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Giraffe Feeding Stations– Yippee! Unpleasant! You may touch a giraffe’s tongue!

In the image slide reveal over, you have actually been seeing enjoyable photos of giraffes at the Cheyenne Hill Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’ll be speaking about giraffe feeding terminals on this web page– and also the Cheyenne Hill Zoo has one of the very best ever before! As you can distinguish the images of the baby giraffe included in the slide show, this large herd contains all ages. You’ll discover lots of starving giraffes just waiting for you to feed them!

But, just in situation you will not be visiting Colorado Springs whenever soon, this page also speaks about giraffe feeding stations in several other locations throughout the Southwestern U.S.A. which might be easier for you.

Would certainly you such as to hand-feed a giraffe?

Have you ever wished to feed a giraffe? How could you do that? A giraffe is SO TALL! Actually, giraffes are the highest land creature. Adult women giraffes expand to the height of around 16 feet high, while grown-up male giraffes are also taller– concerning 18 feet from the top of his head to the suggestions of his toes! So, how could a human ever before intend to feed a giraffe? We humans are so brief by comparison! Also the baby giraffes stand 6 feet tall– about the elevation of a rather tall produced male.

Well, the bright side is that you CAN feed giraffes! You just need to be in the best place to do it!

A variety of zoos these days feature giraffe feeding stations, where you can purchase giraffe biscuits or giraffe pellets, after that hand-feed mature giraffes– by depending on a tall system which will certainly allow you reach their heads!

In the Southwest U.S.A., there are a number of zoos which have giraffe feeding terminals. For instance, at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona, there’s a giraffe feeding station which operates on a “routine.” That is, you can’t feed giraffes all day, yet at a certain set time of day, you can line up to feed biscuits to the giraffes. (Giraffe feeding time went to 2:00 pm on the day I last saw, but the zoo’s web site is now discussing a 10 am feeding hr. Make sure to inspect as you enter the zoo for the giraffe feeding time on the day of your go to.) The cost in Springtime 2009 was $2 per person, and also included 2 biscuits.

The Wild Animals World Zoo in higher Phoenix metro, Arizona has an even more liberal plan concerning giraffe feeding. A tall platform remains open up to the general public all day. Visitors can buy unique “giraffe pellets” from a gumball-type equipment for a quarter per handful of pellets. Ths Wild Animals World Zoo doesn’t have lots of giraffes … but, on the other hand, this tiny zoo’s groups aren’t too thick, either … so you’re probably to get plenty of “up close & & personal” time with the giraffes if you check out here. (You can see the Wildlife World Zoo’s Giraffe Feeding Station aware just above.)

A lot of this web page, nonetheless, will certainly be spent speaking about the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo of Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is a “should check out zoo” for anyone that is a giraffe-lover. The Cheyenne Hill Zoo has the hugest giraffe feeding terminal in the western United States, and a herd of 19 giraffes simply waiting to stick their tongues out at you as well as grab some yummy-tasting giraffe biscuits! The zoo’s giraffe crackers set you back $1 for 3 … as well as it’s money well-spend for anyone that loves a little animal communication! (It’s the Cheyenne Hill Zoo’s feeding station that you can see in the image to your right.)

Giraffe Feeding Stations: What do giraffes consume?

In the wild, giraffes live just on the continent of Africa. Africa is home to the Acacia tree, which is the giraffe’s preferred special. Though the acacia tree is thorny, giraffes masterfully use their long tongues to choose around the thorns and grab the scrumptious fallen leaves. Nevertheless, if a giraffe mistakenly eats a thorn, it doesn’t bother him or her. Why does not it? Human beings couldn’t consume thorns because– OOPS!– their tender mouths won’t allow them!

The trick to successful thorn-eating is having thick, gooey, slimy saliva like a giraffe does! As soon as the acacia thorns obtain covered in gelatinlike filth, then down the throat they slide with ease! (Yet don’t fret– when you feed the giraffes at a zoo’s giraffe feeding terminal, you won’t obtain slimed!)

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Are acacia leaves the ONLY point that wild giraffes consume? No, not! There have to do with one hundred different varieties of plants that giraffes will take into consideration consuming, depending on what plants are readily available at the time.

At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, giraffes are fed alfalfa hay, grain mixes, vegetables and fruits. The giraffe biscuits that zoo visitors get are just a supplement to the giraffes’ diet. So, don’t worry– the giraffes won’t deprive if you don’t feed them! But, it’s simply lots of enjoyable for YOU if you DO!

What are giraffe crackers constructed from? I’m unsure if all zoos utilize the exact same type of giraffe crackers or not … yet all zoos love their giraffes and wish to provide yummy– however very nourishing– things to consume. The National Zoo in Washington DC, for instance, makes use of a “leaf eater cracker” that’s constructed out of soybean dish, corn gluten meal, as well as sugar beetroot pulp, with a blend of minerals and vitamins added for extra-healthy benefits. More than one type of pet consumes these crackers, not just giraffes. The United States’s National Zoo is renowned for their Giant Pandas … and also the giant pandas consume this sort of cracker, also!

Giraffe Feeding Station: See a giraffe tongue up close!

One point that you can’t miss out on if you feed the giraffes is seeing a giraffe’s tongue up close! If you think that giraffes have a tongue that’s precisely like human tongues, after that you’ll remain in for a BIG SURPRISE!

“Huge Surprise # 1” is that a giraffe’s tongue is long! Adult giraffes have tongues that reach 18 inches long … or perhaps longer! In the wild, they make use of these lengthy tongues to get to into trees and also order fallen leaves. At the zoo, giraffes use their long tongues to snatch crackers from the hands of timid site visitors who think they’re standing too far from the giraffes to be gotten to!

“Large Shock # 2 is that giraffe tongues aren’t constantly pink! Giraffe tongues canister be pink … however usually they’re dark blue or grey. Some giraffe professionals think that the giraffe’s dark tongue helps to keep the tongue from getting sunburned as it searches for food in the brilliant African sun.

The giraffe’s tongue can be a little bit harsh. At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, there’s a Giraffe Tongue display– complete with a hand puppet! You can either really feel the material to obtain a suggestion of exactly how the giraffe’s tongue feels when it’s dry … OR, you can stick your hand inside the “tongue creature” and also terrify your pals when they stroll by!

Large Shock # 3 is that a giraffe’s tongue can in fact GRAB DETAILS! That implies, you do not truly need to “feed” the giraffes. If you prefer to, you might rest the giraffe biscuit in the hand of your hand … and allow a giraffe take it out of your hand by ordering it with its tongue!

In the surrounding photo, you can see a giraffe twisting its tongue to order a biscuit that he thinks is a little bit too slow in coming his way!

The technical name for this type of tongue is a “prehensile tongue.” This is simply an expensive term for a tongue that rolls, twists, and also kips down such a way that it can be utilized to realize things … similar to a human’s hand or a monkey’s tail! The thesaurus says that there are 2 main means to articulate the word “prehensile.” Either pree-HIN-sill (rhymes with “expense”) otherwise pree-HIN-syle (rhymes with “smile.”)

Giraffe Feeding Stations: Just how much do giraffes eat?

Prior to you try to guess just how much a giraffe consumes each day, you require to recognize how much giraffes weigh. Because, of course, the larger a pet is, the more she or he will need to consume. Well, right here’s a shock: although giraffes look streamlined and stylish, they actually evaluate A GREAT DEAL! A grown-up women giraffe will typically consider over 2000 extra pounds (that’s one TON!) or a lot more. An adult male giraffe will usually evaluate 3000 pounds or even more– that’s the weight of a small auto like the Volkswagon Beetle. Yikes! You do NOT want a giraffe to step on you!

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OK, so just how much do you assume a giraffe needs to consume to maintain a huge weight like that? And also how much time do you believe a giraffe needs to spend in order to get that much food?

Giraffes may eat an average of about 75 pounds of food a day, though that quantity can differ from around 40 pounds to 140 pounds depending on what’s available and also the dimension of the giraffe concerned. Wow … does delivering all that food keep the giraffe-feeding staff members at the zoo active, or what?

Giraffes may invest approximately 50% of their day simply consuming!

Giraffes are offered a lot of nutritious food at the zoo. However, they are really interested and also love to munch at every little thing they see. If there’s a lawn that belongs to the giraffe exhibit (like there goes to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona) you will certainly observe giraffes trying to eat the yard. Or, as you can see in the picture to your left, a giraffe at the Reid Park Zoo is attempting to bite on an attractive log that belongs to the giraffe enclosure. (As Well As, YES, the giraffe’s feeding basket teemed with alfalfa at the time!)

Aware to your right, a giraffe at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo chooses through grassy weeds at the edge of the exhibit, searching for a juicy one. Giraffe-feeding goes on throughout the day at this Colorado Springs Zoo … as well as at the time this giraffe was hunting weeds, there were plenty of scrumptious biscuits being distributed by anxious zoo guests. The old stating, “The lawn is constantly greener on the other side of the fence” certainly seems real for THIS specific giraffe!

Giraffe Feeding Station: Do giraffes consume water?

Yes, giraffes drink water. BUT, they don’t constantly required to consume water. Even though a giraffe’s body– similar to a body– necessity have water to make it through, a giraffe can usually remove sufficient water out of the food he consumes to make a trip to the bar unneeded. Typically, a giraffe could choose to take a beverage only every 2-3 days … yet in an emergency, a giraffe might be able to go several weeks without taking a drink of water.

On the various other hand, when a giraffe drinks, a giraffe beverages! A giraffe might even drink down as high as 10 gallons of water on a trip to the pond.

One reason that a giraffe doesn’t like to consume really typically is due to the fact that it’s an extremely hard thing to do. Even though a giraffe’s neck is long, a giraffe’s legs are even much longer! A giraffe must twist his body in order to bring his head down reduced enough to get to right into a fish pond. Not only is the giraffe’s setting uncomfortable … with his legs either curved like a cracker or else flung out to the sides like he’s trying to do “the splits”… however likewise, he’s susceptible to predators (like lions or crocodiles) while he’s in this position. It would certainly be hard for him to clean quickly and also flee in an emergency.

You could appreciate seeing simply exactly how uncomfortable it is for a giraffe to take a drink of water. Below’s the link to a You Tube video clip that shows a giraffe attempting to consume alcohol from the pond.

Giraffe Feeding Stations: Contact details

and essential giraffe-related web links

If you wish to feed giraffes while on your journey to the Southwestern USA, here are the addresses and also phone numbers of the 3 zoos with Giraffe Feeding Terminals which were stated on this page:

  • Cheyenne Hill Zoo, telephone number (719) 633-9925. The Cheyenne Hill Zoo’s address is: 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Rd, Colorado Springs, CARBON MONOXIDE 80906. You might utilize the complying with link to watch a Google map to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, which isn’t far from Colorado Springs’ popular Broadmoor Hotel.

If you would like to see what’s taking place at the Giraffe Feeding Terminal in Colorado Springs RIGHT NOW, you might utilize the adhering to link to check out the Giraffe Cam at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Or, if you would like to find out all the “juicy details” about the Cheyenne Hill Zoo’s giraffe herd, you may adhere to the forthcoming web link to check out the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s giraffe details page.

  • The Wild animals World Zoo’s phone number is (623) 935-WILD. The Wild animals World Zoo’s address is 16501 W. Northern Ave, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340. You may utilize the following web link to check out a Mapquest Map to the Wild Animals Globe Zoo. Instructions: visitors must take the Route 303/Cotton Lane departure off of the Interstate 10 Highway, and head north to Northern Ave. Keep In Mind that although you’ll be exiting on Cotton Ln, the name of Loophole 303 changes to the Estrella Parkway as you drive along … as well as you won’t also recognize it! Likewise, if you’re planning a visit below, you’ll certainly wish to browse through the Wild animals World Zoo’s official site.
  • The Reid Park Zoo’s telephone number is (520) 791-3204. The Reid Park Zoo’s address is: 1100 Randolph Method, Tucson, AZ 85716. There are a number of means to reach this location, which is right in the heart of Tucson’s popular Reid Park, depending on your beginning factor. You may access the complying with Google map to the Reid Park Zoo to help you plot your path. For additional info about this well-attended Tucson zoo, you might view the Reid Park Zoo’s main site.

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