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Hurricane Harbor Texas

On this page, we invite you to discover Hurricane Harbor, Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and learn about any current discounts that are available for the park as well as the hours of operation and directions to the park. In the slideshow above, you can see pictures of Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, and the fun times that are to be had there. If you would like more information about the neighboring Six Flags Over Texas amusement park, please visit our Six Flags Over Texas page. Or, here's our Hurricane Harbor California page, if you prefer that location.

Texas Hurricane Harbor Rides and Attractions

Picture: Tornado funnel ride at the Texas Hurricane Harbor water park Texas Hurricane Harbor is one place in Texas that is guaranteed to cool down even the most hot-blooded critter. Especially when the sun is beating down unmercifully and the humidity in the air is practically unbearable, then you know Hurricane Harbor can help. The best part of the Park, of course, is the rides. Nothing could be more refreshing after a long hot day than relaxing on an inner tube in the cool, clear water.

There are water rides for every family member from preschoolers to teens & adults. Children can play safely in Hooks Lagoon that features a tree house, Hook's ship and Hook's slide. Action packed thrill rides include the Der Stuka, Dive Bomber, Hydra Maniac and Shotgun Falls...and of course, there are many more. Thrills are Hurricane Harbor's claim to fame! Family rides provide the chance for parents and children to have fun together include the Sun and Surf Lagoons, the Sea Wolf toboggan and the Lazy River.

Lazy River

For those who prefer kicking back in their inner tube, floating casually down a slowly winding river, the Lazy River ride is just what they need. It is the perfect ride for those who just want to slow down and take it easy. Tubes float down this river at about three miles per hour. Slow enough to enjoy, but fast enough to stay cool.

Surf Lagoon Wave Pool

The one million gallon Surf LagoonWave Pool, which sits right in the center of the park, features rolling waves that provide cool water fun for visitors of all ages. The Wave Pool is meant for all ages, with an extended ultra-shallow area for wading and splashing around in the water with the little ones. Older kids venture out a bit farther, while teens and adults often choose the deep end...where the swells are the biggest when the waves start rolling in.

Picture: Hook's Lagoon kid's area at Hurricane Harbor in Texas Just for Kids

Hook's Lagoon is perfect for the younger ones who want to splash and play. This attraction has everything from rope ladders to climb and slides to zoom down, to water canons for waging war. Moreover, just to make sure everyone eventually gets soaked, there is a 1,000-gallon water bucket, located at the top of the Treehouse, just waiting to tip over unexpectedly. Smaller versions of the park's thrill rides, like the kiddie slides on Hook's Ship, keep guests safe while introducing the youngest guests to exciting water fun.

Water Slides

The many water slides are the park's main attractions, and they have made Texas Hurricane Harbor so famous.

The Sea Wolf takes the rider, seated in a toboggan, down 830 feet of slide while banking and turning uncontrollably. Then, you might choose to go on to a more intense ride like Shotgun Falls, where the rider is blasted straight out of a barrel-shaped slide by 2000 gallons of water!

Are you afraid of the dark? Then DON'T head towards The Black Hole! If you do, you'll find yourself shooting blindly through a long black tentacle-like tube into the unknown water ahead. Do you like surprises? The Geronimo starts the rider off slow and easy then suddenly drops them straight down nearly six stories, free-fall style. You won't know when to expect it...and it will take your breath away when the steep slope catches you by surprise!

Other Attractions and Events

The water rides at Hurricane Harbor may be the biggest attraction at this park but they are not the only experience available. Dive-in Movies are popular Friday-evening event at Hurricane Harbor Texas...and gives families a chance to extend their day at the park. (Movies start at appx 8:15 pm, after the rides have shut down for the day. You and your family can relax in the water on your inner tubes while viewing favorite family-friendly films. The movies are included with the price of your ticket or season pass.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Arlington Hours of Operation

2018 Season runs thru Sept 30th!

Hurricane Harbor is a seasonal water park which is open about 4 months out of every year. This year is no different...with the park opening in May and closing part-way through September, as usual. Every year, Hurricane Harbor is open weekends-only during the early & late part of the season. Daily operations are the rule during the heart of summer vacation time. In the paragraphs below, you'll be able to find out this year's dates & hours of operation for the rest of Hurricane Harbor's 2018 season:

June & July 2018 Hours of Operation, Hurricane Harbor, Arlington

Daily operation starts every year in June at Hurricane Harbor in Arlington! The hours at this exciting Dallas-Fort Worth area waterpark are fairly simple during the two months of June and July, with only a few different schedules to remember. Here's the list:

EVERY MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY for the rest of JUNE AND JULY: Hurricane Harbor Texas will open at 10:30 am and close at 7 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in June...and during all of July, as well. This includes Wednesday, July 4th---the Independence Day holiday.

ALL FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS IN JUNE AND JULY: Open hours are 10 am to 8 pm every Friday, Saturday & Sunday in June and July.

Hurricane Harbor Texas hours - August 2018

August at Hurricane Harbor starts off with brisk crowds, then starts to slow down as students & families start back to school. Here's the schedule:

Wednesday & Thursday, August 1, 2: Opening time at Hurricane Harbor is 10:30 am, while closing time is at 7 pm.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 3, 4 & 5: The water park will open at 10 am and will close at 8 pm on theses dates.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, August 6, 7, 8, 9: Opening time at Hurricane Harbor is 10:30 am, while closing time is at 7 pm.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 10 11 & 12: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Texas opens at 10 am and closes at 8 pm.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, August 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17: Hurricane Harbor is 10:30 am, and then close early at 6 pm.

Saturday & Sunday, August 18 & 19: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Texas opens at 10:30 am and closes at 7 pm.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, August 20 - 24: Sad to say, but Hurricane Harbor is CLOSED on these weekdays. It's back-to-school time in Texas for nearly all districts throughout the state now.

Saturday & Sunday, August 25 & 26: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Texas opens at 10:30 am and closes at 6 pm.

Monday thru Friday, August 27-31: Hurricane Harbor Texas is CLOSED on these weekdays.

September 2018 Hours, Hurricane Harbor Arlington

Sadly, September is the last month that Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Texas will be open for this year's operating season. Sunday September 30th will mark the last day of 2018 operation at the waterpark. The schedule for the month is simple.

Weekend hours in September: Hurricane Harbor will be open on ALL weekends this month! Hours on these dates will be 11 am to 6 pm, with only one exception. The exception happens on Saturday & Sunday, September 1st & 2nd...which are both part of the Labor Day holiday weekend. On those two dates, the park will open at 10:30 and close at 7 pm.

Weekdays in September: For the Labor Day holiday, September 3rd, Hurricane Harbor hours will be from 10:30 am to 7 pm. On all other Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, Hurricane Harbor Texas will be CLOSED.

Hurricane Harbor Arlington - Web-only discounts

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is certainly worth the regular admission price, but why pay more if a lower price is easy to get? In this section, you can discover discounts and coupons that are currently available at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Arlington. These discounts include the regular online print at home tickets, the season passes, as well as the Coke can special and other discounts and coupons.

Regular Price Tickets

How much do Hurricane Harbor Texas tickets cost? If you don't plan ahead to get a discount, here are the prices that you'll pay at the park's ticket booths this season:

  • Adults and Children 48" and taller $38.99 (plus tax)
  • Junior - Under 48" $33.99
  • Age 2 and Under Free

    Online Print at Home Discounts

    One of the easiest ways to get discount tickets is to print them at home before you go. You can get adult/teen tickets for the child's price of $33.99 per person on the Hurricane Harbor website, plus you'll skip the line to buy tickets at the park. (Since the park's price for kids is already discounted, there are no further savings online for kids. It's the same $33.99 online. However, getting them online enables them to skip the ticket booth and head straight to the gate.) If you do not have a printer, you can still get the tickets at this price. All you have to do is keep the confirmation number you get when buying the tickets and bring it to the "Will Call" window so that they can give you your tickets there.

    Additional online bargains: Hurricane Harbor often has some sort of deal going that will beat their regular online price. At the time of this update, that deal is the 3 day-advance ticket. If you plan ahead & purchase your tickets several days before you will need them, then you can get an even better discount. Currently, the price for these is $31.99, although the park is free to raise its prices at any time. To get this deal or to find out further information, here's a link to the Hurricane Harbor-Arlington ticketing page of the website.

    Season Passes and Memberships

    There are a number of season passes available that will give you access to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Arlington. The cheaper option is the Season pass to Hurricane Harbor ONLY. This pass will cover admission to the water park only. If you are only interested in the water park and you know that you will visit the Hurricane Harbor at least three times in the operating season ending in September, then this is the pass for you. If you want to have the opportunity to visit either the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park OR the water park (as many times as you like, including Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park,) then you will want to get the Combo pass.

    Memberships are monthly payment plans that allow you to pay for annual passes conveniently...and without strain on your wallet. Memberships include both Hurricane Harbor AND the Six Flags theme park. They blur the line between "season" passes and "year-long" passes in the sense that you will still pay for your membership during months when the parks aren't open. However, there's only 2 months of down time at SFOT...and spreading the payments between 12 months instead of 10 makes it easier still to fit passes into your budget. You'll need to remain a member for 12 months. After that, the park presumes that you're still interested in continuing your membership...and it will keep deducting your monthly dues until you ask them to stop. If you enjoy theme parks, it's a worry-free way to make sure that you'll always be able to drop in whenever you like.

    For complete information about the Hurricane Harbor season passes, 2-park combo passes and memberships, here's a link to the Hurricane Harbor-Arlington season passes & tickets page of the park's website.

    Other Hurricane Harbor Arlington Discounts and Coupons

    Picture: Mega Wedgie slide at Hurricane Harbor water park in Arlington, TX1.) AAA discount for Hurricane Harbor Arlington: Are you a member of the AAA auto club? If you show up at Hurricane Harbor without any other discount in hand, then you may use the "Show your Card and Save" discount. You'll get $2 off the price of your tickets. Keep your card handy, and you may also use it to get 10% off of merchandise purchased in the park ($15 minimum.)

    2.) Military Discount for Hurricane Harbor: The good news is that YES, Hurricane Harbor offers a military discount. The bad news is that you can't get it directly from the park's ticket booths or website. But if you plan ahead, you may get discounted tickets at the base MWR/ITR office.

    3.) Group Discounts for Hurricane Harbor: Did you know that it only takes 10 people to make a "group" at Hurricane Harbor? True! Simply get together with some of your friends to visit the park and you'll qualify! This is a good discount for birthday parties, family reunions, youth groups, etc. You may order your tickets online, then visit the park on any day you wish. Tickets for groups of 10-14 people cost $28.99 plus tax online. These tickets are not available at the park.

    Groups of 15-99 people save even more! You can purchase these online for $26.99 each, plus tax. One person must pay for all of the tickets when buying them for the group. Groups of 15+ also have the option of buying the tickets at the park. You should go to the "Will Call" window to get them, as they are not sold at the main ticket booths. And, walk-up tickets do cost just a bit more...$28.99 each, plus tax.

    For more info...or to purchase your group tickets online...please visit the Hurricane Harbor-Arlington group discounts page of the park's website.

    4.) Employer and Credit Union discount coupons & tickets for Hurricane Harbor: Larger employers (and sometimes small ones, too) can offer you discounts on Hurricane Harbor admission IF they have joined the Six Flags Ticket Program. This plan works several ways, depending on the preference of the employer. Coupons may be handed out for discounts at the park; actual paper tickets may be sold at the workplace; or a special web page or a coupon code may be created for your company or credit union. Check your human resources department to see if your company is a part of the program...or ask at the counter of your credit union. Occasionally, professional groups also offer this discount.

    5.) Arlington tourism coupons: You may SOMETIMES get a discount at the Hurricane Harbor ticket booths by presenting a print-at-home coupon from the website. This is the city's official tourism website...and you can find discounts for many different Arlington attractions here. To find and print up your coupons to various Arlington restaurants and attractions, here's a link to the coupon page of the website. Unfortunately, at the time of this update, Hurricane Harbor hasn't issued a coupon...even though other attractions (such as Ripley's and SeaLife) have done so.

    You may purchase Six Flags THEME PARK tickets directly from the website. Unfortunately, this year there is NO option to buy Hurricane Harbor tickets. But anyway, here's a link to the Direct Purchase page of the website so you can check to see if this option gets added at a later date.

    In 2018, the only way you can get discount Hurricane Harbor tickets from the website is to book a PACKAGE DEAL. This particular package gives you the opportunity to choose from several different hotels at different price points. If you're visiting from a distance, this might indeed end up saving you money. You can get further information on the Package Deals page of the website. The special Hurricane Harbor deal is listed last. There is also a Six Flags theme park package that seems to be just about the very same thing.

    Hurricane Harbor Texas - Phone, address and Directions

    Picture: Black Hole tube slides at Hurricane Harbor Arlington, TX The Texas Hurricane Harbor phone number is (817) 640-8900. You may reach recorded information about the water park 24 hours a day.

    Texas Hurricane Harbor address: The address for Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is 1800 E Lamar Boulevard, Arlington, TX 76006.

    Directions: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington Texas is located on I-30 at exit 29, which is midway between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. Once you exit, you will see Hurricane Harbor on the north side of the freeway (as well as the Six Flags over Texas theme park to the south of the exit. In other words, these two "sister parks" are NOT on the same side of the freeway, and you may not walk between the two of them without re-parking.) You can follow this link to a Google map of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Arlington

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