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Fiesta Texas Hours and Address

Discover the hours of operation for San Antonio's Six Flags theme park!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Six Flags Fiesta Texas rides and attractions. The Fiesta Texas theme park offers fun for everyone in the family, from toddlers to teens, to parents & grandparents. You'll enjoy all sorts of thrills, from mild kiddie rides to wild roller you can tell by the pictures of Fiesta Texas above! Still need tickets? There are good ideas for saving money on our Fiesta Texas Coupons and Discounts page!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Operating Schedule

Picture: Goliath roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, Texas Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, TX, is open most of the year. The theme park opens even before Spring begins every year...and then doesn't end until after Christmas vacationers have enjoyed Holiday in the Park. What a nice, long operating season!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas opens on weekends-only for the spring and fall months of the year. You can expect daily operations at the park during the busy summer vacation season, and on several different holidays throughout the year (which includes Spring Break and the Christmas Vacation holidays.)

White Water Bay, the theme park's water park section (which comes included with your admission ticket to Six Flags) has its own dates and hours of operation which are different from the theme park's schedule. Generally speaking, White Water Bay doesn't open until shortly before Memorial Day and only stays open during the busy summer vacation season.

In the sections below, you'll discover Fiesta Texas hours of operation for the next few months. Also, you may check our Fiesta Texas Coupons & Discounts page for other ways to get cheaper tickets to the park.

Fiesta Texas---Memorial Day Vacation hours 2019

In May, the attendance at Fiesta Texas builds up swiftly as schools start to shut down for the scholastic year. The park is OPEN every day in the last part of May...just waiting for you to celebrate both Memorial Day and "school's out!" time. Here's when you may visit---

10:30 am to 10 pm dates: Opening time at Fiesta Texas is 10:30 am & closing time is at 10 pm on the following dates in May: Friday, May 24; Saturday, May 25; and Sunday, May 26th. All of these dates are part of the Memorial Day Weekend. White Water Bay WILL be open on these days.

10:30 am to 9 pm dates: Opening time at Fiesta Texas is 10:30 am & closing time is at 9 PM on these days: Saturday, May 19th and Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day Holiday.) White Water Bay WILL be open.

EVERY OTHER DAY IN MAY: Opening time at Fiesta Texas is 10:30 am & closing time is at 6 pm on the following dates: Monday 20th; Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd, Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th and Friday the 31st. The White Water Bay water park will NOT be open on any of these dates.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas hours--June, 2019

June is an exciting month at Fiesta Texas!

It's the first month of the year when the theme park is open EVERY SINGLE DAY! Hours of operation are generous, too...which is a good thing for thrill-lovers. Crowds are lighter during the first part of the month...then increase as vacationers from all over Texas and the Southwest USA arrive for summer vacation fun!

WHITE WATER BAY DATES & HOURS: The White Water Bay water park at Fiesta Texas will be open EVERY day this month! Every other day in June, White Water Bay opens at 12 Noon and closes at 7 pm

When is Fiesta Texas open in June? Here's the schedule:

EVERY SATURDAY IN JUNE: Opening time at Fiesta Texas is 10:30 am & closing time is at 10 pm each and every Saturday this month!

SUNDAYS AND WEEKDAYS IN JUNE: Fiesta Texas opens at 10:30 am for the entire rest of the month! Closing time on EVERY Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night is 9 pm. There are no exceptions.

Fiesta Texas hours of operation for July, 2019

Six Flags Fiesta Texas hours in July are simple. Here are the opening and closing times for this month--

INDEPENDENCE DAY HOLIDAY: Fiesta Texas will offer extra-long hours for Independence Day! On Thursday, July 4th; Friday, July 5th and Saturday, July 6th, Fiesta Texas hours will be from 10:30 am to 11 pm. Let me spell that out---eleven, that's no typo. Fabulous FIREWORKS SHOWS will be held on July 3, 4, 5 & 6th. AND...if you'd like to add even MORE fun to your celebration, then you may participate in a special "early opening" event, too! By bringing an unopened can or bottle of Coke (or any Coca Cola product,) you may enter the park at 9:30 am for this special event---an hour before the official opening time! Your full Coke can is good for admission to the early-entry event...but you will still need to purchase a general admission ticket (or have a season pass) to get into the park, as well. For more Independence Day details, please visit the "Fourth Fest" page of the Fiesta Texas website.

EVERY OTHER DAY IN JULY: Opening time on EVERY other day of the month will be 10:30 am. Closing time on EVERY SATURDAY in July will be 10 pm. Every Sunday thru Friday, closing times will be at 9 pm.

WHITE WATER BAY SCHEDULE: The Six Flags water park will be open EVERY day in July! Hours are amost always from 12 Noon until 7 pm for this section of the park. The exception is the BONUS HOURS from July 4th thru 6th. For the Independence Day holiday period, the water park will close 8 pm!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Address, Map, Contact Informations

Picture: Train at Six Flags Fiesta Texas passes lovely, giant waterfalls The Six Flags Fiesta Texas phone number is (210) 697-5050.

The Six Flags Fiesta Texas address is 17000 IH-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78257. This location is right next to the La Cantera outdoor mall (and you will get some good views of the mall if you ride The Iron Rattler roller coaster!)

Directions to Fiesta Texas: From Interstate 10, take the La Cantera Parkway and follow the directional signs to the theme park. Here's a Google map to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Website: The Fiesta Texas theme park information occupies a sections of the website (which talks about ALL of the company's theme parks.) If you would like to skip seeing info about the other theme parks, you may use the following link to Fiesta Texas/San Antonio pages of the Six Flags company's website.

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