the current cost, here's a link to the San Antonio Explorer Pass page of the Smart Destinations website.

Other Discounts:

1.) Military Discount: Does Fiesta Texas have a military discount? San Antonio is a major military town; the park would lose a lot of business if they didn't! However, you can NOT get your military discount at the theme park. You MUST get your military discount tickets on base before heading to Fiesta Texas. It will be worth your trouble, since military members get substantial discounts.

2.) Coke discounts: The Coke discount is an annual tradition at Fiesta Texas. This summer, this takes the form of "Coca Cola-sponsored discount periods" when you purchase tickets from the Six Flags website. Unfortunately, though, the Coke Sale only lasts from July 5th thru 15th (unless they choose to extend it.) The good news is that if you purchase your ticket online during the Coke discount period, you can use it until Sept 9, 2018.

How good is the online Coke discount? Well, the ticket-booth price is $79.99, and the park's online price with a standard web discount is $59.99. During the Coke sale, you can get tickets for $47.99. This means it's a good price for a one-day ticket; but, of course, frequent visitors will still save more if they purchase a season pass. You will see the special Coca Cola discount price on the Six Flags website thru July 15th. After that date, then the sale notice will be taken down & you'll lose the chance to get the $47.99 price. (Note: Texas ticket taxes come to $3.90 for each discount ticket. There is an online processing fee, as well---however, you'll still save money over the park's ticket-booth prices.)

For more information and to buy your Coke discount tickets, here's a link to the Six Flags Fiesta Texas Tickets Page of the Six Flags website.

3.) Fiesta Texas AAA discounts: Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a member of the "Show your card and save" program. The discount isn't as good as some others are...about $5 off. However, if you show up at the turnstiles with no other discount coupon in hand, it's certainly better than getting no discount at all. Greater discounts are often available in the AAA Texas branch offices; be sure to check if these are available at the time of your visit. Also, AAA members always get a 10% discount on merchandise purchases (when you buy $15 or more.) The club's Texas website is The closest branch office to Six Flags Fiesta Texas is located at 11075 I 10 W Ste 309, San Antonio, TX 78230. This location is just off of I-10 (midway between I-410 and Loop 1604) at the Huebner exit. The San Antonio AAA office phone number is (210) 877-2222.

Picture of the Scream Tower at Six Flags Fiesta Texas4.) Employer coupons: Your employer can sign up for a program to get Fiesta Texas discounts. Check to make sure if your company is part of this program...and encourage them to join if they are not.

5.) Groups discounts to Fiesta Texas: Groups of 15 or more can get a very substantial Fiesta Texas discount. No, you can't get the good discount by walking up to the ticket window at the park. You must pre-order from the website...and pre-pay, as well. But, it's worth your time to plan in advance so that you can reap the savings! At the time of this update, 2018 Group Tickets cost $33.99, which is QUITE a bit cheaper than any other ticket special offered by the park. You don't have to bring a school or youth group in order to get this special price. Any group of family or friends who band together and buy at least 15 tickets at one time are eligible.

What if you won't have 15 people in your group? Good news! The park how offers a small-group discount if you will have 10 to 14 people in your party. At the time of this update, prices for this type of ticket are $41.99. Both types of tickets may be purchased on a special page of the Six Flags website. Here's a link to the Fiesta Texas Group Discount Info page of the park's website, where you may discover all the details of their Group Discount offer.

6.) Credit Union discounts to Fiesta Texas: If you're a member of a credit union, then you probably already have the chance to get one of the lowest Six Flags ticket prices around. Many Texas credit unions offer discounts to Fiesta Texas (and some also offer discounts to Six Flags Over Texas, Hurricane Harbor/Arlington, and Schlitterbahn, as well.) The exact price of your discount varies from one credit union to another, and so does the way you need to purchase your tickets. (Some credit unions may want you to pick them up in person, while other C.U.'s may have you purchase them online.) Be sure to check your credit union's website before heading to the theme park to see if they offer a better deal than you can get elsewhere. And despite the fact that you'll find good prices if your credit union offers these tickets, you'll have to think about whether a Fiesta Texas season pass or membership might save you money in the long run...which might be the case if you'd like to visit more than once a year.

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