Harkins Theaters

A favorite Arizona movie-viewing destination...now expanding to other states!

Picture: Harkins Theater at the Norterra shopping center in northern Phoenix, Arizona

Arizonans love their Harkins Theaters! This cinema chain offers movie lovers a number of convenient locations throughout the Metro Phoenix area, and in other parts of this sunny state, as well. A number of new Harkins Theaters are under construction as you read this.

Harkins Theaters continue to expand into other states, as well.

California has 2 Harkins locations already, with several more planned. Colorado recently got its first Harkins Theater, in the Northfield at Stapleton shopping center. And, both Texas and Oklahoma now have one Harkins Theater each!

On this page, you can discover Harkins cinema locations which might be conveniently located for you, plus get the contact information you need to ask any questions you might have. You'll also view photos of some attractive new Harkins Theaters that have been built in recent months and years. Photo note: You can see a picture of the Chandler Mall's Harkins Theater that at the top of this page.

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Arizona Harkins Theater Locations

Metro Phoenix Harkins Theaters

Photo of the Harkins Theater in Avondale, Arizona

Avondale: Harkins Gateway Pavilions 18 Theaters, address, 10250 W. McDowell Road, Avondale, AZ. The Harkins theater phone number is (623) 478-9411. This is not the recorded movie info line, but is a special telephone number which gives you the option of speaking with a theater employee at this location or making reservations at the in-theater child care center, which is an interesting amenity at this West Valley Harkins location. Other amenities at the Avondale Harkins cinemas are all stadium-seating auditoriums, digital sound, and (outside the theater itself) a good selection of restaurants and snack shops within this attractive shopping center. To hear a recorded list of movies currently playing at the Harkins Theater, along with their schedule of showtimes (and an option to pre-purchase tickets via phone), call the Harkins Theater phone number at (602) 222-4275. Directions: from the Interstate 10 freeway, take either the 107th or the 99th exit and use your eyes to guide your way to the Gateway Pavilions center. Or, from the Loop 101 Freeway, take the McDowell Rd exit, then head west 1 block to the shopping plaza. You may use the following Google Map to the Avondale Harkins Theater location. Note: you're viewing the Avondale Harkins movie theater in the photo to your left.

Casa Grande: Harkins Casa Grande 14 Theaters, address is 1341 N. Promenade Parkway, Casa Grande, AZ. Directions: From I-10, take the Florence exit (St Hwy 287.) Here's a Google map to the new Casa Grande Harkins Theater location if you'd like visual assistance. The Casa Grande Harkins Theater's phone number is (520) 836-9901.

Picture of the Harkins Theater in the Chandler Fashion Square Mall in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona Chandler: Harkins Chandler Fashion Center 20 Theaters, address, 3159 West Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85226. To reach the recorded movie "hot line" of show listings & schedules, dial telephone number (602) 222-4275. Another Chandler Harkins theater phone number is (480) 732-0110, thru which you can contact theater employees or make reservations in the child care center. Amenities: the Chandler Fashion Center Harkins Theater is quite new & offers stadium seating, digital sound, and babysitting. Directions: from the east Loop 101 Freeway, take the Chandler Blvd. exit. The theater is at the back of the Chandler Fashion Center mall, in the "open air" section. Use the following link if you'd like to view a Google Map to the Chandler Harkins Theater location.

Chandler: Harkins Chandler Crossroads 12 Theaters, address, 2980 E. Germann Rd, Chandler, AZ 85249. (See picture of the Chandler Crossroads Harkins Theater above.) This easy-to-find East Valley Harkins location can be found by taking the Gilbert exit off of the South Loop 202 Freeway. Head south 1 block to find the theater at the NW corner of the Gilbert/Germann intersection. You may use the following Google map to the Chandler Crossroads shopping center to help you find this new Harkins location. To find out the list of movies currently playing at the Chandler Crossroads Harkins Theater, call the Harkins movie information line at (602) 222-4275. Note: You're can see a picture of the new Harkins Chandler Crossroads cinema in the photo at the bottom of this page (in the "Harkins contact information" section.)

Gilbert: Harkins SanTan Village 16 Theaters, address (at the new San Tan Mall) is 2298 E. Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296. The San Tan Harkins theater phone number is (480) 821-3198, by which you may reach a theater representative. Or, use the recorded contact number (602) 222-4275 to hear the recorded hot line information. Amenities at this theater include digital sound and all-stadium style auditoriums furnished with the plushest seats in the business. To reach this exciting new destination for film fans, take the Williams Field Road exit off the south Loop 101 Freeway. Note: If you'd like to discover the stores and restaurants at the the SanTan Village outdoor mall, please head to the San Tan Village Mall page of this website.

Goodyear: Estrella Falls Mall Harkins Theater, was originally scheduled to open in early 2009, but it has been delayed. The Estrella Falls Mall is "on hold" due to the economic recession. It has been pushed back to 2011, and that's if we're lucky. A number of stores have already opened across the street in the adjacent shopping center, however...but the movie theater isn't one of the new businesses.

Photo of the Harkins Theater in Mesa, Arizona's Superstition Springs area

Mesa: Harkins Superstition Springs 25 Theaters, address, 6950 E. Superstition Springs Blvd, Mesa, AZ 85207. The Harkins theater phone number is (480) 641-4603, by which you may reach a "live" employee at the Superstition Harkins. Or, call telephone number (602) 222-4275 to hear recorded listings of current movies and showtimes. Directions: from the US 60 Freeway, take the Power Rd exit and head south (AWAY from the Superstition Springs mall.) You may use the upcoming Google Map to the Superstition Springs Harkins location to help you get your bearings. Note: That's the Superstition Springs Harkins Theater you see in the image to your right.

Note: the Superstition Springs Mall at this same exit has a Picture Show discount movie theater. FYI, the Mesa Super Saver Cinema's phone number is (480) 832-4302.

MallPhoto of the Harkins Theater in the new San Tan Mall at Gilbert, Arizona, one of the Harkins Theater's newest locations Peoria: Harkins Arrowhead Fountains 18 Theaters, address, 16046 North Arrowhead Fountain Center Dr, Peoria, AZ 85345. The Harkins theater phone number is (623) 412-0122, by which you may reach the theater itself. The contact number for recorded showtime schedules is (602) 222-4275. The Peoria Harkins Theater is located in the delightful Arrowhead Fountains Center, which is also known as "restaurant row" because of all the dining choices visitors have! In addition to the many table service restaurants in this center, the snack shop & casual dining area directly in front of the theater's entrance is currently offers you even MORE choices (and gives you a place to stroll while awaiting your movie's starting time.)

Directions: Exit the west Loop 101 Freeway at Bell Rd, then turn south on 83rd Ave to Arrowhead Fountains. For a guide to this area, you may use the following Google Map to the Peoria Harkins Theater location, which is right across the street from the Peoria Sports Complex. Note: if your choice of showtimes is full, there's an AMC theater you can try at the nearby Arrowhead Mall. You may head to the "AMC Theaters" page of this website.

Peoria: Harkins Park West 14 Theaters, address 9804 W. Northern Ave. Peoria, AZ 85345. Directions: from the West Loop 101 Freeway, take the Northern Ave exit. Here's a Google map to the new Peoria Park West Harkins Theater, if you'd like to get a better mental picture of its location. The new Peoria Harkins Theater phone number is (623) 772-0707, which is the Harkins recorded phone number for this chain's current movie listings and showtimes.

Phoenix: Harkins Norterra Theater, grand opening was April 18, 2008! The new Harkins Norterra phone number is (623) 582-2020. Address of the Norterra Harkins movie theater is 2550 West Happy Valley Road, Phoenix, AZ 85085. Directions: head northwards on I-17 from Loop 101, take the Happy Valley Road exit. The Norterra Shopping Center sits directly to the east side of Interstate 17, and the Harkins Theater is in plain view of the lanes of traffic. Parking lots flank this new Harkins Theater on both its north and south sides.To discover shopping & dining opportunities in this area, please see the Happy Valley Towne Center page of this website.

Phoenix: Harkins North Valley 16 Theaters, address, 3420 East Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85032. The Harkins theater phone number is (602) 482-4083, by which you may contact the theater during business hours. For showtimes and schedules, call (602) 222-4275. Directions: exit the 51 Freeway at Bell Rd, the head west to the theater. If you'd like, follow the next link to view a Google map to the Harkins North Valley Theater location.

Phoenix: Harkins Christown 14 Theaters, address 1620 W. Montebello, Phoenix, AZ 85015. The Christown Harkins phone number is (602) 222-4275 (recorded movie information.) You may use the following Google map to the Harkins theater at the Christown Spectrum mall.

Photo of the Harkins Theater in the Phoenix, Arizona Metrocenter Mall Phoenix: Harkins Metrocenter 12 Theaters, address (at the Metro Center Mall) is 9615 North Metro Parkway West, Phoenix, AZ 85051. The Metro Center Harkins theater phone number is (602) 216-6781, by which you may reach an employee at this theater. For showtime information, you should call the Harkins Theaters central recorded info hotline at (602) 222-4275. Note: you're viewing the Metrocenter Harkins cinema in the photo to your left. Here's a Google map to the Metrocenter Harkins Theater for your convenience.

Phoenix: Harkins Arcadia 8 Theaters, address, 3975 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018. The Harkins theater phone number is (602) 222-4275 to hear a recorded message about movies currently playing and their schedule of showtimes. Here's a Google map to the Harkins Arcadia 8 Theaters for assistance in planning your route.

Scottsdale: Harkins Shea 14 Theaters, address, 7354 E. Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. The Harkins theater phone number is (480) 948-6555 to ask questions directly of the cinema's staff. To hear recorded movie information, call Harkins telephone number (602) 222-4275. Directions: 101 exit Shea, head west to theater (at intersection of Shea & Scottsdale Rd.) The Harkins Shea location does not offer stadium seating. Here's a Google map to the Harkins Shea Theaters.

Scottsdale: Harkins Scottsdale 101 Theaters and Cine Capri, address, 7000 E. Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85054. The Scottsdale 101 Harkins theater phone number is (480) 538-1707. For showtime schedules, call (602) 222-4275. This Harkins location offers stadium seating in every auditorium. The Cine Capri is billed as being Arizona's largest movie screen. The giant auditorium features extra-comfy rocking love seats. You may use the following link to view a Google map to the Harkins Scottsdale 101 Theaters.

Scottsdale: Harkins Camelview 5 Theaters, address, 7001 East Highland Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. This location is across the street from the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall (on the north side.) The Camelview Harkins theater phone number is (480) 947-8778, for reaching a theater employee. Dial (602) 222-4275 to hear recorded information about the Camelview Harkins movies and show times. Here's a Google map to the Harkins Camelview Theater for assistance in planning your route.

Photo of the Harkins Fashion Square Theater, which is inside of the Scottsdale Fashion Square

Scottsdale: Harkins Fashion Square 7 Theaters, address, 7014 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. (This location is inside of the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall.) The Fashion Square Harkins theater phone number is (480) 423-5857, by which you may reach a theater employee. Call the Harkins phone number (602) 222-4275 (a central recorded "hotline" for all Harkins theaters) for the Fashion Square Harkins movie & schedule info. You may use the following link to view a Google map to the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. Note: you're viewing the Harkins Fashion Square Theater in the photo to your right.

Tempe: Harkins Tempe Marketplace 16 Theaters and Cine Capri, address 2000 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ, 85281. The Tempe Marketplace Harkins Theater phone number is (602) 222-4275 (recorded movie info.) Directions: use the McClintock exit off the north Loop 202 Freeway, and head south to the Tempe Marketplace entrance. Follow the next link to view a Google map of the new Tempe Marketplace shopping center area. Or, to see a list of stores & restaurants you may enjoy on your visit to the movie theater, please check out the Tempe Marketplace page of this website.

Tempe: Harkins Valley Art Theater, address, 505 South Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281. The Valley Art theater phone number is (480) 446-7272 to reach an employee of the cinema, or (602) 222-4275 to hear a pre-recorded message.

Tempe: Harkins Arizona Mills 24 Theaters, address, 5000 Arizona Mills Circle, Tempe, AZ 85282. The AZ Mills Harkins theater phone number is (480) 820-0387 to ask a question from a theater employee. Call telephone number 222-4275 to listen to a taped recording of films & showtimes. To find out about the shopping fun you may have while visiting this mega-popular outlet mall, you may check out the "Arizona Mills Mall" page of this website. Or, you may use the following link to access a Google map to the Arizona Mills Mall if you need help planning your route.

Other Arizona Harkins Theater locations

Photo of the Harkins Theater in the new Yuma Palms shopping center; Yuma, Arizona

Flagstaff: Harkins Flagstaff 11 Theaters, address, 1959 South Woodlands Village Blvd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. The Flagstaff Harkins theater phone number is (928) 774-4847.

Casa Grande Harkins Theater, address is 1341 North Promenade Parkway Casa Grande, AZ 85222. This location is adjacent to I-10 at the Florence Blvd exit in an attractive new shopping center. The Casa Grand Harkins phone number for movie showtimes is (480) 222-HARK.

Prescott: Harkins Prescott Valley 14 Theaters, address, 7202 Pav Way, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314. The Prescott Valley Town Center Harkins theater phone number is (928) 775-2284.

Sedona: Harkins Sedona 6 Theaters, address, 2081 West Highway 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336. The Sedona Harkins theater phone number is(928) 282-2221.

Tucson: Harkins Spectrum 18 Theaters, has opened! The location for the new Tucson Harkins Theaters is at the intersection of I-19 and Irvington; the exact address is 5455 S Calle Santa Cruz, Tucson, AZ 85706. Here's a Google map to the new Harkins Theater. The Tucson Harkins Theater's phone number is (520) 889-5588. Amenities: The new Harkins Theater in Tucson features stadium-style seating in every auditorium, super-comfortable chairs, digital sound and digital projection capabilities. An expanded menu at the snack bar gives you more snacking options than traditional cinemas. Babysitting is available at the Tucson Harkins at the theater's on-site Play Center (extra fee.)

Yuma: Harkins Yuma Palms 14 Theaters, address, 1321 South Yuma Palms Parkway, Yuma, AZ 85364. The Yuma Palms Harkins theater phone number is (928) 329-9055. (Note: you're looking at a photo of the Harkins Theater at the Yuma Palms shopping center in the picture to your right.)

Harkins Theaters: Colorado Location

Picture: Harkins Theater at Denver's Northfield @ Stapleton outdoor mall

There is currently only one Harkins Theater in Colorado: the Harkins Northfield Stadium Theaters and Cine Capri. Both of these cinemas are in the same building. The term "Cine Capri" is simply an auditorium with an extra-large screen. (The term "Cine Capri" comes from a nostalgic theater in Arizona which is now closed.)

The Northfield Harkins Theater's phone number is (303) 595-4275, express code 532. By dialing this number, you'll reach recorded movie listings and showtimes. For information about what's playing at the Cine Capri, or to discover info about this location's in-theater child care center, use the Northfield Cine Capri phone number, (720) 374-3118.

The Harkins Northfield 18 Theater's address is 8300 E 49th Ave Denver, CO 80238. Directions: you'll be able to see the Harkins Theater from Interstate 70. Take the Quebec St exit and head north to 49th Ave (or you can use the Havana St exit if you're coming from the east.) You may use the upcoming link to view a Google map to the Denver Harkins Theater at the still-growing Stapleton Northfield shopping center.

California Harkins Locations

Pictures: Harkins Theater in Chino Hills, California

There are 2 Harkins movie theaters in California...both of them in Southern California's "Inland Empire." These locations are as follows:

1.) Chino Hills Harkins Theater, address is 3070 Chino Avenue, Chino Hills, CA 91709. Directions: from the 71 Freeway, take the Chino Ave exit and head west to the theater. Here's a Google map to the Chino Hills Harkins location. The Harkins Chino Hills Theater's phone number is (714) 996-4275. Are you looking for some shopping or dining fun after your movie? The Chino Hills Harkins location is just one freeway exit north of the new Shoppes at Chino Hills outdoor mall. If you'd like to see pictures of this attractive new center, please see the Shoppes at Chino Hills Mall page.

2.) Moreno Valley Harkins Theater, address at the Moreno Valley Mall is 22350 Town Circle, Moreno Valley, CA 92553; phone number (602) 222-4275. Directions: from the 60 Freeway, take the Day St or the Frederick exit; the mall & movie theaters sit directly to the south of the highway in plain sight of the traffic (in between these 2 exits.) You may use the upcoming Google map to the Moreno Valley Mall & Harkins Theater as a reference guide, if you wish. To discover shopping and dining fun in this area, please visit the Moreno Valley Mall page.

Oklahoma and Texas Harkins Theaters

Oklahoma has one Harkins Theater, located in the Bricktown trendy-but-historical area of the city.

The Harkins Bricktown 16 Theaters address is 150 East Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104. This location is not far from the Bricktown Ball Park. Here's a Google map to the Oklahoma City Harkins Theaters to help you in planning your route.

The Harkins Bricktown theater's phone number is (405) 840-4275.

Texas also has one Harkins Theater location. This is in the town of Southlake, a Dallas-Ft. Worth suburb north of Grapevine.

The Southlake Harkins Theater address at the Town Center outdoor mall is 1450 Plaza Place, Southlake, TX 76092. Here's a Google map to the Southlake Town Center you may use for planning your route to the shopping center and theater.

The Harkins Southlake Town Center Theater's phone number is (972) 221-4275.

Harkins Theaters: Contact Information

Picture of the Chandler Crossroads Harkins Theater in greater Phoenix, Arizona

If you would rather look up the list of movies currently playing at your favorite Harkins location on-line (rather than by phone,) then you may use the following link to view the Harkins Theater official website.

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