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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Pictures

You're sure to have fun at the Colorado Springs zoo!

In the photo slide show above, you're looking at pictures of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's animals and attractions. You'll be able to see pictures of American alligators, hippos, kangaroos and other favorite zoo animals & exhibits. You'll see the horseback riding area where, for an extra fee, you can take a pony ride. You'll notice how you can feed small birds at a fun open aviary called the "Budgie Buddies" exhibit. You'll see "My Big Backyard," and attractive and playful children's area. You'll even see how you can stare an orangutan directly in the face (through a window glass, of course!) On this page, you'll discover the info you need to plan a fun-filled day at this very interesting zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo--Favorite exhibits

Giraffe-lovers will be enchanted with the zoo's large herd and world-class feeding station

Picture of a giraffe's face. You can see giraffes at eye-level in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's outstanding giraffe exhibit Giraffe fans should absolutely NOT miss the "African Rift Valley" exhibit at the Colorado Springs zoo.

You'll be treated to viewing 20 giraffes, an astounding number that outdoes even major zoos in the largest cities of the western USA. The herd even includes baby giraffes!

You can feed the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This is a major thrill that gives visitors of all ages some animal-interaction moments that they'll remember for a lifetime. In fact, the giraffe exhibit at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is so outstanding that a separate page of this website is devoted just to this very special experience. To view photos, learn more about these giraffes, and discover the fun you'll have with them here, please check out the Giraffe Feeding Station page of this website.

Other animals in the zoo's "African Rift Valley" area: Of course, giraffes aren't the ONLY animals who live in Africa's Rift Valley...and so there are other species represented in this Cheyenne Mountain Zoo exhibit area. You'll also be able to see meerkats (like Timon from Disney's "The Lion King" movie,) zebras, kudus, Colobus monkies, African hogs, and a number of bird species in settings throughout this attractive, well-decorated area of the Colorado Springs zoo.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's "Budgie Buddies" bird-feeding fun!

Picture of Budgie Buddy exhibit at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, CO Kids and adults alike can interact with beautiful birds in a walk-through aviary when they visit the zoo's "Budgie Buddy" exhibit.

For a small extra fee, you'll be handed a stick laden with bird food, which you'll then offer to brilliantly colored small birds. You'll get to view them "up close and personal" as they nibble at their meal as close to you as the end of your arm!

In the picture of "Budgie Buddies" bird feeding to your right, you can see that your closeness to these feathered friends is something you'll surely remember for a long time after your zoo visit has ended.

Your favorite animals are at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Picture of American Alligators at the Colorado Springs zoo A picture of American alligators at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is at your left. Reptile-lovers will enjoy viewing a nice-sized collection of alligators in an attractively landscaped pond-and-rock setting. Visitors may come face to face with a monitor lizard, separated only by a window glass. And a reptile house holds interesting viewing of a number of other species.

A primate house with glass windows will let you see the antics of your favorite species without obstructions.

Other favorite animals at the zoo include elephants, hippos, penguins, fish, wallabies, bears, lions, and many others.

A new Rocky Mountain Wild exhibit, featuring birds and animals native to Colorado, recently opened in May, 2008! This will be a large, major exhibit designed to give you a closer look at the animals which inhabit the forests and rivers of this state. These will include moose, cougars, lynx, otters, bald eagles...and even grizzly bears! If all goes according to schedule, May 2nd should be this 3-acre/$8 million dollar exhibit's opening day!

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo discounts

How can you get discount tickets to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo? Unfortunately, some of the reliable ways of getting zoo discounts are now gone. But, there are several ways to get discounts to the Colorado Springs Zoo.

(1) Military Discount: The Colorado Springs Zoo offers discounts for active members of the military, which is a $3 discount at the gate (with military ID.)

2.) Facebook & Twitter Discounts: The zoo SOMETIMES offers discounts on their Facebook page & through their Twitter feed. They now have a Pinterest account, as well.

3.) Cheyenne Mountain Zoo "cell phone recycling" program: The zoo is now offering you the chance to recycle your old cell phone with them...and receive a discount towards your zoo admission at the same time. This coupon is good for $2 of your zoo admission. Bring your cell phone to the ticket window when you visit.

4.) Off-season discount: Prices are several dollars cheaper beginning the day after Labor Day (in September) and extending all the way through the end of April every year. When you can catch a good-weather day, you'll not only receive a discount, but enjoy fewer crowds than during the busy summertime, as well!

5.) Group discounts: Daycare centers, church groups and other groups of 15 or more can receive a $2 per person discount at the park.

6.) Zoo Membership: Zoo "membership" is actually an annual pass to visit the zoo as much as you like for an entire year. You really don't have to visit the zoo more than a few times to see some real savings. And, some memberships include the "perk" of getting free guest admission tickets for a guest, too! For further information, here's the zoo's Membership page, where you'll discover all the details about this program.

Colorado Springs Zoo phone, address, directions & info

Picture of baby giraffe at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, CO Cheyenne Mountain Zoo hours of operation: This popular Colorado Springs zoo is open 365 days per year. Opening time daily is 9 am, and the last time you may enter is at 4 pm. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's actual closing time is at 5 pm most of the year (and at 6 pm during the busy summer vacation season between Memorial Day & Labor Day each year.) That means, if you enter the Colo Springs zoo at 4 pm, you'll have only 1 or 2 hours to view the animals---so it's best to arrive earlier, if possible! Note: the zoo closes early on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day every year. Call the zoo for exact hours of operation on these special holidays.)

The Colorado Springs Zoo's phone number is 719/633-9925.

The Colorado Springs Zoo's address is 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

Directions to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: From I-25, take the Lake Avenue exit and head west (towards the mountains.) There are several small signs posted along the route. Here's a Google map to the Colorado Springs Zoo to help you find your way. Or, you may view a Mapquest map to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo which has the route marked as if you're coming from the Colorado Springs World Arena.

Picture of hippo at the Colorado Springs zoo in Colorado Extra-fee activities at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo:
1.) Zoo tram service: When you visit the Colorado Springs Zoo, you'll discover that it's located on the side of a mountain! Especially if you have small kids or other family members who will have trouble climbing up a steep grade, you should seriously consider buying tickets to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's tram. The price for zoo tram tickets is $2. You'll have unlimited on-and-off usage of the tram for the entire day. Most of the year, tram service is only available on weekends; during the summer vacation period, extra days may be added to the schedule.

2.) Cheyenne Mountain Zoo carousel: Carousel ride tickets cost $2 each. The carousel runs weekends-only throughout most of the year, and daily between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year.

3.) Children's train: Children's Choo Choo rides cost $1 per ticket at the Colorado Springs Zoo

Picture of monitor lizard at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado 4.) Giraffe Feeding: For $1, you may purchase 3 Giraffe Crackers. Since the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has one of the best giraffe-feeding areas you'll ever find, this is one extra-fee opportunity at the zoo you won't want to miss! In fact, the giraffe exhibit is so exceptional that it needed it's own page of this website to talk about it! If you're a giraffe-lover, you'll want to check out the Giraffe Feeding Station page of this website.

5.) Pony rides: An exciting addition to a visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo would be a pony ride. Ticket prices cost $5. Rides are open, weather permitting, year-round. May 1st through Labor Day, the sky ride operates daily from 9 am to 6 pm. September thru April, the sky ride opens on weekends only, hours 10 am to 4 pm.

6.) Mountaineer sky ride! There's a fun new way to see the Colorado Springs zoo---by AIR! You'll be able to ride high over the zoo's exhibits and lush landscaping in an open-air chairlift which will run from the zoo's entry up the mountain to the zoo's highest reaches---about a 7 minute ride! You do not need to visit the zoo itself to enjoy the skyride; you may enjoy the experience simply to take in breathtaking views of the area, and linger at ride's overview platform at the top. Ticket prices for the ride only (without zoo admission) are $5 adults/$4 children ages 3 thru 11.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo website: For more information about the zoo in Colorado Springs, you may use the following link to view the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's website.

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