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Six Flags Over Texas Roller Coasters,

Thrill Rides, and Flash Pass Info

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of exciting Six Flags Over Texas roller coasters! How many coasters does the park have? On this page, you'll find a list! Still need tickets? Check our 6 Flags Over Texas Discounts & Coupons to find terrific specials!

Where is the roller coaster capital of Texas?

At Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington...of COURSE!

Six Flags Over Texas is the roller coaster and thrill ride capital of Texas...and of the entire South Central region of the USA, as well! Other parks have coasters...and they're fun, too. But only at Six Flags Over Texas can you ride the tallest, fastest and steepest roller coasters for hundreds of miles around.

It's a cinch, then, that roller coaster fans make a bee-line for Six Flags Over Texas every summer and holiday period. And, why not? Six Flags Over Texas gives thrill seekers exactly what they want---a list of exhilarating coasters and thrill rides that grows more exciting with each new season.

Six Flags Over Texas list of roller coasters

What are the best roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas? There are 4 coasters that people mention frequently as being their favorite:

1.) Titan Roller Coaster: What's 245 feet tall...and nearly causes wrecks on I-30 as people gawk with fascination? The Titan coaster, of course! At drop speeds of 85 miles per hour, this coaster is a thrill a second as it looms up to 25-1/2 stories tall and runs over one mile long. It has lots of spirals and plunges and a 120 foot long tunnel in complete darkness. The minimum height is 48". Flash pass available.

2.) Mr. Freeze coaster: What Six Flags Over Texas roller coaster launches you so fast, you might be at the top before your scream leaves your mouth? Mr. Freeze propels riders 24 stories high, then slams them quickly down again as one of the fastest rides in Texas. At a ride length of 1,372 feet, this thrill machine reaches top speeds of 70 mph in about 4 seconds...and, along with the Titan, is one of the tallest, fastest coasters in the Southwest. Minimum height is 54" and the flash pass is available on this ride.

Picture of Six Flags Over Texas.3.) Batman the Ride: This fun coaster features a smooth, steel-tracked ride, 2,700 feet long with the coaster train suspended from tracks above the rider's heads. Rising to an 11 story height, and approaching speeds of 50 mph, Batman will send you sailing through 5 inversions before returning to the station. Minimum height is 54" and flash pass is available for this ride.

4.) The Texas Giant: If you missed visiting Six Flags Over Texas in 2011, you'll discover an all-new Texas Giant on your next trip to the park. Ot's a completely different ride than it was before! How? GONE is the old shakemaster...and its place is a sleek new scream machine with a velvety smooth ride. First, they gutted the old wooden track & replaced it with metal rails which glide like butter. But, the original wooden framework so dear to the hearts of fans remains. It's now a hybrid wooden/metal coaster that's even TALLER than the original Texas Giant and has brand-new steeply banking turns for extra scares & screams. There are even new ride cars which resemble 1961 Cadillac sedans.

Why 1961? Sure, there's a certain "coolness factor" to that year's model Caddy. But there's more. 1961 was the year Six Flags Over Texas first opened...Which made 2011 the theme park's 50th Anniversary! What better way could the park celebrate than by fans a brand new version of the Texas Giant?!

The Texas Giant is now an award-winning roller coaster, too! The Amusement Today magazine gave its coveted Golden Ticket award to the Texas Giant for being the "Best New Amusement Park Ride" in 2011!

Still MORE Six Flags Over Texas roller coasters!

Even though Titan, Mr. Freeze, the Texas Giant and Batman the Ride are at the top of many people's "favorites" list, most fans like to enjoy ALL of the coasters & thrill rides at the park. Still MORE fun coasters include:

---Judge Roy Scream: Come ride the Six Flags Over Texas traditionally built wooden roller coaster with views overlooking the park and 8 acre lake. Though it's perhaps one of the most nostalgic ride in the park, the wait time usually isn't too bad because it's maximum height is barely over 70 feet tall. The minimum height for guests to ride is 42 inches.

---Flashback: An exciting ride that flips you upside down and backwards a total of 6 times through 100 feet tall loops and at speeds up to 50 mph. The minimum height is 48". Flash Pass is available on this ride.

---Shock Wave: When this ride debuted back in 1978, it was one of the first back-to-back looping coasters in the world...and the very first looping coaster of any kind that many Texans ever experienced. As such, the Shock Wave is quite nostalgic to many Six Flags Over Texas fans...including myself. The Shock Wave made a roller coaster-lover out of me from the very first ride ('way back when...although, of course, I couldn't possibly be OLD!) Still one of the most awe inspiring roller coasters anywhere, it features vertical loops, one after another, which are part of a 3,500 feet long thrill ride at 60 mph. Minimum height for riders is 42".

Picture of Judge Roy Screams Coaster at Six Flags Over Texas.---La Vibora: aka The Viper, is a fast paced competitive bobsled ride that will have you ready to enter the Olympics! Though this ride is neither extremely tall nor extremely fast, La Vibora is memorable because it's trackless, giving you a completely different sensation from other coasters. You glide along the track wherever gravity and your group's weight distribution may take you! The minimum height to ride is 42

---Pandemonium: Notice something missing from the usual list of Six Flags Over Texas coasters---like the "Tony Hawk Big Spin?" In 2011, cost-cutting measures at the park include dropping royalty payments to the celebrity skateboard champ for which this ride was originally named. It's still just as much fun; a "radical" ride that twirls, drops and rises unexpectedly as you glide along its 1,351 foot long track. With a freestyle skateboarding sensation so unique, no two rides on the Pandemonium coaster are the same! The minimum height is 47" if you ride alone or 42" with adult. The flash pass is available on this ride.

---The Runaway Mine Train: The quick and darting runaway train was the one of first tubular steel coasters and still a favorite for thrills and chills at Six Flags Over Texas. Minimum height is 42".

---Runaway Mountain: Are you scared of the dark? Then DON'T go on Runaway Mountain! This indoor coaster isn't too tall, but it does do plenty of twisting & turning. What's more, since you can't see where you'll be heading, the coaster's sudden drops will take you by surprise! Minimum height is 48" tall.

Six Flags Over Texas Thrill Rides

In the slide show above, you're viewing pics of scream-inducing thrill rides at Six Flags Over Texas. If you didn't get hoarse after riding the park's roller coasters...then you probably WILL sound raspy after you've made your way through this exciting list of thrill rides.

---Superman Tower of Power: This lofty drop tower is one of the tallest rides of it's kind in the world. Travel to the top point 32-1/2 stories above the ground and get awesome views of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But, you'll want to take in the scenery on your way UP, 'cause you're going to be too busy screaming once your ride car plunges downward to notice the pretty view. Your falling speed can reach 45 mph! Flash pass is available on this ride. Minimum height is 52" tall to ride.

---Acme Rock-N-Rocket: This pendulum ride swings in a full 360 degree circle with gravity defying effects that make you feel like you're in orbit. Minimum height is 48".

---Aquaman Splashdown: An exciting water ride where the boat flies high in the sky and then plunges down into the water. Minimum height is 36" with adult and no lap children are allowed.

---Dive Bomber Alley (extra fee): Enjoy the adrenalin pumping rush of a 15 story dive on this exciting Six Flags ride. A substantial additional fee is required for this ride. The minimum height is 42" with adult.

Six Flags Over Texas Flash Pass

Should you pay extra for the park's front-of-line pass? It depends.

The Six Flags Over Texas Flash Pass can get you on roller coasters like Mr Freeze (which always has a huge line) in much less time. So, of course, it's only natural to want to get a front-of-line pass. But...not many people do. Why not?

Because the Flash Pass costs extra money on top of your admission ticket, and the fee is quite substantial. We're talking anywhere from $40 to $90 for one person. Each of the other members in your group pay less, but it's still not cheap.

Your first line of defense against crowds, therefore, shouldn't always be getting a Flash Pass to move ahead in line. Planning your visit during the less-crowded Spring and Fall seasons is a good choice for budget-conscious visitors. Or, planning to arrive early and hitting your favorite coasters & thrill rides first thing...before the crowds build up for the day.

Still, the time may come for your family when getting the Flash Pass makes good sense...even good financial sense. If you're traveling from afar, it doesn't make much sense at all to pay for gas, lodging and food for a Six Flags trip...and then not enjoying your favorite rides because the lines are too long.

How do the different pricing levels work for the Six Flags Over Texas Flash Pass? Basically, the less you wait, the more you pay. There are "Regular," "Gold" and "Platinum" levels, each of which cuts your wait time further. It makes the most sense to get the level most appropriate to the crowd size on the day you visit the park. When the crowd at Six Flags Over Texas is moderate, there is little need for one of the more expensive levels. By the time you walk from one ride to another, your "waiting time" will probably be over.

On which rides can you use a Flash Pass at Six Flags Over Texas? Here's the list--

Roller coasters & thrill rides:
Batman The Ride
La Vibora
Mr. Freeze
Pandemonium (formerly Tony Hawk's Big Spin)
Runaway Mountain
Superman: Tower of Power

Water Rides & other attractions:
Aquaman plunging boat ride
Chaparral Antique Cars
El Asseradero log flume
Roaring Rapids
Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure

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