Lynx Lake Camping Prescott Arizona

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Lynx Lake Outdoor Camping Prescott Arizona

Discover Prescott’s many breathtaking public campground!

It’s practically hard to believe that an outdoor camping website like Lynx Lake exists! For openers, it’s merely lovely. Unlike much of the Prescott location (which has brown chapparal for ground cover,) the Lynx Lake section of community is naturally covered with a thick covering of tall, green pines. One smell of the fresh evergreen-scented air, and also you feel that you must be “miles away from nowhere.”

And yet … you’re NOT “no place.” You’re under 4 miles from the one of Prescott’s best destinations … specifically, the charming, lodge-themed Prescott Entrance Shopping center. Since the Lynx Lake camping ground sits just 2 1/2 miles from business-lined State Route 69, higher Prescott’s “main drag,” you’ll be close to any type of solution or shop you might require. Yet, as you can see from the images on this web page, the hills around Lynx Lake are greatly barren of advancement, offering campers the sensation that they’re far removed from the hustle & & bustle of the city.

Contribute to this scene the reality that the Lynx Camping area is well-tended as well as maintained, as well as you have actually got yourself a wonderful area to remain. The indoor streets do not have pits; the camping area is free of both human trash and unsightly natural copse; the washrooms are tidy (also those which have vault bathrooms.) The Lynx Lake camping area is certainly one of the brightest treasures in the Prescott National park’s camping site system.

On this web page, you can see images of the Lynx Lake Camping Area in Prescott, Arizona, plus find out details to help you intend a smooth and also successful outdoor camping trip here.

Lynx Lake Outdoor Camping, Prescott, Arizona– The Campsites

It’s truly hard to believe that there are just 36 camping areas at the Prescott’s Lynx Lake Campground. That’s since they’re expanded over six loops. Any type of various other camping area with so big a highway system would definitely contend the very least double the amount of camping sites along its paths. So, something you can anticipate to appreciate while outdoor camping at Lynx Lake is family member personal privacy.

In the image to your right, you can see a map of the Lynx Lake Camping Site. You’ll see this map as you get in the park … as well as it’s an excellent suggestion to give it an excellent look-over. After circling through many loops looking for your “suitable” outdoor camping place, it’s very easy to obtain turned around!

The Lynx Lake camp is established on a hillside. Hence, none of the outdoor camping areas are at water’s edge. Some of the campsites have a lake view … albeit, that view is somewhat in the distance. Various other websites don’t have a lake view. At Lynx Lake park, nonetheless, it won’t matter whether you can see the lake from your camping site as long as it could at some other camping site. That’s because the pines themselves are so lovely to look at that the lake is not entirely the “major program” here. Plus, if you can’t view the lake directly from your outdoor camping area, you will certainly capture glances of it as you go out as well as around the campground on treking routes (or simply heading for the toilet.)

All types of camping automobiles, plus outdoors tents, appropriate for Lynx Lake outdoor camping in Prescott, Arizona. That implies, you can bring your RV, pop-up outdoor camping trailer, your 5th wheel, your camper van, or whatever. Others like the simplicity, practice and back-to-nature “really feel” of oversleeping a camping tent. The Lynx Lake camping sites are effectively matched for whatever outdoor camping choice you have, as you will see from the pictures on this page.

For camping tents, you’ll discover that each website has a graded dirt location that’s absolutely “flat as a pancake,” as the stating goes. The tent set up locations are extremely free of big rocks, and have no tree ruts in all. Hence, bringing a minimum amount of cushioning is feasible … which is terrific if you’re showing up in a smaller car that’s short on area.

On the other hand, in spite of the uneven terrain, every driveway behaves as well as flat, making great, level car park for motor home’s and camping trailers. RV owners must keep in mind that there are no hookups at the Lynx Lake camping area. Hopefully, you will certainly think that this outdoor camping area’s elegance, ease, and cleanliness will offset this inconvenience. While there are a majority of back-in sites at Lynx Lake’s camping area, you’ll likewise discover about a loads pull-through websites.

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Since the surface is various at each different camping area on this hill campground, you’ll intend to pick which has one of the most eye-catching website to suit your own demands as well as interests. Things that families with more youthful children must note is that some camp sites are established farther back from the side of capitals than various other sites. As you’ll note in among the photos on this web page, some tenting places really have guard rails around them to avoid unintended stepping off the mountain’s side! A few of these cliffside spots are off-limits other than to tents, for obvious safety and security reasons.

Lynx Lake Outdoor Camping, Prescott, Arizona– Camping Site Amenities

Lynx Lake outdoor camping in Prescott, Arizona supplies the following facilities at each outdoor camping site:

* Durable outing table
* Firepit
* Smooth recreational vehicle parking
* Rated dust tent spot
* Spacious website with ample range from neighbors

Along with the fundamental amenities, there are several unique camping websites. You can book for these websites ahead of time; please see the web link to the Lynx Lake reservations web site at the end of this page. When there are no bookings for the unique camping areas, you may claim them on an initial come-first offered basis. Walk-ins might remain for an optimum of 2 days without making an appointment. If you prepare to camp on a weekend, the park’s busiest time, remember that the earlier you make an appointment, the more likely you are to get among the special spots.

Extremely essential to some are the several handicap outdoor camping spots at the Lynx Lake camp. As you can see in the photos, the handicap areas include added paving. It will be much easier to move around the camping area and enjoy its functions in a mobility device since one can easily slide from the recreational vehicle to the picnic table to the cooking location. A special enhancement to the handicap sites at Lynx Lake are the elevated barbeque grills that can be often tended from a mobility device without flexing or stooping. Handicap websites are additionally located near the washroom buildings, as well as the path from camping site to washroom can be navigated by a person making use of a wheelchair or walker without needing to traverse dirt surface.

An additional unique, rare sort of campground at the Lynx Lake camp is the double campsite. A double campground is simply 2 single camping sites side-by-side. An extra-wide auto parking apron fits 2 recreational vehicle’s; the tenting location is large enough for several outdoors tents. The picnic tables are set near one another. Considering that lodgings are extremely “relaxing” in a double campsite, these are especially fit for households, friends, and also various other teams who really DON’T want individual privacy.

If you arrive at the camping sites wanting a double website, however can’t discover one open, don’t misery. Team picnics and also bar-b-ques can be moved to the day utilize area, where there will certainly be space for everybody … and also a verdant field on which the kids might play video games, also.

Keep in mind: a double camping site at Lynx Lake is billed a double fee, because it’s practically 2 camping sites that are being inhabited.

Lynx Lake Outdoor Camping, Prescott, Arizona– Camping Area Amenities

The very best (as well as most noticeable) service of Lynx Lake outdoor camping in Prescott, Arizona is its beauty as well as its breathtaking panoramas of pine-covered hills and also the gleaming blue lake. However, obviously, that’s not every one of the advantages as well as solutions you’ll discover at this Prescott National Forest camping area. Here’s a list of camping area amenities:

* Good, paved indoor roads
* Tidy washrooms. Sadly, a lot of the camp’s bathrooms include vault commodes. The buildings look wonderful, but you’ll locate a simple old privy inside as soon as you unlock! On the other hand, there ARE 2 camping loops which use flush commodes; these are loopholes B as well as E. There are no showers offered at the Lynx Lake campground.
* Water faucets spaced throughout the loopholes
* Ranger patrols to make sure security

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Other features consist of the adhering to– Lynx Lake Angling: The chance to fish is the reason some visitors select this campground to begin with. Lynx Lake is a mid-size lake equipped with trout. It’s a good, peaceful lake for fishing, given that most electric motor boats are not enabled; (electrical motors just.) You will not discover an active lake full of jet skis, water skiiers, as well as quick boats whizing throughout the lake here! Unfortunately for non-fishermen, there’s very little else to do at the lake, considering that swimming is not allowed.

* A barbecue & & day-use location where you can stretch and also use a verdant field as well as have sensational views of Lake Lynx.

* Woodsy treking tracks

* Lynx Lake camp shop that’s open throughout busy durations. The shop itself has to do with the size of a 7-11 shop; it focuses on goods that individuals camping and also fishing would wish to purchase. Supermarket aren’t away in town, nevertheless, if you wish to purchase something that the camp shop doesn’t use. Boat leasings are likewise readily available here, as well as a tiny cafe, as well. The Lynx Lake Camp Shop’s phone number is (928) 778-0720.

Lynx Lake Outdoor Camping, Prescott, Arizona– Directions, Get In Touch With Info

Lynx Lake in Prescott, Arizona becomes part of the Prescott National Forest. There is no contact number directly at Lynx Lake itself. For info, you must call the Prescott National park Headquarters phone number, (928) 443-8000. The Prescott National Forest HQ address, should you need to create them, is 344 So. Cortez St, Prescott, AZ 86303.

Directions to the Lynx Lake Camping Site: From AZ Hwy 69, which is the Prescott/Prescott Valley major highway, you’ll turn southern onto Walker Roadway and also head 2 1/2 miles to the Lynx Lake camp entry. This is a very easy camping site to locate, because there are signs on Hwy 69 aiming the method. Likewise, there’s a traffic light at the crossway of Pedestrian & & Rt 69, providing you time to quit and read the street name. If all else fails, merely bear in mind that Walker Rd. is less than 1 mile eastern of the Prescott Entrance Shopping Mall … which’S a big complex that no one might possibly miss!

Lynx Lake Maps: Below’s a Google map to Lynx Lake in Prescott, Arizona, to help direct your means.

Lynx Lake Outdoor Camping Charges: Charges are quite sensible at the Prescott National park’s Lynx Lake Camping site. It sets you back only $18 per night to remain right here since Summertime 2013, although there are propositions to elevate the cost in the works (because of the budget plan dilemma.) There is a 7 day camping restriction at the Lynx Lake Campground.

Lynx Lake Outdoor Camping Reservations: Great news– bookings are currently accepted for Lynx Lake camping areas! For many years, this campground worked on a first-come-first-served basis. Nonetheless, now you can pre-select and also reserve your camping site at the Lynx Lake appointments, map & & details section of the website. You may likewise schedule your place by phone by calling the toll-free telephone number, 1-877-444-6777. You will need a debit or bank card to make your bookings online or by telephone.

Camping Site Dates of Procedure: Each year, the Lynx Lake camping area opens up on April 1st and also shuts on November 1st.

Lynx Lake site: Lynx Lake does not have its very own site, but it has an area on the Prescott National park site. You must check out the Prescott National park camping page prior to heading out to the camping site, to check for any kind of adjustments or informs. You may make use of the following web link: Lynx Lake Camping Area Page. You’ll be able to learn more about camping area rules at the NF outdoor camping areas. Plus, you’ll be able to learn more about various other Prescott NF camping areas in the area.

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