Advertising Policy and Disclosures

Every website has expenses. Each website needs to rent space with a "web host," for example. There are other charges that are particular to Have-Fun-in-the-Southwest.com, including the cost of evaluating attractions, taking photos, and building the many slide shows that are on this site.

We recommend many theme parks, malls and US attractions here at www.Have-Fun-in-the-Southwest.com; and we do not require any of them to pay us advertising fees. (We do this to preserve our freedom to comment negatively, if necessary, on any of the attractions.) In no circumstance are we connected to the attractions we cover on this site. We pay normal admission fees to all attractions, just like our readers do. And, we never PLAN to associate with any of the attractions, so that we may continue to say what we please about the theme parks, malls, water parks, family fun centers, etc, which are discussed within our pages.

To pay for our website fees, travel expenses, and admission fees to the sites we cover, the Have-Fun-in-the-Southwest.com website displays advertising. We try to keep a "minimalist" approach to the ads on this site...because we know that you're here to plan a vacation or outing---and NOT to read advertising! We certainly hope you enjoy the fact that on this blog, you'll see far fewer ads than almost anywhere else on the internet. You'll certainly encounter far less advertising here than when you read the daily news or check today's weather, for example. Plus, there is NEVER any pop-up advertising at Have-Fun-in-the-Southwest.com!

Google's AdSense Ads are the most common type of ad you'll see within these pages. You may see an example of this type of ad to your left. We do not select the individual advertisements which are displayed; Google makes the selection. Nevertheless, all of the companies who advertise are pre-screened by Google to meet certain standards of decency and decorum. Nevertheless, since we do not choose the individual ads shown through Google's AdSense program, you should NOT consider these ads to be our endorsement of any particular business or company which advertises through this program.

Other types of ads may appear on this site, which are NOT part of the Google AdSense program. These include Six Flags, ARES Travel, BuyCostumes.com, Disney Movie Club and others. Any time you see a colorful "banner" style ad, then this means that "YES" our website does endorse this company. (To your right, there's an example of one of the Six Flags ads you'll see on this site; we also have some plain "text" ads for these same companies.) These ads have been chosen because we have experience and familiarity with these companies and have not encountered any problems with making purchases through their websites. In fact, when we personally choose advertisements for this site, we feel that the companies not only meet our expectations, but exceed them---often by offering very good deals for our readers.

The ARES Travel Agency is a frequently-mentioned advertiser on this site. ARES is a discount travel specialist, and often offers good deals on tickets or hotels which are not available elsewhere.

At NO time should you make a purchase which isn't "right" for you. All companies we have chosen as sponsors and advertising partners for our blog are "low key." You should never encounter any high-pressure sales tactics from any of them. All have good customer service departments which will handle any problems which might arise. Your job is to scout around for the best deals you can find...and if you find the best deal through Have-Fun-in-the-Southwest.com, you're certainly free to purchase through our site. A small percentage of your purchase will come back to us to help us maintain and update the site regularly. But your own wallet comes first, and you should NEVER make any purchase simply because you found an offer on this site. We want you to get the best deal you can find...no matter where you might find it.

If you ever have any questions about our advertising, please feel free to use the "contact" form on our site to ask us your questions. We extend this offer to our readers; NOT to would-be advertisers. Please do not request us to accept advertising for your business. We do not accept ads from individual advertisers; only those which have been pre-screened by Commission Junction or Google AdSense to uphold high standards of business practices.

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