Colorado Family Fun

You're sure to find interesting activities for kids in this beautiful Rocky Mountain state!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of fun Colorado family activities. Colorado is a great place to live or visit with kids. You'll be able to enjoy a wide range of activities...themed to wildlife, history, geology--or to no particular theme at all! On this page, you'll discover some of Colorado's best family fun. It's hard to decide which activities you'd like to try first!

Things To Do in Colorado with Kids

What a fun state to be with children or teens in your group!

Photo: The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.Is Colorado a great state for finding family fun? You bet! There are plenty of activities for parents and kids to enjoy together. Many of them are outdoor activities...and so obvious that they won't be listed on this page.

What kinds of outdoor fun? Outdoor activities for families are plentiful in Colorado. The state's famous Rocky Mountains are home to some of the best family skiing, camping, hiking and fishing anywhere! Even those who don't enjoy active sports love the Rockies---if for no other reason than to gaze at the gorgeous scenic views which abound on all sides. Detailed descriptions of Colorado's outdoor activities won't be covered on this site. However, if you like sports-minded pursuits such as hiking & backpacking, fishing, camping, biking, and white water rafting, you'll find plenty of ideas for outings on the info-packed website.

If you like city-based fun, then the rest of this page talks about fun activities for families in the Colorado Springs area. Following is a list of zoos, museums, natural attractions, and fun centers that you and your kids may enjoy together.

Are you looking for DENVER, Colorado family activities? Colorado's capital city of Denver is part of the largest metropolitan area in the state. It has a great assortment of places you can head for a fun family outing. In fact, Denver has so many choices that a list of them takes up its own page of this website! To see the list of Denver family fun, please visit the Things to Do in Denver page of our site.

Colorado Springs Family Fun

Find interesting things to do with kids in the Colorado Springs area!

Colorado Springs and its surrounding suburbs make up the states 2nd largest metro area. Only a short drive south of metro Denver, Colorado Springs has plenty of things to do for visitors of all ages. Below, you'll discover some of the tempting choices for outings from which you may decide.

  • The Garden of the Gods offers you some stunning red rock scenery for a great price--FREE! Head to the visitor's center, and for a small fee, you'll be able to enjoy a special presentation about the natural history of the park's red rock HD! Here's the Garden of the Gods website, where you can discover all that the park has to offer you.

  • The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is an amazing family zoo featuring a world-class giraffe exhibit, all the major zoo animals that your kids love & want to see, plus animal feedings, a children's area, pony rides, a lift to the summit...and more. To see our pictures of this popular Colorado Springs Zoo...and discover further's a link to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's website. If you'd like to view our pics of the zoo's animals and exhibits, please check out the "Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Pictures" page of this site.

  • Colorado Springs' Cave of the Winds gives your family a chance to glance at life underground. You'll see the rock formations your kids may only have read about in books, and your tour guide will explain these natural wonders as your eager children soak up the knowledge. The next link will take you to Cave of the Winds website, where you'll find hours, prices and directions.

  • The Manitou Cliff Dwellings provide your family with a hands-on, "DO touch" learning experience...that's also a sure bet for having fun. These cliff dwellings are mysterious reminders of past cultures; it's easy to find oneself wondering what it might have been like to actually live in one of them! On the Manitou Cliff Dwellings website, where you'll discover more details about the attractions you'll find here.

  • Seven Falls is one of the tourist's highlights of Colorado Springs. The naturally flowing waterfalls are lovely to look at, and the park's vantage points give you a great view of them. At night, spectacular lighting highlights the falls and creates a romantic atmosphere. You may get the details for planning your outing on the Seven Falls park page of the Broadmoor Resort's website.

  • The Western Museum of Mining and Industry gives you a fascinating peek into the lives of miners who came to Colorado in the latter part of the 1800's. Displays and guided tours give you empathy into their sometimes difficult lives. Actual machinery which was used in the early days of Colorado mining is available to view, along with facts and figures about the state's mining history. You'll surely want to see the mining museum's website to find out the important details you'll need to plan your visit.

  • The US Olympic Training Center is where many athletes headed to the next world Olympics games actually practice, prepare and perfect their sport for the upcoming competition. On your free tour of this facility, you'll get behind the scenes to view the very game fields and gymnasiums that your favorite athletes from past Olympic games have used! Get the entire scoop at the Olympic Training Center's website!

    Photo: The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  • Santa's North Pole is an adorable Christmas-themed amusement park which will delight the kids in your family. Nestled in the mountains above Colorado Springs, young ones may actually feel that this must be just like Santa's workshop really looks like! The park's fun family and kiddie rides, cute gift shops and yummy Christmas-like treats will make your outing one that you'll long remember. Get the parks schedule of dates & hours, discover prices, and see their complete list of activities on the North Pole Santa's Workshop website.

  • There's only one US Air Force Academy in the USA, and Colorado Springs is its location! Taking a free tour of the campus is interesting...whether or not you have a family member that's interested in a military career. Football fans will recognize this famous stadium, scenery-lovers will enjoy the view, and architecture buffs will especially want to look inside the famous Air Force Academy Chapel that's a prominent sight on campus. For detailed visitor's information, please see the US Air Force Academy's website.

  • Take a drive up Pike's Peak! This famous mountain graces Colorado Springs with a beautiful backdrop. Take the toll road to the summit for marvelous views of the surrounding countryside...the very landscape which inspired the writing of "America the Beautiful!" Here's the Pike's Peak website to help you plan your visit.

  • Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame: If rodeo is one of your interests, you'll surely want to plan a stop here. We've never been inside this museum, but have passed by and noticed how attractive and well-kept it is. Since its opening, it has always been considered one of Colorado Springs' top tourist attractions. For information, here's the website.

    More Colorado Family Fun!

    Not far from Colorado Springs, you'll find still other great activities kids like!

    Hiking at the Great Sand Dunes

  • Royal Gorge Bridge and Park near Canon City is home to a natural gouge in the earth that you'll get to examine in a number of different ways at this attraction. You'll descend into the depths of the gorge on an inclined railway. You'll soar like a bird across the gorge on the park's cable tram. And perhaps the most fun of all is simply walking over the gorge on the pedestrian & car bridge. It's made of wooden planks...and you can see the depths of the gorge directly beneath your feet (but a long, long way down!) There's still MORE to do here; find out on the Royal Gorge Bridge website.

  • The Molly Kathleen Gold Mine in Cripple Creek is a must-do attraction for any history buff visiting Colorado. You don't have to enjoy the history of mining to love the ultra-scenic drive to Cripple Creek. And, once you've been down underground on the fascinating Molly Kathleen tour, you'll be richer in knowledge...even if you don't bring home any golden souvenirs to remember your trip! Here's the Mollie Kathleen website where you'll discover everything you need to know for planning your outing.

  • Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument near Florissant. Plants leave fossils behind, just as ancient animals do---and you'll see plenty of examples of them here! Once you've enjoyed the exhibits and movies in the visitor's center, you may wish to enjoy the park's hiking trails, which include two guided loops marked with informational tidbits. There's even a Junior Ranger program for the kids! It's a lovely drive from Colorado Springs to enjoy this interesting National Monument, and the entire family is sure to learn quite a number of interesting new things during their visit. Here's the Florissant Fossil Beds NM website, where you'll discover the info you need to plan your trip.

    Other parts of Colorado

  • The Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve near Alamosa is a natural playground: it's a giant-sized sand box! Hiking on the dunes is the major activity here, along with discovering the dunes' history at the visitor's center. You may also enjoy camping at the park, along with ranger-led activities. For more info, here's the Great Sand Dunes NP website.

  • Mesa Verde National Park in the southwestern corner of the state is an amazing attraction that most people would like to visit...although it's a bit difficult to find the time since it's off the beaten path. At Mesa Verde, you'll view some of the most spectacular and un-weathered historical Native American ruins in the country. In addition, you'll get panoramic views of the area's natural vegetation as you drive up the mountain towards the visitor's center and area of the ruins. If you stay overnight, you may even catch a glimpse of the local nocturnal wildlife. For trip-planning info, here's the Mesa Verde NP website. Also, our website has a page you might enjoy about Mesa Verde Camping. Our page also has pictures of the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings that you might like to see, even if camping isn't in your plans.

    Colorado Springs Attractions Coupons

    Not only can you enjoy plenty of FUN in the Colorado Springs can do it at a discount!

    1.) The Pikes Peak Country Attractions Association (what a mouthful!) is an organization dedicated to bringing tourists into the greater Colorado Springs area. As part of their plan to lure visitors, they offer some money-saving discount coupons to many fun family attractions.

    Here's a link to the Colorado Springs Attractions Coupons page of the website.

    What sort of Colorado Springs discount coupons will you find? If you've got preschoolers and elementary school-aged children, you'll love the North Pole Santa's Workshop discount coupon. And families with kids from tots to teens will enjoy the Cave of the Winds, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Pike's Peak, and Royal Gorge discounts. Even more coupons are available, as well!

    2.) discount coupons: The official Colorado Springs tourism website also has a few attractions coupons available. Like the other websites mentioned, these are print-at-home coupons which you may take with you on your outing. Here's the Colorado Springs Deals and Coupons page of the website for you to check for items of interest. You may also get information about a plethora of restaurants & attractions of interest to tourists here.

    3.) discount coupons:, the official Colorado Tourism website, also has discount coupons. Many coupons are for the Denver area, but some are also for other areas of the state, as well. It's hard to say what particular coupons you'll find when you're ready to plan your outing (because the deals change regularly), but it never hurts to take a look! For example, at the time of this writing, there are some good Royal Gorge coupons available. And, whether or not you find any coupons which interest you, you'll surely enjoy this colorful, info-packed guide to the Centennial State's attractions. Note: to print your coupon, you may need to share your email address with this website. Here's a link to the Colorado deals and discounts page of the website.

    4.) offers coupons to a rotating selection of Colorado Springs attractions. Since Groupon charges these attractions money to do this, most of the coupons they offer are for commercial enterprises rather than natural wonders. The Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Western Mining Museum are two popular attractions in The Springs that have recently run promotions on Groupon. Skating rinks, mini-golf courses, tours, and restaurants are other types of businesses that offer coupons thru Groupon. If you're visiting from out-of-state...or if you're a local touring in other parts of Colorado, you might want to check out the Denver section of Groupon, as well. (Use the search box at the top of the page to specify which city you're interested in.) Here's a link to the Groupon website, where you may begin your search.

    5.) coupon books: With Entertainment books (a company which has editions for dozens of major cities,) you purchase a thick, coupon-filled book that doesn't cost a lot more than just one discount ticket with Groupon. What's the difference? With a Groupon discount, you pay for your discounted admission up-front before you ever leave home. With an Entertainment book, you're paying for the privilege of obtaining dozens and dozens of coupons that you may use at any time before they expire. Once you arrive at the attraction, then that's when you pay for your admission...minus the discount shown on the coupon you present. The books aren't expensive, but it does take using several coupons to recoup the money that you spent for it. Restaurants are the major type of coupons in the book, but attractions, rental cars, adventure tours, etc, are also found, as well. Here's a link to the website, where you may browse around to see if it interests you.

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