SeaWorld San Antonio Coupons and Discounts

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of exciting Sea World San Antonio attractions. What could be more fun than visiting Sea World in Texas? Not much...unless it's visiting Sea World with a nice discount!

Discounts for SeaWorld and the Aquatica water park

How much do SeaWorld San Antonio tickets cost?

Picture: Rio Loco rafting ride at Sea World San Antonio in Texas

How much do one-day tickets to Sea World San Antonio cost at the gate? For Spring and Summer 2019, the undiscounted ticket price for the SeaWorld Texas THEME PARK ONLY (which does NOT include the Aquatica Water Park) costs $74.99 for both children and adults. Ages 2 and under are admitted free. (Note: SeaWorld is free to raise its prices at any time, but this is the current price at the time of this update.)

That is quite a bit of you surely don't want to show up at the front gate without a better-priced option in mind, right? The very good news is that discounts are almost always available. If you plan ahead, you won't be stuck paying full-price once you reach Sea World's ticket booths.

SeaWorld San Antonio discount tickets, coupons & deals

Good ways to save money on one-day tickets

Picture: Penguin exhibit at Sea World San Antonio in Texas

1.) Sea World almost ALWAYS offers some type of an online discount. If you have a debit or credit card...and a printer...then you can take advantage of SeaWorld Park's print-at-home specials. Here's a link to the SeaWorld website's ticketing pages where you may check for current specials and deals.

SeaWorld San Antonio's best discounts are traditionally on multi-visit passes. In 2019, this is once again true. An economical discount called the "Bronze Pass" is being offered for 2019. For about the same price as a 1-day ticket, you can visit all year (with the exception of about a dozen black-out dates.) This pass does not include the Aquatica water park, nor does it include free or discounted parking.

The next step up is a Silver Pass? You can think of it as a mid-level annual pass. There's no free parking with this pass...although you DO get a 50% parking discount on each visit. You can make as many visits as you like for a full 12 months from the time you purchase it---with no blackout dates. Obviously, this is an excellent entertainment value, because you get a full year's worth of fun for the price of one day. Especially if you live in the San Antonio area, there's really no reason not to get one. You come out way ahead (over the price of one-day tickets) even if you only go to SeaWorld twice in the year. Considering that the park offers very nice seasonal events for Halloween and Christmas, it's really easy to find yourself at SeaWorld Texas several times (or more.)

Gold and Platinum level passes are available this year, too. With the Gold Pass, you'll get free parking and pass-holder only events,) but still no admission to Aquatica. With the Platinum pass, you will get Aquatica...PLUS other SeaWorld-owned parks out of state.

At the time of this update, ALL levels of annual passes are eligible for low monthly payment plans. This is a good way to enjoy the parks without a large up-front expense. It works by direct bank deductions each month. You must keep your passes for 12 months, but after that you may quit at any time.

For out-of-town tourist who really, truly know that they cannot visit the park more than once this year, it can be difficult to find a deep discount on one-day tickets. However, you can certainly find small-to-medium discounts. SeaWorld San Antonio's own print-at-home savings are usually in the $5 to $20 range. The exact amount varies throughout the year, but some sort of special is generally offered.

2.) usually offers printable Sea World San Antonio Coupons. This is true once again in 2019. This year's SeaWorld coupon is a combo coupon: Enjoy one day at BOTH SeaWorld AND Aquatica for the same price as a SeaWorld-only admission ticket.

Even if you don't like this particular offer, you'll surely want to visit this site. Why? Because some of San Antonio's other popular attractions ALSO have good coupons posted there! (Six Flags and Ripley's are two crowd-pleasers...and there are still more you might enjoy, as well.)

How do you redeem this coupon? Click on the picture of the SeaWorld combo coupon that says "2 Great Parks--1 Great Price." A separate page opens up where visitors can print out the SeaWorld coupon and take it directly to SeaWorld's ticket booths to redeem it. Here's a link to the San Antonio attraction discounts page of the organization's website.

3.)'s tourist deals: The city of San Antonio's tourism website can help you get good discounts to Sea World San Antonio.

You can find SeaWorld coupons online here. Also, there are multi-attraction packages that you can purchase from this website. You may check the San Antonio attraction discounts page of the website to see which offer best suits your needs. From that page, you can choose which type of discount plan you would like to investigate. On the PDF coupon page, you'll also be able to print out discount coupons for many other attractions that you'd like to visit while you're in town.

4.) Hotel tourist brochure racks in and around Texas also feature discount coupons from time to time. You may wish to check your hotel's free tourist handouts if you have forgotten to print up a discount coupon before leaving home.

5.) Selected hotels also sell SeaWorld discount tickets at their front desks and/or offer room & ticket discount packages. Be sure to ask your hotel if they're one of the San Antonio hotels who offer either of these perks for SeaWorld visitors. Sometimes hotels sell the tickets separately from the price of your room, while others may offer a ticket & lodging package discount.

6.) SeaWorld's Facebook page occasionally announces surprise discounts: It doesn't happen often, but you may wish to check SeaWorld San Antonio's Facebook page before you head out to the theme park. Why? Because there are occasionally times when you might catch a spur-of-the-moment discount. These flash-sale discounts only last for a couple of hours or days...but those who are lucky enough to catch one can get some good savings!

7.) AAA discounts to SeaWorld San Antonio aren't very good...only a few dollars off a one-day ticket. However, if you arrive at SeaWorld without planning ahead, it's still better than no discount at all. Show your card at the SeaWorld ticket booth to redeem this deal.

8.) Group Discounts to SeaWorld San Antonio: Group discounts for one-day tickets are somewhat bigger than individuals or small families can get. If you join up with your friends so that you all visit SeaWorld in one day, you'll only need 15 people to get the larger discount! There are several restrictions. First of all, one person must pay for all of these if you're the person paying, they will need to reimburse you! Group tickets must all be purchased at the same time with the same credit or debit card. Also, group discounts are only valid on one-day tickets... and NOT on annual passes.

Here's a link to the Group Tickets page of SeaWorld's website, where you can make your purchase or find out further info.

FREE Sea World tickets for Military, Pre-Schoolers & Teachers

1.) FREE tickets for members of the military and their families: If you're in the military, you can get one free Sea World ticket each year...and free tickets for up to 3 dependents, too! How do you qualify? Here are Sea World's direct words, so there won't be any confusion. They say: "Waves of Honor permits any active duty military, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman to one complimentary admission per year." (Note: this program was formerly called "Here's to the Heroes.") If you'd like to register for the program, here's a link to SeaWorld's "Waves of Honor" website where you can sign up! (Sometimes this link can be slow-loading for some reason.)

VETERANS CAN GET DISCOUNTS, TOO: While there's usually not a free-ticket program running for veterans, there is nearly always a special ticket deal that'll get you a good discount. Like the discounts for active military members, these special deals are not available at the please use the link above to check what's currently available.

2.) Free PRESCHOOLER CARDS for Texas kids in the 3 to 5 age range (Texas residents only, sad to say): Here's an excellent money-saver for families with small children. With this discount, your child will get an unlimited number of free visits to Sea World Park---all the way thru January 5, 2020! This is a VERY good discount for families, needless to say...because you can't get any cheaper than FREE! Just at the age when children are starting to love rides (and are absolutely crazy about animals,) Sea World makes it much more affordable for their families to explore SeaWorld with them. What family can't use help during those money-sapping years when the kids are little & expenses come at you from every side?

How do you take advantage of this deal? You need to register your child through a special page on the SeaWorld website. You'll then need to print out a voucher that you can take to the park's ticket booths to exchange for the real Preschool Card. When you go to get your child's Preschool Card at the park, you'll need to bring two types of ID-- one for yourself and one for your child. You will need to prove your Texas residency. And your child will need proof of age (by birth certificate or passport.) Then, you'll be good to go for the rest of the year!

Here's a link to the Free Fun Card for Preschoolers page of SeaWorld's website. This is a time-limited offer---REGISTER BY MAY 31, 2019!!! (Note: at the time of this update, the SeaWorld website has a snafu. There is no button to click to enroll in the program. You will have to click where it says "Learn More" about the Preschool Celebration day that was on May 20th. That will take you to a page where you WILL find a button that says "Register Here.")

3.) TEACHERS DISCOUNTS: A free 2019 Teacher's Card season pass to SeaWorld San Antonio is being offered to certified Texas teachers. Who is eligible? Those who are credentialed Texas Pre-K thru 12 teachers. You must have an active DOE number to qualify for this special program. You must also pre-register on the SeaWorld website before you can get your free season pass, because this offer is not available at the theme park's ticket booths.

The SeaWorld website's registration page has some detailed information you need to know about before you can successfully complete your enrollment, so please be sure to read through it carefully. To see all the specifics, here's a link to Sea World's Teacher Appreciation page. After reading through the list of requirements and steps you must take to get your card, you will need to register. Next, you will be emailed a voucher to print out. Then finally, you may take your voucher to SeaWorld San Antonio any time up to (and including) Jan. 5, 2020 to redeem it for your Teacher Card. The theme park is open daily during the summer months, but if you'd like to redeem your voucher after Labor Day, you should check the park's calendar to make sure that it will be open on the day you arrive.

Once you have your Teacher Card, then you may use it to make free visits to SeaWorld San Antonio all the way through January 5, 2020. The Teacher Card is good ONLY at the SeaWorld theme park, not at the Aquatica water park. However, last year it was possible to you add Aquatica privileges to the pass for only $30 by visiting guest services. You may wish to ask if that addition is available again this year, if it interests you.

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