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Circus Circus Fright Dome

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In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Circus Circus Fright Dome monsters and festivities in recent years. If you haven't yet visited the Circus Circus Fright Dome, you'll certainly want to put it on your list of "must-do" Halloween activities; it's one of the USA's best scary theme park Halloween events!

What is the Circus Circus Fright Dome in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Scary Halloween decoration at the Circus Circus Fright Dome in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Circus Circus hotel in Las Vegas has an indoor theme park called the Adventure Dome. Covered by a giant pink see-through dome, Las Vegas residents and visitors year-round can enjoy both adult and kiddie rides in pleasant, climate-controlled comfort.

Most of the time, the Circus Circus Adventure Dome is an all-ages family attraction. And, why not? It's got the best selection of kiddie rides in town, PLUS wonderful roller coasters and other thrill rides that older kids, teens and adults can experience.

But when Halloween time rolls around, the Adventure Dome turns into the scary Fright Dome! The Fright Dome is a nighttime, spine-tingling version of the Adventuredome. Aimed at visitors age 12 and up, if you bring younger children they'll be restricted from going on the rides by minimum height requirements. Even the Haunted Houses have minimum height keep youngsters with avid parents from having to view things like fake blood, severed limbs and other gross & gory Halloween props.

The Fright Dome always has some 100% sold-out nights every year! Be sure you won't be disappointed by showing up early to the ticket booths...or, even better, pre-purchasing your Fright Dome tickets online. (There's a link to this event's official website near the end of this page, for your convenience.)

What attractions will you find at the Circus Circus Fright Dome?

You'll find a bone-chilling list of attractions at this fun theme park Halloween celebration.

1.) Haunted mazes! Ready to be scared? Try visiting the Fright Dome's macabre and often-bloody haunted houses. The Fright Dome features 5 haunted houses, each one with a different theme. The small number of haunted mazes is because of the limited amount of space in the Adventuredome. Lines get you'll want to get an early start to your evening (before the crowds build up.) You may also wish to get a front-of-line pass, which is sold for an extra fee in addition to your admission ticket. (But if you want to see everything on a crowded evening, it's worth it.)

New for 2013: Fright Dome's 6th haunted house...that you experience ALONE! If you've ever failed to get exciting scares (or surprises that make you shriek,) then you're exactly the type of person for whom the Fright Dome's new haunted maze was designed. For an extra fee, you may undergo an experience that actually WILL terrify you. Get some alone time with some of Fright Fest's most ghoulish monsters & fiendishly crafty demons... who have studied the art of guest-scaring & can't wait to show you every trick in the book (when you're least suspecting!) If you've ever wanted to break out of the "conga line" as you pace through a typical haunted house, this is your chance. The experience is planned to be so intense that a "password" will be given to you (if you must exit immediately because of fright!)

2.) Many costumed scare-actor monsters! What's a theme park Halloween celebration without monsters sneaking up from behind? At the Fright Dome, there's no shortage of monsters...each one in his or her own individual costume, showing off terrific individual artistry and creativity.

3.) Fog-shrouded atmosphere! One of the biggest differences you'll discover between the Fright Dome and the other theme park Halloween events you've attended is that when the fog-making machines launch their clouds into the dome, the fog STAYS THERE! (As you probably know, when the fog-makers send out clouds at an outdoor theme park, the effect soon wears off and the night turns crystal-clear again all too soon.) Be prepared for a very eerie atmosphere at the Fright Zone...because you really WON'T see the monsters creeping up on you as easily. But you can HEAR where the monsters are coming from as the shrieks and screams from other guests fly through the air from somewhere deep in the mist!

4.) All of the Adventure Dome's major thrill rides and skill games are open, too! Even if you're not a Halloween-lover, you can enjoy the opportunity to do some screaming at the Circus Circus Fright Dome. Climb aboard the roller coaster...or any of the other thrill rides, such as Chaos, the Bumper Cars, the Inverter or Disc-o...and get set to shriek! Fun games of skill (where you can win prizes) are open, well as the Adventure Dome's snack bars.

5.) Scary shows: There are always several special live shows offered as part of the Fright Dome's events. If you're interested, check the evening's show schedule when you arrive. Without special planning, you may be stuck in a line waiting for a ride or haunted house everytime a performance starts.

Circus Circus Fright Dome 2013 dates and hours of operation

20 nights in October...and 3 ticket levels to choose from!

The 2013 Fright Dome event begins on Thursday, October 3rd. The Fright Dome's last date will be Halloween night, October 31st. The entire schedule of dates for this year's Fright Dome at Circus Circus is as follows: October 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31 (Halloween night.) In other words, Fright Dome is open all Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays in October, plus two Wednesdays & 1 Tuesday are added as the calendar draws close to Halloween night.

Fright Dome hours of operation: The Fright Dome opens at 7 pm and closes at midnight on ALL dates that it operates.

Fright Dome entrance: Because of the large crowd, the usual Adventure Dome entrance inside of the Circus Circus hotel is not used. Instead, a large area in the parking lot is roped off for the line to stand, and a tent area is erected for the ticket sales.

WHAT TIME SHOULD YOU GO TO THE FRIGHT DOME? If you'll be attending the event early in October, the crowds may be thin enough for you to see & do everything even if you don't arrive at the event's 7 pm opening time (but don't count on it!) However, the closer to Halloween you go, the more crowded the Fright Dome gets. If you go on a weekend night close to Halloween---even if you purchase a front-of-line pass---you still won't get to do everything. Most probably, you'll get into all of the haunted houses with your front of line pass...but not get to take in all of the rides and shows.

HOW CROWDED DOES THE FRIGHT DOME GET? Close to Halloween time, the crowds can build up to a point where there's an hour or more waiting time for each of the haunted houses. (Even with a front-of-line pass, you may wait 20+ minutes at the most popular mazes.) Lines get very long for the rides, too. It's best to arrive soon after opening time and then head for your favorite rides or attractions early in the evening. The crowd seems to take awhile to build up, but by 9 pm, expect to find long lines wherever you go.

Fright Dome prices

How much does the Fright Dome cost? For 2013, the basic Fright Dome tickets will cost $37.95 per person. The regular admission price includes all rides, shows and "regular" haunted mazes, but doesn't include arcade games or the new haunted house that you enter alone.

Front-of-line privileges are not included in the base price of the Fright Dome tickets, but may be purchased for an extra fee. Like last year, this year's price will be $15 per person...which brings the total ticket price up to $52.95 If you decide to pay the extra price for a "fast pass," what comes included? Well, all of the mazes have 2 lines: regular, and VIP. With your front-of-line ticket, you get admission to the VIP lines of all 5 "regular" haunted houses, and special seating at the Freak Show. You'll also be eligible to enter the Fright Dome's new haunted house, "Hotel Argento," the super-scary maze that you experience ALONE.What's NOT included? You do NOT get any special privileges at the theme park's rides, nor special seating at any show except the Freak Show.

Is the front of line pass worth it? Considering how long the haunted house lines can get if you come on a busy night, paying extra for the front-of-line pass is REALLY worth it; otherwise you'll waste money by not getting to see everything. Also, if you're dying to get your "alone time" in the Fright Dome's special "Hotel Argento," then purchasing a Front of Line ticket is the only way to do that.

VIP Level tickets: If you'd to skip the both the regular lines AND the Fast Past lines, then the VIP Tour tickets are exactly what you'll want to get. For $89.95 per person, you may join a special tour...complete with your own guide. Tour times are at 7 pm, 9 pm and 10:30 pm this year. If you pre-purchase your tickets online at the Fright Dome website, you'll need to purchase your tour for one specific date AND tour time.

Discount tickets to Fright Dome: The Fright Dome is holding a half-dozen "discount nights" this year. You may save $5 off the price of "regular" tickets (which will then cost you $32.97 instead of $37.96.) You'll get even better savings on Front of Line tickets, which are priced $10 less on discount nights. This will bring the price down to $47.95 (from $57.95,) and since the Front of Line tickets are so much better when there's a crowd, you might want to consider this offer. Note: Unfortunately, VIP Tour ticket prices do NOT get a reduction on the Fright Dome's super-saver nights.

What dates will the Fright Dome's discount ticket nights be held? Here's the list: Sunday, Oct 6th; Sunday, Oct 13th; Sunday, Oct 20th; Wednesday, Oct 23rd; Sunday, Oct 27th, and Tuesday, October 29th. All other nights of the event, the Fright Dome will be charging full price. Note: the Fright Dome has NOT yet announced if you can get the discount prices at the walk-up ticket booths on the night you attend. You may wish to play it safe & order your tickets on the Fright Dome's website (see link below on this page.)

Contests for FREE Fright Dome tickets on Facebook: The first lively contest on Facebook for 2013 has already begun...with the prize of 2 free tickets on opening night for the winners! Here's a link to the Fright Dome's Facebook page so that you can get in on the action if another contest is held.

Circus Circus Fright Dome Contact Information

Fright Dome website: Fright Dome information is found on its own separate website (not on the Circus Circus hotel's website. Here's a link to the website.

Fright Dome address: 2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109. This location is directly to the east side of I-15 (and is plainly visible from the lanes of traffic.) The dome is situated in "back" of the hotel. The closest Interstate 15 exit is Sahara Ave. Here's a Google map to the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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