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Denver Aquarium Pictures

If you didn't like fish when you entered Denver's Downtown Aquarium, you WILL by the time you leave!

You're looking at pictures of the Denver Aquarium in the slide show above! On this page, you'll see still MORE Denver Aquarium pictures, and discover the fun attractions you'll find at this interesting, family-friendly attraction in Denver, Colorado.

Denver's Downtown Aquarium: superb attraction for kids!

The fun begins even before you enter the aquarium building!

Picture of Sharkey the Shark waiting for you to pose for a picture with him! In the pictures of Denver's Downtown Aquarium above, you'll see lots of fun for children going on. In the photo slide show, you may have noticed the following kid-friendly activities---

* Sharkey the Shark! Sharkey is a well-known face around the aquarium. This cartoon shark appears on the Denver Aquarium's website, on its restaurant menus, and on many of its souvenirs! The giant Sharkey you see in the pictures above is part of a photo op at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. It's actually part of a cute bench---where you can sit and have your friends take pics of you hugging the friendly fellow!

* Bubbles! On a warm-weather day, your kids can enjoy chasing the soap bubbles made by the Denver Aquarium's bubble machine

* Live entertainment! As you can see from the pictures, a juggler sometimes entertains aquarium visitors. He can perform feats of juggling before your very eyes...and will even try to teach your older children a few tricks!

* Strolling character mascots! At the Denver Aquarium, you don't have to be afraid of the giant octopus. You'll actually want your kids to MEET him! That's because the Downtown Aquarium's strolling octopus mascot is a children's "favorite" here!

Denver Aquarium: more family activities await inside!

Picture: Octopus mascot at Denver's Downtown Aquarium in Colorado The fun begins before you enter the Denver Aquarium---but it doesn't STOP there!

* Touch tanks await you! You'll get to pet and/or feed some lively marine creatures (such as rays) in the aquarium's touch pools. As you can see in one of the pictures in the slide show, sometimes the rays are literally jumping out of their tanks to meet you!

* You can pan for gold! OK, so it's not a very "fishy" activity. But who cares? You want your kids to get interested in educational activities, of course...and what could be better, then, by taking them to an aquarium where there's so much fun on the side. This extra-fee activity raises money for the animals' care...while your family has a day to remember for years to come!

* You can climb a palm tree! The palm trees are fakes...but showing off your skill in climbing is very real!

* Children's play areas are mingled in amongst the displays. You kids will find tunnels for crawling through, and play sets for games of "pretend." The kids "get the wiggles out" in the play areas...while the adults have some extra time to study the interesting exhibits!

* "4D" theater, carousel, and mini-train are all fun extra-fee activities that your kids will enjoy.

Denver Aquarium: you'll see world-class exhibits

Despite all the fun, you'll find superb displays

Picture of fish-viewing tunnel at the Denver Aquarium in Colorado The serious-minded won't be disappointed by the Denver Aquarium, either! You'll view aquatic plants and animals in tanks and other displays which replicate various specific environments---while being extremely attractive, at the same time!

Some tanks and displays are small; others medium-sized; and yet others have GIANT viewing windows...and some, as you've seen in the picture of an underwater tunnel, are so huge that you'll be walking through them. The fish-viewing tunnel seems to be a special favorite of many visitors, as they linger trying to spot each species swimming by.

Fish aren't all you'll find! You've already seen pictures of a lovely tropical "forest" and beautiful bird...but that's not all you'll find in this large exhibit. Did you realize that there's even a TIGER at Denver's Downtown Aquarium? While the focus of the aquarium, quite naturally, is on aquatic life, this is one Denver attraction that aims to please everyone in the group! If one attraction or activity doesn't interest you...well, you can bet that a different one WILL!

Denver Aquarium Restaurant

Enjoy fine dining...or try out the aquarium's snack bar, instead

You don't have to enter the aquarium at all to enjoy viewing colorful fish---

Simply enjoy a meal at the Denver Aquarium's Restaurant! For the same price as lunch or dinner at other find Denver restaurants, you'll be treated to seating beside giant-sized tanks filled with all sorts of interesting fish varieties. Not every table in the restaurant is right beside the tanks; but, even the seats farther away have a good view of the fish.

Meanwhile, colorful fish decorations hang from the ceiling, seashells are embedded in the walls, and your salt shakers will even be seahorse-shaped!

A children's menu features "kids favorites," and the cost for kids' meals is very reasonable. While your children wait for the food to arrive, they can use the crayons they're given to color and play games in a coloring book featuring Sharkey the Shark and his friends.

Adults will be pleased with the variety of the Denver Aquarium Restaurant's entrees. Stick with the traditional; or try an exotic dish. Indulge your craving for fried food; or stick with a healthy baked choice. If you'd like to check out the current menu, here's a link to the Aquarium Restaurant page from the Denver Downtown Aquarium's official website. You can view several menu options, including lunch, dinner, kids and Happy Hour.

Denver Aquarium address, map and contact information

Make your plans to visit Denver's Downtown Aquarium with the following practical info

Picture of shark's teeth and jaw! This scary model of a shark's open jaws is a favorite visitor attraction at the Denver Aquarium The Denver Aquarium's phone number is (303) 561-4450.

The Denver Aquarium's address is 700 Water St, Denver, CO 80211. This location is directly to the east side of I-25. The aquarium is located right next door to the Denver Children's Museum, and also isn't far from the Elitch Gardens amusement park.

Map to the Denver Downtown Aquarium: Here's a Google map to Denver's Downtown Aquarium if you need assistance locating this attraction. If you'll be arriving via Interstate 25, you should take the 23rd Avenue exit and head east approximately one block. This is I-25's exit number 211.

PDF Printable Map to Denver Downtown Aquarium: If you'd like to print up a map before leaving home, here's a good printable PDF map to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver that you can put into the car as a backup guide. The Denver Aquarium is towards the left edge of the map, clearly marked with the number "8."

Denver Aquarium hours of operation: Denver's Downtown Aquarium has slightly different operating hours than the Aquarium Restaurant. First, here are the hours you may enjoy the aquarium itself:

The Denver Aquarium opens at 10 am every day of the week. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Downtown Aquarium closes at 9:30 pm. Every other night of the week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) the Denver Aquarium's closing time is at 9 pm

Denver's Aquarium Restaurant opens at 11 am every day of the week, just in time to serve lunch. Breakfast is not served at the Aquarium Restaurant. Friday and Saturday evenings, the Aquarium Restaurant closes at 10 pm. The other days of the week (Sundays thru Thursdays,) the Aquarium Restaurant will always close at 9 pm.

Denver's Downtown Aquarium website: You'll learn about still more fun at the aquarium if you check out its official website. For example, you'll learn how to schedule an exciting birthday party for children...or arrange to have meetings or receptions in the Denver Aquarium's banquet room. You can learn about becoming a volunteer at the aquarium on this website, which is a fun way to enjoy the aquarium while helping visitors to learn more about aquatic life. You can even discover info about taking "behind the scenes" tours...or how to arrange for your school class or Scout troop to visit the Denver Aquarium as a group.

Denver Downtown Aquarium's official website. You may use the following link to head to Denver's Downtown Aquarium website.

Denver Downtown Aquarium Discounts: You can get a 10% discount off of your entrance fee to the exhibits with a coupon from the's attraction discounts page.

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