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This popular Phoenix vacation activity will not open in 2008!

Santa’s Theme Park will certainly NOT be opening up for the holiday season in 2008! The “Santa’s Theme Park” tourist attraction was held for 3 consecutive years at the Firebird International Raceway just south of Phoenix metro. After having appreciated 3 years of enjoyable, lots of Phoenix az family members simply assumed (or at least wished) that Santa’s circus would certainly come to be a custom.

WE WERE MISDOING. In an extremely curt statement on the Firebird website, it mentions that Santa’s Theme Park won’t be returning for 2008 … leaving us with nothing but supposition concerning “why not” and also “what failed?” You can read the announcement on your own at the Firebird Raceway’s internet site. The remainder of this web page will certainly stand as written in 2007 … so that the many individuals that appreciated the park will have a place to “keep in mind” it. End of statement

Santa’s Amusement park was a rather brand-new annual Xmas tradition in Phoenix az, Arizona. Running for just 3 Xmas seasons (2005, 2006 & & 2007), this “circus on steroids” was an area for riding flights, viewing light displays as well as holiday vignettes, watching programs, as well as celebrating the season with friends & & family

. Likewise known by citizens as Santa’s Globe, Santa’s Carnival, Santa’s Park, or perhaps Santa’s Club, this was an incredibly popular seasonal tourist attraction in Phoenix metro location.

On this page, you can see photos of Santa’s Theme Park, and learn more concerning this Arizona vacation occasion held at the Firebird Raceway, simply southern of Ahwatukee at Interstate 10’s Wild Equine Pass exit.

Santa’s Amusement park– Rides

Santa’s Theme Park really wasn’t an amusement park, at least not in the typical sense. A theme park stays in one location. It’s rides do not need to be established and taken down often, so a true theme park commonly has flights that are various from what you ‘d locate at a traveling carnival.

Santa’s Theme Park was a circus. Therefore, it had the very same type of rides that can be found at various other taking a trip circus or at the State Fair. Santa’s Amusement park had fairly an excellent choice of the best circus trips readily available. For children, there were many couple of kid rides. For teenagers and also adults, there was a nice selection of excitement flights.

Although Santa’s theme park was a short-term circus, it is an extremely well-done instance of this sort of tourist attraction. Needing to pay an admission charge in order to enter ensured that no one came there simply to “hang out.” The ambience was family-oriented … and, without a doubt, lots of higher Phoenix az family members pertained to Santa’s World to appreciate the rides, the designs as well as one another’s business.

In the picture to your left, you see the Decline Tower trip, a preferred adventure trip for older children and adults. Bikers were raised to the top of the tower, and afterwards came zooming down in a free-fall.

In the picture to your right, you see among the park’s 3 large ferris wheels. This was called the Century Wheel. Riders might take an enjoyable spin in gondola design cars and trucks … enjoying sights of Santa’s Park as well as of Interstate 10, running along with of the carnival.

All of the trips were outlined in a lengthy line … and also it was an incredibly lengthy line! Intermixed with the rides were the Christmas vignettes, programs, vacation light screens, as well as carnival game booths. You needed to do plenty of strolling at Santa’s Theme Park! The best-prepared guests made certain to put on really comfy shoes, as well as bring (or rental fee) a stroller for infants and also toddlers … who absolutely could not go through this entire, big event.

In the picture to your left, you’re checking out the gorgeous swing trip implied for older kids and adults. Though the ride isn’t specifically frightening, the danger of falling out makes the swing ride inappropriate for small children.

Aware to your right, you can see the scariest of the three “giant wheel” trips: the Sky Diver. Trip cars on the Skies Diver were totally confined … and that’s due to the fact that cyclists kept continuously shaking up and also swirling around as the large wheel would certainly rotate!

All “mechanical trips” came included with the cost of admission. This meant, primarily, as soon as you paid your admission cost, you really did not have to pay any type of additional to have a full afternoon or evening of enjoyable … unless you wished to.

For those looking for “something different,” there were some extra-pay trips provided to visitors. There was a mechanical bull, as an example. There were bungee trampolines as well as a rock climbing up wall. There was a fun residence and also residence of mirrors. For the adventuresome, there were camel trips and also elephant trips … all for a tiny additional fee per each activity.

To your left, you can see component of the Mark 1 Roller Rollercoaster, a preferred ride with thrill-lovers. Though the pitch of the drops weren’t as excellent as theme park roller coasters have, the Mark 1 Coaster did procure some good rate going, and the sharp curves packed a strike.

To your right, you see the Grand Wheel, a destination that provided Santa’s Amusement park a great deal of satisfaction. Why? Since, they claim, it is just one of the most significant Ferris Tires in the U.S.A..

Motorcyclists being in gondola-style autos. The cars and trucks were entirely encaged. So, there was no requirement to fear that little youngsters would unexpectedly stand and also fall out; the caged cars were risk-free and completely safeguarded from this.

Pet attractions & & extra-fee rides

In addition to the many trips which came consisted of with admission, there were possibilities to delight in pets … both absolutely free, and as “extra charge” activities.

You might ride a camel or elephant for an added cost! Since you may not constantly locate this chance elsewhere, these were attractions for which some guests wished to invest a little bit additional.

To your left, you see a picture of a camel taking its turn “relaxing” while a different camel offered flights to the visitors. You can delight in taking a look at the camels “completely free.” You might additionally locate a little stroking zoo close by, where you could stroll in to reveal your children various barnyard animals … and also, probably, acquire a few food pellets from a gumball-style machine so the children might feed them.

Santa’s Amusement park– Numerous programs to see!

You might select from a variety of real-time shows to appreciate when you saw Santa’s Theme Park!

To your left, you can see a photo of bush West Follies, which was a funny routine taking place on a Western-style collection. As family-friendly jokes flew, particular “western components” (like whip breaking, for instance) became part of the routine. This appeared to be a prominent program with the crowd. On active evenings, the bleachers filled out and also there was “standing area only” around the side of the seating area.

An additional show that garnered a big crowd was the Flores Circus Adventure Program. One circus act after one more seemed to keep the audience enthralled.

In the picture to your right, you see one of the entertainers going through a hoop-twirling regimen. Directly before she took the stage, a man did feats high in the air on a round, relocating system.

Santa’s Theme Park– Decorations!

One great factor to see Santa’s Amusement park was for the lots of decorations as well as Christmas lights that were shown.

Though the designs were charming by day, after sundown is when Santa’s Globe came “alive” with thousands of vibrant Christmas lights. They were anywhere! Initially, visitors entered this household tourist attraction via a brightly lit”tunnel” of red vacation lights (see photo of Santa’s Theme Park tunnel of lights in the section below.)

After guests got in the tourist attraction, there were much more lights as well as display screens to see. There were Xmas lights on Xmas trees … but additionally in palm trees, ornamental garlands, and also in lighted vacation scenes. As guests walked through the midway, they was as many gorgeous (and/or whimsical) lighting displays and vacation vignettes as there were carnival rides and attractions!

Though most of the decors at Santa’s Theme Park were non-secular, there were a number of religious display screens which provided nod to the reason the Christmas vacation is commemorated to begin with.

Above, you see an image of the manger scene at Santa’s Theme Park … which belonged to a bigger setup showing shepherds, smart guys, pets, and individuals concerning visit the infant Jesus.

To your right, you see a picture of the Virgen de Guadalupe, which becomes part of a bigger temple at the tourist attraction.

Santa Claus was not far away. Santa had his very own nicely-decorated for youngsters to see him … about halfway down the midway.

Santa’s Amusement park: Maps, Instructions, Call Info

Santa’s Theme Park contact number: 1-888-PHX-SANTAS. (It has now been separated, I am informed.)

Santa’s Theme Park address at the Firebird Raceway was: 20000 Maricopa Road Phoenix, AZ 85226.

Directions to Santa’s Theme Park (also known as Santa’s Globe): From Interstate 10, take the Wild Equine Pass Blvd leave as well as head west. Because Santa’s Park was plainly noticeable from the freeway, this was not a tough area to locate. You may make use of the following Google map to the Firebird Raceway to help you locate your means.

Days of Santa’s Theme Park: For the 2007 Xmas season, Santa’s Park ran between November 21, 2007 as well as Sunday, January 6, 2008. In the beginning, Santa’s World was not open every day of the week. Between November 21st and also December 19th, Santa’s Theme Park was only open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and also Sundays.

Then, everyday procedure started December 20th and proceeds via January sixth.

Ticket Prices for Santa’s Theme Park: Grownup admission tickets were $19.95; children tickets (from age 3 with age 9) were $14.95. All “mechanical trips” and all programs came included in this rate, which exercised to be a great worth because of the several tourist attractions used within the park.

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