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Your family is sure to enjoy the attractive, fun-filled

Denver Zoo!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of the Denver Zoo's animals and activities, including the popular lorikeet-feeding station and the beautifully exotic aquarium exhibits. On this page, you'll discover info for planning your visit to the Denver Zoo---one of the most popular year-round family activities along the Front Range!

What can you do at the Denver Zoo?

See your favorite animals!

Photo: Bird feeding at the Denver ZooThe Denver Zoo is large, and home to many animals that are traditional "zoo favorites." Your children are almost certain to see their own special favorites here. What animals will you find at the Denver Zoo? Bears, giraffes, zebras, lions, kangaroos, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos, buffalo, camels, wolves, sheep, penguins, flamingos, gorillas...and many more!

Lots of space! Many of the animal exhibits are quite large, giving the animals room to roam. For this reason, you'll have lots of walking to do if you want to take a complete zoo tour & see all of the animals.

Must-see attractions: In addition to the individual animal compounds, you'll find special exhibits which group together a selected category of animals and/or birds and fish. Special exhibits you won't want to miss include:

Predator Ridge, a large exhibit which showcases animals of the African savanna. Looking for lions? You'll find them here, along with hyenas and African wild dogs.

Primate Panorama and the Emerald Forest: Located in the picturesque setting of an African village, you can get good views of apes, monkeys and other primates.

Tropical Discovery: This beautiful exhibit is where you can find numerous species of fish, along with reptiles, amphibians and tropical mammals, as well.

Northern Shore: Take a pretend visit to the arctic! You'll discover a great polar bear exhibit, along with sea lions and seals.

Bear Mountain: Not every zoo has a grizzly bear...but the Denver Zoo does! This attractive exhibit is a must-visit attraction for bear-lovers.

Lorikeet Adventure: Your child will love interacting with these colorful birds by offering them a sip of nectar...while your child holds the cup! (You can view the birds as part of your admission price, although there's a small fee for the nectar.)

What's ahead? Toyota Elephant Passage! This large 10-acre area is going to be large enough to feel like a zoo within a zoo. It's specialty will be Asian animals...especially animals from the Asian tropics. Despite the name of the exhibit, this will include more than Asian elephants; animals like Indian rhinos, tapirs, gibbons, leopards...and a number of other species, as well.

What other fun awaits you at the zoo?

Photo: A giraffe statue at the Denver ZooCarousel and train rides! For a small extra fee, your kids will enjoy riding the Denver Zoo's pretty carousel and fun little choo choo train.

Animal shows and feedings! It's really difficult---and maybe impossible---to enjoy all of the Denver Zoo's offerings all in one day...especially if you consider its many animal shows and feeding times. (Note: some shows are seasonal-only, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.) Be sure to consult the zoo's schedule as you enter, because you're sure to find at least one event (and probably more) that will interest you.

Shop 'til you drop! Not every zoo has a gift shop large enough to occupy 2 floors...but the Denver Zoo does! Shopping enthusiasts will be enchanted at the wide variety of animal-themed clothing, accessories, toys, books, games and sundries available at the Denver Zoo's gift shop.

Eat lunch/have a snack! The Denver Zoo offers its guests a variety of restaurants and snack bars strategically located in various areas of the park.

Have a birthday party at the Denver Zoo! The Denver Zoo has birthday party facilities and offers birthday party packages. You'll enjoy your own personal animal show---a live "animal encounter" experience for your party group! The zoo will give you invitations, handle the decorations, and provide party favors for each child (along with a special gift for the birthday boy or girl.) The basic price doesn't include food, but pizza, drinks & animal cupcakes can be added for an extra fee. So can game times, craft sessions...or even guided tours. Here's the Denver Zoo's Birthday Party Page where you can get complete details, and sign up (if you wish.)

Getting discounts to the Denver Zoo

It can be hard to find discount tickets to the Denver Zoo. It's not an attraction which frequently offers coupons. Still, with a bit of planning, there are some good ways that you can save money on your Denver Zoo visit.

1.) Denver Zoo's "free days"--The Denver Zoo offers over half a dozen "free days" each year. These are always during the off-season, when normally the crowds would be light. The weather on these dates makes planning in advance rather "iffy." You could wake up to good weather...or it could be snowing. Or, maybe both in the same day---that's Denver for you!

FREE DAYS FOR 2013: The 2013 free dates at the Denver Zoo are as follows:

  • Friday, January 11th
  • Saturday, January 12th
  • Wednesday, January 23
  • Sunday, February 3
  • Monday, February 4th
  • Thursday, February 21
  • Monday, November 4th
  • Friday, November 15th
  • Thursday, November 21

    2.) FREE ticket on your birthday: You can now order a FREE ticket to the Denver Zoo directly from the zoo's ticketing page. Select the "Its' My Birthday" ticket, and follow through until the completion of your order. (There is a $1 processing fee.) Then you can print up your ticket and take it to the zoo with you on your birthday park visit. Here's a link to the Denver Zoo's ticketing page, for your convenience.

    3.) Group discount for 20 or more: Team up with several other families to visit the zoo, and you'll get a substantial discount. You do NOT have to make advance reservations to get this special rate. Simply show up at the Denver Zoo's ticket booth and ask for the group rate!

    4.) Company Discounts: Any employer in the metro area may sell discount Denver Zoo tickets to employees. All they have to do is sign up for the Denver Zoo's consignment tickets program, then go pick up the tickets. Before heading to the zoo, ask your boss if your company participates in this program. If it doesn't, urge your boss to become a part of it!

    5.) Off-season discounts: The Denver Zoo drops its rates every November, December, January and February. You can save about 25% on your tickets if you visit during these months.

    6.) Denver Zoo Memberships: If your children really love the zoo (don't most kids?) then you'll save money in the long run if you purchase a zoo membership. A family of 5 will start saving money in just 2 visits! For a list of current prices and benefits, please see the Denver Zoo's membership page.

    Denver Zoo address and contact info

    The Denver Zoo phone number is (720) 337-1400.

    The Denver Zoo's hours of operation: The Denver Zoo's schedule is easy to remember. What dates can you visit the zoo? Any day! The Denver Zoo is open 365 days a year! What time can you visit the zoo? MOST of the year, The Denver Zoo opens at 9 and and closes at 6 pm (last admission at 5 pm.) During November, December, January & February, however, the Denver Zoo's opening time is 10 am & closing time is 5 pm (last admission at 4 pm.)

    Denver Zoo address: 2300 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205. This location is in Denver's large City Park...not far from another popular family attraction, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

    Parking at the Denver Zoo: The Denver Zoo has a large, free parking lot. If you arrive to find the parking lot full, be sure to try the zoo's parking structure located west of the entrance.

    Directions to the Denver Zoo: There are many ways to reach the Denver Zoo depending on your starting point. An easy way for visitors unfamiliar with the area is to take the Colorado Blvd exit of I-70. Head south on Colorado Blvd from Interstate 70 until you reach the easily-visible City Park; you'll see signs to the zoo.

    Map to Denver Zoo: Here's a Google map to the Denver Zoo.

    Printable PDF map to Denver Zoo: The website has a good map showing the city's parks...including City Park, in which the Denver Zoo is located. Because of City Park's large size, it's easy to locate on the map! If you're afraid of getting lost along the way, simply print up the map before leaving home & take it along with you. Here's a link to the DenverGov's PDF printable map to the Denver Zoo/City Park.

    PDF printable map of the Denver Zoo Grounds: The Denver Zoo is large. It's big enough that little kids will get tired before they see all of it. You may wish to study the Denver Zoo's map to locate your family's "must see" exhibits ahead of time to keep you from back-tracking. Here's a PDF map of the Denver Zoo, that you may print before your visit. It can be rather slow-loading. If you have trouble viewing it, here's an older Denver Zoo map from 2006 that loads more quickly, and covers all but the latest attractions.

    Denver Zoo website: The Denver Zoo's website, which you'll want to read for the freshest updates about new zoo animals and special events, is

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