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Neon lights...or stars so bright; it's your choice!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Las Vegas camping spots nestled high on Mount Charleston, under an hour away from the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Many tourists are surprised to discover such a wonderland of nature so close to the city! Pack up your RV, or load up your tent; you're in for some great camping experiences!

Las Vegas, Nevada camping -- overview

Photo: Scenic Mount Charleston, near Las Vegas, NV, offers terrific camping and hiking opportunities

Las Vegas, Nevada is a popular destination for RVers. If you're looking to roll up to the city in your rig, you'll certainly find campgrounds in Las Vegas to accommodate you. You can park and then head to your favorite tourist attractions without missing a beat...and without even stopping to schlep luggage up to a hotel room.

Tent-campers will have a little less luck finding spots in the heart of the city, although they do exist. But even more scenic camping sites await you in the Las Vegas area if you're willing to venture away from the heart of the tourist district.

Not everyone knows that Las Vegas has a woodsy, alpine side...though you won't find it just around the corner from The Strip. On the other hand, it's not that far away, either. Depending on what part of Las Vegas you're starting from, you can be nestled in the pines in under an hour (or even less from the western side of town.)

Where is this lovely mountainside terrain that beckons both tent campers and RV's alike?

Up on Mount Charleston, which rises up to heights of 11,916 feet on Las Vegas' western edge! On Mt Charleston, birds chirp, squirrels scamper...and plenty of elbow-room awaits you in scenic camping spots that make the desert scenery seem like a far away memory.

Mount Charleston Camping near Las Vegas, Nevada

View Mt Charleston's National Forest Campgrounds in a larger map

Beautiful alpine scenery within an hour's drive of downtown Las Vegas is, perhaps, one of the city's best "hidden gems." You can take an afternoon drive to enjoy the pines & snow-capped peaks of the Toiyabe National Forest on Mount Charleston...or even stop for a picnic. But, even better, why not spend a night (or a long-weekend) reveling in this bounteous wonderland of nature?

There are 4 campgrounds that we'll be covering in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest on Mt Charleston:

Fletcher View Campground
Kyle Canyon Campground
Hilltop Campground
McWilliams Campground

You can view each campground's position in the Google Custom Map above. Campground descriptions and details will follow in the paragraphs below. Note: the Dolomite Campground listed on the map has closed.

National Forest Campgrounds on Mount Charleston

Picture: National Forest camping spot on Mount Charleston near Las Vegas, Nevada

Mount Charleston's campgrounds are part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. There are several campgrounds from which you may choose...each one with a bit different scenery from the others. But all offer spectacular natural views, developed camp spaces, and the chance to get away from the city to breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Even the weather on Mount Charleston is different from the city, as well...with temperatures being lower than Las Vegas by about 20 degrees (or sometimes more.)

Pictures taken in the 5 different national forest campgrounds are represented in the slide show above at the top of this page; pictures of the closed Dolomite campground are included in the slide show, too. Except for variations in the scenery, the camping spaces themselves are very similar.

All of the Mt Charleston campgrounds lie directly off of paved, well-maintained, 2-lane mountain roads. In addition, the roads within the campgrounds themselves are paved...and so are the parking aprons for each camping site.

Picture: Restroom at a Toiyabe National Forest campground on Mount Charleston

Each camping space has a level, unpaved spot for tents, along with a picnic table and fire ring. Some spots also have a grill, as well. Most campgrounds offer both reserve-able spots, PLUS a selection of other camping spaces for last-minute "walk ups," too. And, of course, ALL of these campgrounds boast of having the same outstanding feature---namely, plenty of scenery!

There are no camp stores at these woodsy campgrounds, nor other citified amenities such as swimming pools, hot tubs or laundries. There are a few flush toilets in some of the campgrounds, but by and large, most of the restrooms feature vault toilets. Water spigots are available in the campgrounds, but are not available at each campsite. And, you won't find RV dump stations on Mt Charleston, either.

Picture: National Forest camping spot on Mount Charleston near Las Vegas, Nevada
RV's should note that only the Fletcher View Campground offers electric hookups. The reserve-able spots get spoken-for early...sometimes months in advance for popular holiday and weekend slots. So, you'll want to reserve your spaces for the hookup sites as soon as your plans are firm. If you'll be aiming to grab one of the walk-up spaces, it's a good idea to get an early start to your weekend. Note: camping reservations can only be made for times when there is expected to be a crowd. Other times, it's "walk-up" only.

Weekend camping is moderately popular, while mid-week vacationers won't have much to worry about at all. Most of the time, the only competition for spaces is for hookups at the Fletcher Campground. All of the photos of the national park campgrounds were taken on weekdays in June...and, as you can see, there were plenty of camping spaces available, even during such a busy vacation month.

Mount Charleston Camping Reservations & Prices

Picture: Mount Charleston camping site in the Toiyabe National Forest

Mount Charleston camping prices: Most camping spaces have no electric hookups; the prices for these range from $25 to $40 in Summer, 2018. The spaces at the Fletcher View campground with hookups run up to $50/night.

If you'd like to make camping reservations for Mt Charleston's campgrounds, that's easy to do online. Each of the 4 major campgrounds in the Toiyabe NF have their own reservations pages on the Recreation.Gov website. Since that's such a big website, it can be time-consuming to find your way around it. As such, here are direct links to the pages you'll need to reserve your space in the campground of your choice. (You'll also be able to see campground maps, as well.)

Fletcher View Campground reservations: Fletcher campground page at Recreation.Gov

Kyle Canyon Campground reservations: Kyle Canyon campground page at Recreation.Gov (Note: at the time of this update, there are no reservations being taken for the Kyle Canyon campground. You can still see a campground map & get other valuable information from this page, though.)

Hilltop Campground reservations: Hilltop campground page at Recreation.Gov

McWilliams Campground reservations: McWilliams campground page at Recreation.Gov

Dolomite Campground: FYI, this campground is no longer operating and no longer has a page on the Recreation.Gov site.

Mount Charleston camping maps & National Forest information

Picture: Beautiful scenery on Mount Charleston near Las Vegas, Nevada

Map of the Mount Charleston campgrounds: The Google Custom Map (above) is good for pinpointing the exact locations of the 5 campgrounds; one, the Dolomite Campground has closed since we created the map. If you turn the map to its "satellite view," you can enjoy an actual bird's-eye view of the campgrounds...and even locate the individual camping spaces.

Things to do: Nature hikes and Lee Canyon Resort-- Other than the obvious...hiking, enjoying the fun of spending time outdoors, and eating a nicely grilled meal, there's not too much to do. Taking a drive to view Mt. Charleston's scenic beauty is always nice. And for special summertime fun, you can visit the Lee Canyon ski lodge and enjoy the resort's summer season activities! Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you may enjoy rides in the ski lift; play a round of disc golf; dine at the mountainside restaurant; or test your aim on the archery range. There's even an unusual mountain sport here called "One Wheel," touted as the summer season's version of snow boarding! For complete info, here's the Lee Canyon resort website

Guided ranger activities: In addition to being part of a national forest, Mt. Charleston is also nationally recognized as part of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area! As such, it enjoys the privilege of rangers provided just so you and your family can have fun...while learning about the out-of-doors. You can take guided daytime walks, "full moon" night time hikes, hear astronomy talks, and more. Here's a link to the Activities Program page of the Spring Mountain NRA website

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE MT CHARLESTON CAMPGROUNDS, HIKES AND ACTIVITIES: If you'd like the most authoritative website on the subject, you'll want to view the Humboldt-Toiyabe NF website...specifically, the section about the Spring Mountain National Recreation Area District's campgrounds. Here's a link to the Mt Charleston camping page of the Forest service website, for your convenience. You would probably also like to see the photo-filled Spring Mountain NRA website which also contains a lot of information, plus pics.

City camping in Las Vegas

Picture: KOA campground in Las Vegas at the Circus Circus resort

City camping in Las Vegas is everything that Mt Charleston camping is not. There are no towering pines & impressive peaks; no moments so still that you can hear a bird chirping in the distance; and very definitely no campfires.

Yet, Las Vegas city camping has its high points...and the close proximity of the camping grounds to noteworthy attractions is probably the biggest reason why many people each year choose city camping on their Vegas vacations.

Also, families will like the amenities of city campgrounds...with swimming pools, running water, flush toilets and laundrymats. Forgetting something isn't a problem; stores are nearby. Hate to cook? That's not a problem, either...with everything from fast food to 5-star restaurants...from lavish buffets to 24 hour cafes...all within a quick drive.

Picture: the Las Vegas KOA  campground at the Circus Circus resort

The RV Park at Circus Circus is a popular choice. It's located directly on The Strip, with nearby access to casinos, shopping malls, restaurants, kids attractions...and the thrill rides of the Stratosphere Tower.

The Circus Circus camping spaces are all types of RV's, with the layout being "parking lot style." Rigs are parked relatively close together, but you'll have hookups, unlike the more natural Mt Charleston setting. Spaces are rented by the square footage of the campsite, which ranges from ultra-small 20 ft. to super-large 80 ft. The lion's share are in the 30 to 45-foot range. If you're in a mid-sized vehicle, then, you're chances of getting a space are good. Yet, there are indeed extra-long spots which accommodate the largest Class A's; just not very many. You'll certainly wish to reserve ahead of time if you need one of the larger campsites.

Hookups needed for the summer's heat: Summertime temperatures are consistently in the high 90's to low 100's range, with occasional short periods of 108+. The campground isn't nearly as full in summertime as it is in winter because of the extreme weather. As long as your rig has A/C, you should be fine with the hook-ups provided at your site.

Las Vegas can be surprisingly chilly during the winter, as well. Yet your RV will be heated and it's just a short walk to the hotel. For best temperatures, the "shoulder seasons" of Spring and Fall the best times of the year for camping in the city...and for walking between the sights along The Strip.

Website and reservations: Here's the link to the RV Park at Circus Circus website. If you'd like to look over the campground map before you make a reservation, here's a link to a PDF map of the Circus Circus campground that you may print up...or simply view for a quick moment.

LIST OF OTHER LAS VEGAS CITY RV PARKS: Since the Circus Circus campground is the only one our family has been to personally, we can't give you any recommendations about the others. However, the following campgrounds have good websites and can provide you with further information:

  • (Southeast Las Vegas) for info on the Sam's Town KOA.

  • (located south of the Las Vegas Strip off of Blue Diamond)

  • (located in NE Las Vegas; not affiliated with the Riviera hotel near The Strip)

  • (eastern Las Vegas/Boulder Hwy area)

  • (No guests under 21)

  • (Luxury resort catering to Class A motor coaches)

  • (Hitchin' Post RV Park, northern Las Vegas)

  • (Northern LV; primarily for seniors)

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