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Elitch Gardens Roller Coasters & Thrill Rides

See fun rollercoaster pics & decide which ride you'll try out first!

In the slide show above, you can see pictures of Elitch Gardens roller coasters and thrill rides. You'll see photos of the giant wooden coaster, Twister II. Also, pics of the MindEraser, which sends riders screaming through its turns and corkscrews. On this page, you'll discover info about these two favorite roller coasters, plus other exciting thrill rides you'll enjoy on your upcoming visit to Elitch Gardens Theme Park in Denver, Colorado.

Elitch Gardens Twister II roller coaster

Reminiscent of Elitch's original "Mr. Twister," this wooden coaster is a favorite of visitors

Picture: Twister II roller coaster at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado Elitch's "Twister II roller coaster is perhaps the most beloved coaster in the park. Perhaps the reason it's so well-liked is because this rollercoaster's white wooden frame is massive...and can be seen easily from the freeway by all who pass by. In fact, from some freeway angles, the Twister roller coaster seems to blend perfectly with the Denver skyline...framed by the tall buildings of downtown, which can be seen behind it.

Or, perhaps another reason for Twister II's popularity is the fact that it was loosely modeled after Elitch Garden's "Mr. Twister" roller coaster. When the Elitch Gardens amusement park was located in northwest Denver, Mr. Twister was always a top-ranked ride among roller coaster enthusiasts nationally!

Picture: Twister roller coaster at Elitch Gardens, Denver, CO The Mr. Twister coaster, however, gave guests a wilder experience than the current ride, meaning that Twister II is more of a "family" roller coaster than its forebear. (Though the Twister II looks like it might be the roller coaster which stood at the old Elitch Gardens, it is not. Twister II was made specifically for Elitch's downtown Denver site, and opened in May, 1995.)

The Twister II roller coaster gives a fun ride, which is certainly another good reason that it's popular. It may not be a historic roller coaster, and it may not make the national "list of favorites" like Mr. Twister did. But, the families who visit Elitch Gardens don't mind. They just like it, plain and simple!

Twister II's minimum height requirement: While Twister II may not give as wild a ride as the former Elitch coaster, Mr. Twister, did, that doesn't mean the ride is tame! As you walk through the entrance queue, winding around the base of the roller coaster, you'll see the Twister II's ride cars whizzing by you overhead---and you'll hear plenty of screaming coming from them, too! Therefore, this ride requires riders to be a minimum height of 48 inches tall in order to board.

The Mind Eraser Roller Coaster

Picture: Mind Eraser roller coaster at Elitch Gardens theme park The Mind Eraser is another favorite ride of coaster enthusiasts. Elitch Gardens opened the Mind Eraser in its 1997 season, and crowds of thrill-seekers haven't stopped lining up for this attraction ever since then!

The Mind Eraser is an inverting roller coaster, and those who dare to ride will be turning head over heels 5 times as they speed along its metal track. Riders wear a harness-style restraint for safety's sake. (You can see a close-up photo of a Mind Eraser seat and harness in the slide show at the top of the page.)

The Mind Eraser is also a suspension roller coaster, which means that its chairs hang down from a track above them. There is no floor---and your legs dangle in the breeze!

Picture: Minderaser roller coaster at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado Mind Eraser Minimum and Maximum height requirements: Would-be riders of the Mind Eraser roller coaster must be at least 52 inches tall. This is not the only size requirement, however. Because of safety concerns, the harness restraints must fit perfectly. Therefore, this is one ride which also has a maximum height requirement: you cannot be taller than 80 inches. Since few people are 80" tall, this is not a problem for most park guests. Weight: this ride was made with modern Americans in mind, and most park guests who've packed on a few pounds over the years will fit. However, if the safety harness doesn't close or doesn't fit properly due to the rider's size, that guest will not be allowed to ride.

Objects falling from the Mind Eraser could hurt other guests. Because there is no floor on this roller coaster, if your flip flop falls off your foot, it could conk someone passing by on his or her head! Therefore, don't be offended if the ride operator asks you to remove your shoes and leave them on the platform at the station. It's the safe thing to do! If you prefer not to go barefooted, be sure to wear either closed shoes or else sandals which strap firmly to your foot.

Tower of Doom thrill ride

Picture: Tower of Doom thrill ride at Elitch Gardens theme park in Denver, CO The Tower of Doom is a thrill-seeker's delight.

No visitor to the park can miss this giant, over 200 feet-tall tower that sits in the center of the Elitch Gardens theme park. (In fact, just like the Twister II roller coaster, the Tower of Doom is plainly visible from Interstate 25!)

The Tower of Doom's ride-action is simple: you're hoisted to the top of the tower, then you come zooming straight down!

As you can see in the Tower of Doom's picture to your right, the tower is painted with licks of flame rising up its stem...a suggestion to all that this ride's speed is so hot that it burns up everything in its path!

Picture: Elitch Garden's Tower of Doom; riders are being hoisted to the top of the thrill ride

Since this ride's action is so simple to describe, there's really not much more to say about it. If you love thrill rides, you're going to like it, period. Just do it!

In the Tower of Doom picture at left, you see riders ascending to the top of the tower...surely with butterflies in their tummies, anticipating the fall downwards that's soon to come!

Picture: Tower of Doom riders hover at the tower's top before making the plunge downwards

In the Tower of Doom's image to your right, you see riders paused at the top of the Tower of Doom. The ride gives you a a brief moment at the top...allowing your suspense to build...before you begin your downward plunge!

In fact, the one thing that's wrong with the Tower of Doom ride is that it's too short. If you're a theme park-lover, you may know that there are two types of "tower" thrill rides: those that let you bounce up & down the pole several times (for more thrill time) and those that don't. Unfortunately, Elitch's Tower of Doom falls into the latter category. You go straight up, then straight down, and that's it. The ride puts on its breaks as you reach the bottom of the tower, and you disembark.

Minimum height requirement: Riders need to be 48 inches or taller to board. The Tower of Doom's seats are equipped with over-the-head harness restraints (pictured above in the slide show.) Your size and weight need to be such that the harness fits properly or you won't be allowed to ride. You may be asked to remove loose articles, such as flip flops, when you ride.

Elitch Gardens thrill ride height requirements

Picture: Sidewinder looping roller coaster at Elitch Gardens We've already talked about the minimum height requirements for the Twister II roller coaster, the Mind Eraser inverting roller coaster, and the Tower of Doom thrill ride.

Here are the minimum height requirements for Elitch Garden's other list of thrill rides:

1.) Sidewinder looping coaster: You'll need to trek up a tall staircase to board the sidewinder. Once the ride begins, you'll plunge right back down again...and into the loop that you see pictured to your right. Then, it's time to repeat the action one more time...but this time, going backwards! Guests need to be a minimum of 48 inches tall to board the Sidewinder.

2.) Shake, Rattle & Roll: This ride takes guests up into the air and turns them upside down...with their hair hanging in the breeze! And then it just doesn't let up...turning them over & over & over again before stopping! Guests need to fit the safety restraints precisely, so the ride restrictions are numerous. First of all, guests need to be a minimum of 55 inches tall to board. Secondly, guests can't be too tall, either---no taller than 77 inches in height. Thirdly, a guest's size can be so large that the restraint system doesn't close properly. Another requirement of this ride is that all loose objects be stored before boarding, since falling objects can harm the spectators below.

3.) Chaos: This flat, round ride may LOOK like it's just going to circle quickly around a central hub...and, yes, it does do that. But, it ALSO raises up into the air AND your ride car rocks independently, too. With all this action going on, you'll surely be screaming as the world zooms by you in a blur!

Picture: Shake, Rattle & Roll inverting ride at Elitch Gardens 4.) The Half Pipe: This ride looks like a skateboarder's or snowboarder's half pipe. You'll go up to the top of one side, and then to the top of the other half several times during the course of this ride. Guests need to fit the safety restraints securely, but not overly tightly. Therefore, the following guidelines are in effect on the Half Pipe: (1) No guests under 52 inches tall; (2) No guests over 77 inches tall (3) No guests so large that the restraint system doesn't fasten properly (4) No loose objects allowed on the Half Pipe ride.

5.) Boomerang roller coaster: You'll have fun on the Boomerang inverting roller much fun that you'll do it again---literally! Once you've ridden the track going forwards, you'll do it all again in a backwards direction! Minimum height for guests on the Boomerang coaster is 48 inches tall.

6.) Turn of the Century swing ride: This is Elitch Garden's classic swing ride. Though the action of the swings circling a central hub is relatively mild, it raises guests to heights from which they could fall. Therefore, the minimum height for Elitch's swing ride is 48 inches tall.

7.) Hollywood & Vine spinning car ride: These spinning cars will either give you a thrill or make you dizzy; maybe both! The minimum height for kids accompanied by an adult is 48 inches tall. Guests 54 inches tall and over may ride alone.

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