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Six Flags Over Texas Discount Tickets and Coupons

You can find good deals on Six Flags Over Texas tickets...IF you plan ahead!

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of fun Six Flags Over Texas rides and attractions! Just looking at these pics makes a person want to get out and enjoy the fun! But don't head to the park without checking for Six Flags Over Texas deals and specials first. Why pay full price at the front gate when you don't have to? On this page, you'll discover ways to beat the high cost of theme park admission. There's almost ALWAYS a way to save money and get cheaper tickets to Six Flags Over Texas!

List of Six Flags Over Texas Discounts and Coupons

Picture of the Titan coaster at Six Flags Over Texas.
What do Six Flags Over Texas tickets cost at the theme park?

The price goes by height, actually. In late Spring 2019, Adult/teen tickets cost $82.99 at full price, and these need to be purchased by anyone over 48 inches tall (regardless of age.) Ticket prices will probably raise by a few dollars at some point during the season, especially if attendance is brisk.

Children's tickets cost $67.99, and these may be purchased by any child under the height of 48". This "magic number" is set at 48 inches tall because so many of the park's rides require children to be that height to enjoy them. Shorter kids are quite restricted in the rides they may board, so they enjoy a discount price.

Infants and toddlers age 2 and younger get free entrance to the park.

Why is knowing the full price important? Because these are the prices that YOU will be stuck paying if you show up at Six Flags Over Texas without thinking ahead! Do you really want that to happen? Of course not!

But with a little advance planning, nearly everyone can qualify for some sort of a discount!

1.) Six Flags Over Texas print-at-home discounts

Six Flags Over Texas is offering terrific print-at-home savings on their own website. You'll save on one-day tickets...or, if you think you'll visit Six Flags more than once during the year, then Six Flags Over Texas also offers annual passes (which could be your very best way to save money if you're a frequent guest.)

Six Flags Over Texas ticket prices change from time to time, but the park's website ALWAYS offers cheaper tickets than you'll find at the gate. The price difference is usually substantial...about $15 less for the print-at-home price.

Sometimes Six Flags has special online discounts, which make the price of tickets even cheaper than normal. For example, every year opening weekend prices are some of the cheapest you'll find all year. But even if you couldn't make it to opening weekend, there is ALWAYS a "print at home" ticket price you can enjoy...along with other specials, too.

One popular discount being offered on the Six Flags website this Spring is the "3 day advance" ticket. For people who purchase their tickets 3 or more days in ahead of time, you'll get an EXTRA discount---in addition to the usual "print at home" savings. This will shave off several more dollars for you. (This is a limited-time deal, so the park may choose to end this program at any time.)

You may check out the current 6 Flags print-at-home discount ticket prices by using the following link to the Six Flags Over Texas ticketing page of the website.

B.) SEASON PASSES MAKE LOTS OF SENSE FOR FREQUENT VISITORS: Season passes aren't only for theme-park die-hards who return time and again to hop aboard the biggest roller coasters and thrill rides! All it takes is making one or two visits to Six Flags Over Texas during the spring and summer...and then once in the fall for Fright Fest. And then, add one more visit to get in on the Christmas season "Holiday in the Park" fun...and you've made 4 trips to the park without ever feeling like you've been a theme park fanatic! You may check the current Six Flags Over Texas season pass specials by using the following link to the Six Flags Over Texas ticketing & season pass page of the website.

2019 Season Passes for Six Flags Over Texas are now on sale! You may now get your 2019 season pass now...and keep using it all the way through the end of the year. Your season pass will give you unlimited admission to Six Flags Over Texas all year round---including Fright Fest, too! If you'll be going to Holiday in the Park, that's ALSO a wonderful seasonal event which is included in your season pass!

Generally speaking, Spring and Fall each year are the cheapest times to buy season passes. Every Spring, Early Bird pricing is in effect, while every Autumn, you'll get a chance to purchase next-year's season pass at a discount. During the middle of summer, you may not find special discounts on season passes, but they are still one of the very CHEAPEST ways to visit the park if you visit more than twice. And, it's so easy to go twice...especially since your season pass includes not only Spring and Summer fun, but Halloween and Christmas events, as well. There's simply no way to lose with season passes if you visit Six Flags several times each year!

Picture: Texas Titan roller coaster; riders plunge downwards!C.) GOLD PASS vs REGULAR SEASON PASS: There are two season pass alternatives...Regular, and the Gold Pass. What's the difference?

Just like with the regular season pass, the Gold Pass comes with a coupon book that has a couple of "free admission" coupons for your friends. With the Gold Pass, you get even MORE perks, too! You'll also get free parking and VIP early entry time to the theme park (on selected dates.)

ONE PARK VS 2 PARK PASSES: When you purchase your pass, there's still another choice you'll have to make. Do you want an SFOT-only pass? Or, for just a little more money, would you like to add a Hurricane Harbor water park pass? The 2-park pass is a terrific deal if you love water parks...or if you'll be taking kids (because even "onlookers" need to buy a ticket.)

D.) MEMBERSHIPS: What is a Six Flags "membership?" And, what are the advantages of a membership over buying one-day tickets or season passes?

Memberships are a monthly bank-deduction plan which makes family theme park visits fit into a family's budget better. Small monthly payments spread out over 12 months of the year make sure that WHENEVER you're ready to leave for Six Flags, then you WILL have an active pass that grants you admission without additional charges.

The "small" monthly payment can be as little as $7-9 per person if you purchase your memberships at a time when Six Flags is having a special sale. (The exact price varies depending on the type of membership that you purchase. One park or two? Regular membership...or Gold?) How does this work? After making a down payment, then you agree to monthly bank withdrawals for a 12-month period. After that, you may terminate your agreement---OR continue on with the automatic plan next year, if you like, without any additional applications or forms to fill out.

SIX FLAGS WEBSITE: For complete details about tickets, passes & memberships.... including a detailed comparison of the various types of season passes... here's a link to the season pass and membership page of the Six Flags Over Texas website. Or, to have more of your questions about memberships answered, you'll want to see the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) section of the park's detailed membership information page.

2.) Coke discounts, merchant coupons & other good deals

Every summer, Six Flags Over Texas offers discount coupons in various places throughout the city. It's a win-win situation: Six Flags gets to remind you that, hey, it's time to visit the theme park...even though you were only thinking about getting a hamburger or drinking a Coke before. Here's a list of current park specials sponsored by merchants--

1.) coupon: is the official travel website for Arlington, Texas. In the past, their website offered a print-at-home coupon for Six Flags Over Texas...but that's not the case any more. Yes, there's a deal...but for this year's offer, you'll be purchasing Six Flags discount tickets directly from the Experience Arlington website.

Will you save money by purchasing your ticket through Experience Arlington? Yes, compared to the price you'll pay at the Six Flags ticket booths. But, compared to the price of the website, it's a tossup. As the season progresses, prices will fluctuate...and so you never know which one will be offering the better deal at any given time. So in the end, you will need to compare the current prices being offered at BOTH places...because either one could be giving out the better deal at the time when you'll be going to the park.

You may wish to view the Six Flags coupons (plus other good Arlington-area entertainment coupons) on this site. Here's a link to the Experience Arlington website's coupon section, where you'll ALSO find discount ticket offers for a number of fun attractions in the Arlington area---including Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor Ripley's Believe it or Not, Sea Life Aquarium, and more.

Picture: Batman roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas turns riders upside-down!2.) Coke discounts to Six Flags Over Texas: Every year, Coke offers some kind of a discount deal on SFOT tickets. At the time of this update, Coca Cola hasn't announced what the discount will be yet.

We do know, however, that LAST year the park was offering a Coke Discount right on the pages of the Six Flags website itself. The details were tricky: you could have bagged a 40% discount on tickets that could be used any time until Sept 16, 2018. HOWEVER, to get this special price, you needed to purchase your Coke discount tickets by July 15th. This offer was made to anyone coming to the Six Flags website to purchase online tickets, and no Coke can was needed. So, we would expect that if Six Flags does the Coca Cola discount the same way again this year, then you'll see it announced if you visit their website during the offer period.

Is the Coke special usually a good deal? Well, last year ticket prices at the gate were $79.99, and the 40% Coke discount brought down the cost to $46.99 each. On top of this price, there was, as always, the Texas taxes to be added. And then on top of that, there was the park's usual online processing fee tacked on. Long story short, yes, guests did come out ahead on last year's offer...but ONLY if they were visiting Six Flags for one day. They still came out ahead by buying a season pass if they planned to visit several times during the year.

3.) Employer discounts: Oftentimes, you may find Six Flags Over Texas discount coupons though your place of employment. Simply redeem these coupons at the park's ticket booths to receive the discount price that's printed on the coupon. (Other options available to employers: they sometimes give out a coupon code for purchasing your tickets online at Still other employers may sell discount tickets to the park directily on their own website.) Ask at your human resources department if your company makes these employee discount coupons or website offers available. (If they don't, urge your employer to sign up with the park!)

4.) AAA Discounts: If you're a member of the American Automobile Association, you can get some good discounts by pre-purchasing your Six Flags tickets online at the AAA website (and some local offices sell them, as well.) AAA advanced-purchase discounts generally run around 30% off of full price. There is also a 2nd type of AAA discount for those times when you arrive at the park on your vacation to discover that you haven't thought ahead to buy your ticket online. That's the time when you can whip out your AAA card at the park's ticket booths...because Six Flags Over Texas IS one of the attractions where you may use your AAA "Show Your Card and Save" benefits! You can save $5 on each ticket by showing your card at the ticket booths (limit 6.) Well, it's not a big discount, but it's better than nothing, right? You may also ask about AAA discounts inside the park, because selected restaurants and stores at Six Flags (usually the larger ones) will give you a 10% food/merchandise/photo discount if you're an AAA member.

Picture of the Mr Freeze at Six Flags Over Texas.5.) Military discounts: Can you get a military discount to Six Flags Over Texas? Yes and no. No, you can't get a discount ticket at the theme park's admission booths. However, you CAN get discount tickets for yourself and your family at the MWR/ITR offices if you think about it ahead of time.

6.) Credit Union discounts and Professional Association discounts: If you do your banking with a Texas or Oklahoma credit union, you MAY be able to get good discounts on Six Flags Over Texas tickets. In fact, these are some of the best discount prices available. The catch? Not all credit unions offer them. And each credit union has their own method of dispensing them. But assuming that your credit union DOES have them, you can expect a price that's a superior deal.

Also, if you belong to a professional organization, you might get cheap Six Flags Over Texas as one of your benefits. You'll need to check your organization's website for details. The Texas Classroom Teacher's Association is an example of one of the organizations which offer this type of benefit.

7.) Are there Facebook discounts or free tickets available? Yes, on occasion. You can SOMETIMES find discounts and deals on the Six Flags Over Texas page on Facebook. There may...or may an offer going on when you're ready to visit the theme park. But, it never hurts to check. If attendance is particularly slow for some reason, Facebook is an easy way for the park to offer spur-of-the-moment discounts without needing to pay their tech team to make temporary changes to the website.

3.) Coupons from Six Flags season's pass holders

Do you know any Six Flags Over Texas season pass holders? If you don't, maybe you just don't know your friends well enough...because many people living in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex (and many living farther away, too!) DO have Six Flags season passes. WHY should you get to know season pass members?

Because Six Flags Over Texas season pass holders have GREAT discount coupons to the theme park! Every time someone gets a season pass or a membership, he or she gets a slew of park discounts along with it! These perks include discounts for buying their friends cheap tickets on selected dates...and sometimes, they even get FREE tickets to Six Flags Over Texas for their friends! PLUS, they can get savings on the theme park's food, games and merchandise, as well.

The Season Pass perks vary from year to year, but they ALWAYS include several "Bring a Friend Free" days! In addition, there are coupons for "Bring your friend at a discount" days. And discounts for Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, too. What a good deal!

4.) Hotel discount tickets

Another place to check for good discounts on Six Flags Over Texas tickets is at your hotel's front desk.

If you forget to print out a coupon before leaving home, you probably won't be able to print one after you've arrived in Arlington, Texas for your vacation. After all, not many people carry portable printers with them on vacation!

Nevertheless, all is not lost. A number of hotels surrounding the park sell discount tickets at the front desk. We have purchased such tickets when visiting (and had no problem with them being accepted by the park.)

It's always best to plan ahead and print out a coupon before you go...since you never know if your particular hotel will be participating in this program. But, it's worth a try; don't give up until you ask!

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