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Lynx Lake Camping Prescott Arizona

Discover Prescott's most scenic public campground!

Photo of quiet and beautiful Lynx Lake in Prescott, Arizona It's almost hard to believe that a camping site like Lynx Lake exists! For openers, it's simply beautiful. Unlike much of the Prescott area (which has brownish chapparal for ground cover,) the Lynx Lake section of town is naturally covered with a thick blanket of tall, green pines. One sniff of the fresh evergreen-scented air, and you feel that you must be "miles away from nowhere."

And're NOT "nowhere." You're under 4 miles from the one of Prescott's best attractions...namely, the lovely, lodge-themed Prescott Gateway Mall. Since the Lynx Lake camping ground sits only 2 1/2 miles from business-lined State Route 69, greater Prescott's "main drag," you'll be close to any type of service or store you may need. Yet, as you can see from the photos on this page, the hillsides around Lynx Lake are largely barren of development, giving campers the feeling that they're far removed from the hustle & bustle of the city.

Add to this scene the fact that the Lynx Campground is well-tended and maintained, and you've got yourself a delightful place to stay. The interior roadways don't have potholes; the campground is free of both human litter and ugly natural undergrowth; the restrooms are clean (even those which have vault toilets.) The Lynx Lake campground is certainly one of the brightest gems in the Prescott National Forest's campground system.

On this page, you can see photos of the Lynx Lake Campground in Prescott, Arizona, plus learn details to help you plan a smooth and successful camping trip here.

Lynx Lake Camping, Prescott, Arizona -- The Campsites

Picture: Camping map of the Lynx Lake Campground, Prescott, AZ It's really hard to believe that there are only 36 campsites at the Prescott's Lynx Lake Campground. That's because they're spread out over half a dozen loops. Any other camping area with so large a roadway system would undoubtedly have at least double the amount of campsites along its paths. So, one thing you can expect to enjoy while camping at Lynx Lake is relative privacy.

In the photo to your right, you can see a map of the Lynx Lake Campground. You'll see this map as you enter the park...and it's a good idea to give it a good look-over. After circling through so many loops looking for your "ideal" camping spot, it's easy to get turned around!

Photo of a campsite at the Lynx Lake Campground in Prescott, ArizonaThe Lynx Lake camping ground is set on a hillside. Thus, none of the camping spaces are at water's edge. Some of the campsites have a lake view...albeit, that view is somewhat in the distance. Other sites don't have a lake view. At Lynx Lake park, however, it won't matter whether or not you can see the lake from your campsite as much as it might at some other campground. That's because the pines themselves are so lovely to behold that the lake is not entirely the "main show" here. Plus, if you can't view the lake directly from your camping spot, you WILL catch glimpses of it as you get out and around the campground on hiking trails (or simply heading for the restroom.)

Closeup photo of a tent camping spot in the Lynx Lake Campground of Prescott, Arizona All types of camping vehicles, plus tents, are suitable for Lynx Lake camping in Prescott, Arizona. That means, you can bring your RV, pop-up camping trailer, your 5th wheel, your camper van, or whatever. Others prefer the simplicity, tradition and back-to-nature "feel" of sleeping in a tent. The Lynx Lake campgrounds are very well suited for whatever camping preference you have, as you will see from the photos on this page.

For tents, you'll notice that each site has a graded dirt area that's absolutely "flat as a pancake," as the saying goes. The tent set-up areas are remarkably free of large stones, and have no tree ruts at all. Thus, bringing a minimum amount of padding is possible...which is great if you're arriving in a smaller vehicle that's short on space.

Photo of a back-in camp site at the Lynx Lake camping ground in Prescott, ArizonaOn the other hand, despite the hilly terrain, every driveway is nice and flat, making good, level parking for RV's and camping trailers. RV owners should note that there are no hookups at the Lynx Lake campground. Hopefully, you will think that this camping area's beauty, convenience, and cleanliness will make up for this inconvenience. While there are a greater number of back-in sites at Lynx Lake's camping area, you'll also find about a dozen pull-through sites.

Since the terrain is different at each different camping spot on this hillside campground, you'll want to pick and choose which has the most attractive site to suit your own needs and interests. The thing that families with younger children should note is that some camp sites are set farther back from the edge of the hills than other sites. As you'll note in one of the pictures on this page, some tenting spots actually have guard rails around them to prevent accidental stepping off the mountain's edge! Some of these cliffside spots are off-limits except to tents, for obvious safety reasons.

Lynx Lake Camping, Prescott, Arizona -- Campsite Amenities

Photo of a handicap camping spot at the Lynx Lake campground in Prescott, Arizona Lynx Lake camping in Prescott, Arizona offers the following amenities at each camping site:

*Sturdy picnic table
*Paved RV parking
*Graded dirt tent spot
*Spacious site with ample distance from neighbors

In addition to the basic amenities, there are several special camping sites. You can make reservations for these sites ahead of time; please see the link to the Lynx Lake reservations website at the end of this page. When there are no reservations for the special campsites, you may claim them on a first come-first served basis. Walk-ins may stay for a maximum of 2 days without making a reservation. If you plan to camp on a weekend, the park's busiest time, remember that the earlier you make a reservation, the more likely you are to get one of the special spots.

Photo of a handicap camping spot at the Lynx Lake campground in Prescott, ArizonaVery important to some are the several handicap camping spots at the Lynx Lake camping ground. As you can see in the photos, the handicap spots feature extra paving. It will be easier to move around the campsite and enjoy its features in a wheelchair because one can easily glide from the RV to the picnic table to the cooking area. A special addition to the handicap sites at Lynx Lake are the elevated BBQ grills that can be tended from a wheelchair without bending or stooping. Handicap sites are also located near the bathroom buildings, and the path from campsite to restroom can be navigated by a person using a wheelchair or walker without having to travel over dirt terrain.

Photo of a double campsite at Lynx Lake in Prescott, Arizona Another special, rare type of campsite at the Lynx Lake camping ground is the double campsite. A double campsite is simply 2 single campsites side-by-side. An extra-wide parking apron accommodates 2 RV's; the tenting area is large enough for several tents. The picnic tables are set close to one another. Since accommodations are very "cozy" in a double campsite, these are particularly suited for families, close friends, and other groups who really DON'T want personal privacy.

Photo of a double campsite at Lynx Lake in Prescott, Arizona

If you arrive at the campgrounds wishing a double site, but can't find one open, don't despair. Group picnics and bar-b-ques can be moved to the day use area, where there will be room for everyone...and a grassy field on which the kids may play games, as well.

Note: a double campsite at Lynx Lake is charged a double fee, because it's technically 2 campsites that are being occupied.

Lynx Lake Camping, Prescott, Arizona -- Campground Amenities

Photo of a park road within the Lynx Lake campground, Prescott, Arizona The best (and most obvious) amenity of Lynx Lake camping in Prescott, Arizona is its beauty and its scenic vistas of pine-covered mountains and the sparkling blue lake. But, of course, that's not all of the benefits and services you'll find at this Prescott National Forest campground. Here's a list of campground amenities:

*Good, paved interior roads
*Clean restrooms. Unfortunately, MOST of the camp's restrooms feature vault toilets. The buildings look nice, but you'll find a plain old outhouse inside once you open the door! On the other hand, there ARE 2 camping loops which offer flush toilets; these are loops B and E. There are no showers available at the Lynx Lake campground.
*Water spigots spaced throughout the loops
*Ranger patrols to ensure safety

Photo of the Lynx Lake store in this popular Prescott National Forest campground

Other amenities include the following---

Lynx Lake Fishing: The opportunity to go fishing is the reason some visitors choose this campground to begin with. Lynx Lake is a mid-size lake stocked with trout. It's a good, quiet lake for fishing, since most motor boats are not allowed; (electric motors only.) You won't find a busy lake full of jet skis, water skiiers, and speedy boats zipping across the lake here! Unfortunately for non-fishermen, there's not much else to do at the lake, since swimming is not allowed.

Photo of the day use area at the Lynx Lake park and campground, Prescott, Arizona
*A picnic & day-use area where you can stretch and play on a grassy field and have stunning views of Lake Lynx.

*Woodsy hiking trails

*Lynx Lake camp store that's open during busy periods. The store itself is about the size of a 7-11 store; it specializes in goods that people camping and fishing would want to buy. Grocery stores aren't far away in town, however, if you wish to purchase something that the camp store doesn't offer. Boat rentals are also available here, and a small cafe, as well. The Lynx Lake Camp Store's phone number is (928) 778-0720.

Lynx Lake Camping, Prescott, Arizona -- Directions, Contact Information

Lynx Lake in Prescott, Arizona is part of the Prescott National Forest. There is no contact number directly at Lynx Lake itself. For information, you should call the Prescott National Forest Headquarters phone number, (928) 443-8000. The Prescott National Forest HQ address, should you need to write them, is 344 So. Cortez St, Prescott, AZ 86303.

Directions to the Lynx Lake Campground: From AZ Hwy 69, which is the Prescott/Prescott Valley main thoroughfare, you'll turn south onto Walker Road and head 2 1/2 miles to the Lynx Lake camp entrance. This is an easy campground to find, because there are signs on Hwy 69 pointing the way. Also, there's a stoplight at the intersection of Walker & Rt 69, giving you some time to stop and read the street name. If all else fails, simply remember that Walker Rd. is less than 1 mile east of the Prescott Gateway Mall...and THAT'S a huge complex that nobody could possibly miss!

Lynx Lake Maps: Here's a Google map to Lynx Lake in Prescott, Arizona, to help guide your way.

Lynx Lake Camping Fees: Fees are quite reasonable at the Prescott National Forest's Lynx Lake Campground. It costs only $18 per night to stay here as of Summer 2013, although there are proposals to raise the price in the works (due to the budget crisis.) There is a 7 day camping limit at the Lynx Lake Campground.

Lynx Lake Camping Reservations: Good news--reservations are now accepted for Lynx Lake campsites! For many years, this campground ran on a first-come-first-served basis. However, now you can pre-select and reserve your campsite at the Lynx Lake reservations, map & information section of the website. You may also reserve your spot by phone by calling the toll-free telephone number, 1-877-444-6777. You will need a debit or credit card to make your reservations online or by telephone.

Campground Dates of Operation: Every year, the Lynx Lake campground opens on April 1st and closes on November 1st.

Lynx Lake website: Lynx Lake doesn't have its own website, but it has a section on the Prescott National Forest site. You should view the Prescott National Forest camping page before heading out to the campground, to check for any changes or alerts. You may use the following link: Lynx Lake Campground Page. You'll be able to learn about campground rules at the NF camping areas. Plus, you'll be able to learn about other Prescott NF campgrounds in the area.

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