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Grapevine Mills Mall

Enjoy food, fashion & fun at this popular Texas outlet mall!

A new Sea Life Aquarium is one of the highlights at Grapevine Mills Mall! Grapevine Mills visitors may add a visit to this beautiful & educational facility before or after their shopping safari! As you can see in the pictures of the SeaLife location in the Arizona Mills Mall of Phoenix (which looks very similar to the Grapevine Mills location,) you may enjoy viewing exotic sea creatures, lovely themed decor, and even get some "touch time" with starfish. For further info, please see the "Grapevine Mills Entertainment" section of this page.

Grapevine Mills Mall overview

Are you a bargain-lover? Then you'll enjoy stopping by the Grapevine Mills Mall to check out the discount clothing, accessories and housewares you can find at its stores.

Do you enjoy dining out? The Grapevine Mills Mall offers more than simply shopping---it's an entire enclosed & climate-controlled mini-city that offers a range of restaurants and eateries, too. You'll stay fueled up for your shopping safari without any problem...except for the difficulty of choosing which of the many cuisines and food styles you'll pick!

Do you like family fun? On top of everything else that's different and fun about Grapevine Mills Mall is its wide selection of activities. Movie-lovers will head towards the mall's modern AMC Theaters. Active kids & tweens will vote for some time in either the Grapevine Mill's ice skating rink or the new Legoland Discovery Center indoor amusement park. Many girls & their moms will want to make a stuffed animal at the mall's Build A Bear Workshop. Tiny tots can enjoy the Grapevine Mills Mall's beautiful carousel or coin-op kiddie rides. There's something for everyone---and that's NOT just a catch phrase!

On this page, you'll discover the stores, restaurants and entertainment you'll find when you visit Grapevine Mills Mall, along with the practical information you must have (address, directions, etc) for converting your outing plans into a "mission accomplished!"

Grapevine Mills Mall directory of stores

list of clothing stores and outlets at Grapevine Mills

Photo: Grapevine Mills Mall sign...featuring pictures of grapes and vines! Grapevine Mills Mall is a hybrid mall...part factory outlet center, but part "regular" mall, as well. Generally, the stores featuring higher-end brands are outlet stores. Yet, you will find stores here that aren't outlets. And, to add to the mix, you'll also notice some stores that seem to have both a "regular" AND an "outlet" section. This isn't your imagination; the Mills Malls actually LIKE the fact that their centers aren't purely comprised of factory outlet stores.

This huge mall is arranged in a giant rectangle, so that if you keep heading onward and following the main "path," you'll eventually end up back where you started. Along the way, you'll enjoy a variety of themed decors in different parts of the mall.

If this will be your first visit, you may not appreciate how very large is Grapevine Mills. Plan your trip to do the most important things first; you will probably tire out somewhere along the way! And, if your group plans to split up, be sure that each of you has a cell phone (or else, arrange a meeting point for a certain time of day.) Once you're separated in these huge and busy corridors, bumping into one another again is probably not going to happen without some advance planning!

Here's a list of the clothing stores for men, women and teens that you may enjoy at the Grapevine Mills Mall---

Abercrombie & Fitch outlet, 972-874-2175
Aerie by American Eagle, 972-355-0932
Aeropostale outlet, phone 214-513-2000
A'Gaci, telephone number 972-539-9990
American Eagle outlet, phone 972-539-2244
Ann Taylor outlet, telephone 972-355-4506
Banana Republic outlet, phone 972-539-6389
BCBG Max Azria Final Cut phone 972-539-3173
Bass Pro Shop, phone number 972-724-1710
Body Central, telephone number 972-874-0567
Burlington Coat Factory, phone 972-355-1089
Charlotte Russe, phone number 972-539-4668
Chico's outlet, phone number 972-874-9124
Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop, phone 972-874-0834
Deb Shop, store phone number 972-874-1093
Dress Barn, telephone number 972-874-1563
Ecko Unlimited, phone number 972-355-2587
Fanzz, store telephone number 972-355-9398
Forever 21, store phone number 972-956-0670
G by Guess, store phone number 972-724-6856
Gala Formal Wear, phone number 972-539-0011
Gap, store telephone number 972-874-1820
Group USA clothing, telephone 972-874-1902
H & M, store telephone number 972-724-4900
Haggar Clothing, phone number 972-355-2006
Hollister outlet, phone number 972-874-2200
Hot Topic store, phone number 972-691-4480
J Crew outlet, phone number 972-355-1067
JC Penney outlet store, phone 972-874-1514
Kenneth Cole outlet store, 972-355-0952
L'eggs/Hanes/Bali/Playtex outlet, 874-1163
L' Patricia, phone number 214-513-8500
Lane Bryant, telephone number 972-355-0751
Last Call Neiman Marcus, phone 214-513-1527
Levi's Outlet, phone number 972-874-9497
Loft Outlet, phone number 972-355-8860
Marshall's, telephone number 972-539-5500
Motherhood Maternity, phone 972-539-2154
Nautica outlet, phone number 972-355-8400
Neiman Marcus outlet, phone 214-513-1527
New York & Company, telephone 972-355-0189
Nike Factory Outlet, telephone 972-355-2487
Oakley Vault, store phone number 972-355-0702
Off 5th, Saks outlet, telephone 972-724-3500
Old Navy, store phone number 972-355-3405
Pacific Sunwear Outlet, phone 972-539-5203
Papaya clothing, phone number 972-724-3000
PCX clothing, telephone number 972-874-1700
Perry Ellis Outlet, telephone 972-539-4398
Pro Image, telephone number TBA
Ross Dress for Less, phone is 972-355-2616
Rue 21 clothing, phone number 972-355-3749
Saks Fifth Avenue outlet phone 972-724-3500
Texas Sports Fan, telephone 972-355-2112
Tommy Hilfiger outlet, phone 972-874-0172
Trends clothing, phone number 972-355-5397
Trends Too, store phone number 214-513-7652
Under Armour outlet, telephone 972-539-0541
Uniform Destination, telephone 972-539-6242
Van Heusen outlet store, phone 972-355-2609
Van's Outdoor, phone number 972-355-5269
VF Outlet Store, phone number 972-691-3400
Victoria's Secret phone number 972-355-0649
Wilson's Leather Outlet, phone 972-724-2515
Zumiez, store phone number 972-874-7259

Accessories shops at Grapevine Mills Mall

You can find almost any type of accessory that you might want at the Grapevine Mills Mall. Not only do the mall's clothing stores generally sell accessories appropriate to the outfits that they sell, but there are also a number of shops which specialize in one type of accessory or another (shoes, handbags, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, etc.)

First, here's a list of Grapevine Mills shoe stores and outlets---

Famous Footwear Outlet, phone 972-874-2440
Finish Line, store phone number 972-906-9468
Flip Flop shops, phone number 214-513-8994
Foot Locker, store phone number 972-626-8584
Journeys Shoes, phone number 214-513-8994
Journeys Kids store, phone number 972-691-4054
Kids Foot Locker, phone number 972-539-4037
Lady Foot Locker, phone number 972-874-8374
Naturalizer Shoes, phone number 972-874-0660
Nike Factory Outlet, telephone 972-355-2487
Nine West, store phone number 972-724-6822
Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, 972-691-4676
Payless shoe store, telephone 972-539-2992
Rack Room Shoes, phone number 972-539-2818
Shoe Mart, telephone number 214-513-1640
Skechers outlet, phone number 972-539-3117

You'll find these FINE JEWELRY stores at Grapevine Mills:

Altra Jewelry Outlet, telephone 972-355-8300
Benchmark Jewelers, phone number 972-874-1609
Elegant Factory Direct Jewelers, 972-691-3417
His Highness Jewelers, telephone 972-539-3786
Jewelry Outlet, store phone number 972-874-3786
Marc Samuels Jewelers, telephone 972-691-1786
Treasures, store telephone number 972-691-0786
Ultra Diamonds and Gold Outlet, 972-724-1966
Watches, Etc, store phone number 972-874-2810
Zales Jewelry Outlet, phone number 972-874-7403

Other types of accessories can be found at the following Grapevine Mills shops---

Claire's, store phone number 972-874-1531
Coach Outlet, store phone is 972-355-8984
(The) Hat Club, phone number 972-691-2358
Icing by Claire's, telephone 972-874-8348
Lids store, telephone number 972-874-8473
Samsonite Outlet, telephone 972-874-9330
Sunglass Hut International, 972-724-7805

Grapevine Mills Mall: Kid's clothing, toys and accessories

Picture: Clothing for Build A Bear stuffed animals at Grapevine Mills Mall While children may enjoy the mall's carousel, ice skating rink or movie theater more than shopping, their parents are going to be very interested in the Grapevine Mills Malls listing of stores and outlets offering merchandise and services for kids. You'll find other stores (such as Old Navy, Marshall's, Burlington Coat Factory and others) which have children's departments. Nevertheless, there are a greater-than-average number of children's specialty shops at Grapevine Mills (when compared to most malls.) Here's the list---

Abercrombie Kids outlet, phone 972-874-8375
Build-A-Bear Workshop, phone 972-874-5444
Carter's, store phone number 972-724-6770
(The) Children's Place Outlet 972-355-0069
Crazy 8, store phone number 972-539-2187
Disney Store, telephone number 972-355-4056
Gala Formal Wear, phone number 972-539-0011
Go! Toys & Games, phone number 972-874-5550
Gymboree, store phone number 972-549-1268
Journeys Kids shoes, telephone 972-691-4054
Justice Just for Girls, phone 972-355-0941
Kids Foot Locker, phone number 972-539-4037
Osh Kosh B'Gosh, phone number 972-724-2558
P.S. from Aeropostale, phone 214-513-7500
Sanrio, "Hello Kitty" phone 972-874-1739
Stride Rite kid's shoe outlet, 972-724-2498
Tommy Hilfiger Kids, phone number 972-691-2112

Other stores at Grapevine Mills

Picture: Bass Pro Shops store for outdoorsmen at the Grapevine Mills Mall Though clothing and accessories are the mall's major emphasis, this large mall offers stores and services catering to many different needs and interests. Some other important and popular stores at Grapevine Mills include---

Bass Pro Shops, phone number 972-724-1710

Bed, Bath & Beyond, phone 972-355-0820

Books A Million, phone number 972-691-6420

Sears Appliance Outlet, phone 972-355-8459

Sun & Ski Sports, phone number 972-355-9424

STILL MORE STORES! Despite the many stores and services mentioned above on this page, there are still other stores in a variety of categories at this huge mall. For the complete listing of shops & services not mentioned in this traveler's review of Grapevine Mills, please see the mall's official website (link at the end of this page.)

Restaurants at the Grapevine Mills Mall

Picture: Colorful fish in aquariums amuse Rainforest Cafe guests at the Grapevine Mills Mall As you read in the introductory section of this page, you'll find quite a variety of restaurants and food styles at the large Grapevine Mills Mall. You certainly won't go hungry from a lack of choices...but your stomach might start growling simply from the time it might take you to choose which one you'd like to try!

Here's the list of featured restaurants at Grapevine Mills Mall. (Some restaurants are within the mall itself; others are located roundabout the mall, ringing the edge of the parking lot. For restaurants that aren't inside the mall itself, addresses have been given to help you locate them.) All restaurant addresses are in the "Grapevine, TX 76051" zip code.

Big Buck's Steakhouse, phone number 214-513-2337; address, 2501 Bass Pro Drive (between Outdoor World and the Embassy Suites Hotel)

Chili's Restaurant, phone number 972-724-2606; inside mall near food court, entry 5

Chuck E Cheese Pizza, phone number 972-874-8713; address, 2755 E Grapevine Mills Circle (separate building outside near JC Penney's Outlet.)

Cozymel's Mexican Restaurant, phone number 972-724-0277; address, 2655 E Grapevine Mills Circle (separate building outside near JC Penney's Outlet and Bed, Bath & Beyond.)

Cracker Barrel Restaurant, phone number 972-874-2325; address, 2700 Grapevine Mills Pkwy (near Grapevine Mills, but not a part of the mall)

Golden Corral Restaurant, phone number 972-874-7900; address, 2605 E Grapevine Mills Circle (outside mall across from Neiman Marcus Last Call/entry 2.)

Love & War in Texas Restaurant, 972-724-5557; address, 2505 E Grapevine Mills Circle (outside mall across from Neiman Marcus Last Call/entry 2.) You'll dine on all-Texas recipes made with all-Texas ingredients at L & W's. If you're lucky, you'll visit when a Texas musical group is playing for the guests!

Rainforest Cafe, phone number 972-539-5001; at mall entrance 2. This jungle-themed restaurant is just as much about enjoying its exotic atmosphere as it is about eating a meal! Looking at the colorful fish in the Rainforest Cafe's aquariums (see adjacent photo) are just one small part of the excitement here!

Ritzy's Restaurant, phone number 972-691-1113; address 2225 E Grapevine Mills Circle (outside mall across from Steve & Barry's.) Enjoy retro-themed decor while chowing down on American diner-style food.

Saltwater Willy's Restaurant, phone number 972-691-2659; address, 2455 E Grapevine Mills Circle (outside mall.) You'll find an extensive seafood menu here, featuring fish and shellfish served in so many different ways that you'll be sure to enjoy one of them. But if you're a confirmed seafood-hater, don't worry; there are other options on the menu for you to enjoy, too.

OTHER RESTAURANTS AT GRAPEVINE MILLS: In addition to the mall's major restaurants, you'll also find a selection of casual dining eateries, fast food, snack bars and food specialty shops. For the complete listing of other food choices at the mall, please refer to the Grapevine Mills official website (see link at the end of this page.)

Grapevine Mills Mall entertainment choices

AMC Movie theaters, and a whole lot more!

Picture: Grapevine Mills AMC Theaters The Grapevine Mills Mall has more entertainment choices than almost any other mall...anywhere. It's entirely possible to spend an entire day at Grapevine Mills and not set foot into even one of the dozens of stores there!

AMC THEATERS: A favorite entertainment choice is the Grapevine Mills AMC Theater, phone number 972-539-5909. (This is the Guest Services telephone. If you'd like to hear recorded information about showtimes, call 1-888-AMC 4FUN.)

You'll find a whopping 30 screens at the Grapevine Mills AMC; surely more than one film on your "must see" list will be playing here!

Amenities at the AMC 30 Theaters include stadium seating, digital sound systems, matinee pricing on selected showtimes, and multiple snack bar locations. Selected auditoriums feature dine-in seating complete with service throughout the show. Several theaters also feature digital projection systems, and are capable of playing the digital 3D films whose locations are so hard to find in many areas. The Grapevine Mills AMC also features several auditoriums showing independent films, which likewise may be difficult to find playing in other theaters.

Check movie times online: If you'd like to look up the AMC Theater's list of movies currently playing & their schedule of showtimes, here's a link to the Grapevine Mills page of the AMC website.

Other entertainment at Grapevine Mills:

You may enjoy the other following entertainment venues at Grapevine Mills:

Polar Ice House, phone number 972-874-1930

Games Workshop, phone number 972-691-3744

Legoland Discovery Center, phone 469-444-3050; featuring adventuresome fun with Legos!

Sea Life Aquarium at Grapevine Mills, phone number 469-444-3050. Now open! The highly-anticipated Sea Life aquarium has opened at the Grapevine Mills mall! Hours are similar to the mall itself...BUT you must note that the last admission to the aquarium is 2 hours before closing time. You should also note that during the first month or two of operation, the Sea Life Aquarium may reach its maximum capacity...which means that a waiting line could form outside the aquarium until some of the guests inside leave. (You may call the aquarium before you leave home to see what the waiting time length is...which might alter your plans just a bit.) With those tips in mind, Sea Life's hours of operation are as follows: Mondays through Saturdays, the Grapevine Mills Sea Life Aquarium opens at 10 am & closes at 9:30 pm...with the last guests being admitted at 7:30 pm. Every Sunday, Sea Life opens at 11 am and closes at 7 pm...with the last admission time at 5 pm. (Even if you are one of the last guests to enter, you should be able to see everything at Sea Life in two hours time.)

Discount tickets to the Grapevine Mills SeaLife Aquarium: It is a good idea to purchase tickets online before heading to the Sea Life Aquarium. Why? Because, you can usually get an online discount that way. Although Sea Life is cute and kids will find it fascinating, it is only a mid-sized aquarium which can be seen in 30 to 90 minutes. Some of our readers have felt that the $20 adult tickets and $16 child tickets (after tax) is therefore a bit steep. Nevertheless, SeaLife Aquariums are always a worthwhile & educational experience. So, it's just best to try to get cheaper tickets (so you can enjoy yourself for less expense.) Here's a link to the Sea Life discounts & ticketing page where you may check for current specials & deals that are being offered. In addition to discounted aquarium tickets, you may also purchase combo tickets for Sea Life AND the Lego Discovery Center. If you're planning to enjoy the fun at both of them, then purchasing the combo ticket will save you money over purchasing the two tickets separately.

Sea Life Website: For further information about this appealing new attraction, here's the SeaLife website will help you discover all of the exciting details!

Grapevine Mills Mall address, directions, contact information

Picture: Decoration at an entrance to the Grapevine Mills Mall The Grapevine Mills phone number is (972) 724-4910.

Shopping hours at Grapevine Mills Mall are as follows: Mondays through Saturdays, Grapevine Mills opens at 10 am and closes at 9:30 pm. On Sundays, the mall's opening time is 11 am and its closing time is at 7 pm. There are quite a few exceptions to this rule, particularly concerning the major restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment at the mall. If you're in doubt about the hours of operation at the particular business where you're heading, you may use the phone numbers in the above sections to call ahead.

The Grapevine Mills address is: 3000 Grapevine Mills Parkway, Grapevine, TX 76051. This location is a bit out-of-the-way even for many Dallas-Ft Worth residents. It's tucked away north of the DFW airport, a location where many people don't normally have the occasion to go. Nevertheless, finding Grapevine Mills is "worth it" for the sheer number of options you'll have at this one location once you get there.

Directions to Grapevine Mills: There are a number of ways to reach the mall depending on your starting point. Here's one route which guests coming from Six Flags Over Texas might wish to take: Grab Hwy 360 heading northwards from the theme park. Next, take Hwy 114/121 East, then exit at Rt 26. You'll soon see signs leading towards 3 popular destinations---the Gaylord Texan Resort, the Great Wolf Lodge, and Grapevine Mills. Follow the signs until you pass the 2 resorts and reach the mall.

Map to Grapevine Mills Mall: Here's a Google map to the Grapevine Mills Mall in greater Dallas-Ft Worth, Texas.

Hotels near Grapevine Mills: If you plan to stay overnight near the mall, you'll find several nice hotels in the area (in addition to the 2 resorts mentioned above.) The Hilton, Embassy Suites, Residence Inn, Homewood Inn, Hyatt Place and Springhill Suites hotels are all within a stone's throw of the mall.

Grapevine Mills Mall website: For further information about this popular Texas outlet mall, including stores in categories not covered by this traveler's review, you will want to see the Grapevine Mills Mall official website.

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