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Find a list of IMAX Theaters in AZ, CO, NM, NV and UT

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of Southwestern USA locations of IMAX Theaters. If you're looking for IMAX locations in Arizona, Nevada & Utah, simply stay on this page to see your listings. For IMAX locations in the Southern California area, please see the IMAX Theaters in Southern California page.

Here's a list of

IMAX Theater Locations in Arizona

There are currently 7 IMAX Theater locations in Arizona. Most are located within multiplex cinemas...but not all. The Arizona Science Center also hosts an IMAX Theater---and there's one at the Grand Canyon, too!

Here's the listing of Arizona IMAX locations. Only one location is not in the Phoenix metro area:

  • Grand Canyon IMAX location: National Geographic Visitor Center IMAX Theater, phone number is 520-638-2203. The Grand Canyon IMAX location is just south of the Grand Canyon in Tusayan, Arizona (directly on US 180/SR 64.) Here's a Google map to the Grand Canyon IMAX Theater at the National Geographic Visitor's Center. Note: This location shows a special interpretive program about the formation of the Grand Canyon and its history in the lives of human beings. If you would prefer to check the movie schedule online, here are the Grand Canyon IMAX showtimes.

Here's the list of metro Phoenix and Tucson IMAX locations:

  • Glendale IMAX Theater location: Westgate 20 AMC Theaters; address at the Westgate City Center (near the University of Phoenix stadium) is 9400 West Hanna Dr, Glendale, AZ 85305; phone numbers are 1-888-AMC 4FUN (recorded list of show schedules) and (623) 772-1371 (to ask questions from Guest Services.) To check the movie schedule online instead of by phone, here's the Westgate AMC IMAX movie times as listed on the AMC website. If the address sounds unfamiliar, it's actual location is just off of Glendale Avenue, which is the Loop 101 freeway exit that you should take. Here's a Google map to the Westgate Center & IMAX Theater in Glendale, Arizona.
  • Mesa IMAX Theater location: Dickinson Gateway 12 Theaters; address, 1935 S Signal Butte Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209; phone number is (480) 354-8030. Here are the Mesa IMAX movie times. And, here's a Google map to the Gateway 12 & IMAX Theaters, which are located just south of the Superstition Freeway on Signal Butte Road.
  • Phoenix IMAX Theater location: Arizona Science Center; address 600 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85004; phone number (602) 716-2000. This location specializes in showing the IMAX company's terrific science and nature movies. Here's a list of movies currently playing & the list of showtimes. To help you find your way to this popular downtown Phoenix science museum, here's a Google map to the Arizona Science Center & IMAX Theater in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Phoenix IMAX location: Deer Valley AMC Theaters; address 3033 West Agua Fria Freeway Phoenix, AZ 85027; phone numbers are 1-888-AMC 4FUN (for recorded movie info) and (623) 434-0300 (for Guest Assistance.) For those who prefer to check the schedule online, here are the AMC Deer Valley IMAX show times. Here's a Google map to the Deer Valley IMAX Theater at the Deer Valley AMC location in north Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Phoenix IMAX location location: AMC Desert Ridge 18 Theaters; address, 21001 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85050. The Desert Ridge AMC phone numbers are 1-888-AMC 4FUN (for current movie listings and showtimes) and (480) 606-0806 (for Guest Services.) Or, to check online, here are the AMC Desert Ridge IMAX show times. Here's a Google map to the IMAX Theater at the Desert Ridge shopping center in northeast Phoenix, AZ.
  • Tempe IMAX Theater location: Arizona Mills Harkins 25 Theaters; address, 5000 South Arizona Mills Circle Tempe, AZ 85282; phone number (480) 820-0387. Here's the list of IMAX showtimes at the AZ Mills IMAX. Google map to Arizona Mills IMAX Theater in Tempe, AZ.
  • Tucson Imax Theater Location: AMC Loews 15 Theaters;address is 7401 N La Cholla Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85741; phone number for recorded movie times is is 1-888-AMC-4FUN, and the guest services number is (520) 742-5050. Here is a list of AMC Loews movie showtimes, including Imax showtimes. Here is a link to the Google map of the Foothills Mall where the AMC Loews is located.

Colorado IMAX Theater Locations

The state of Colorado offers a selection of IMAX movie theater locations, but you'll have to be living or visiting along the Front Range to enjoy them! Here are the current locations--

  • Colorado Springs IMAX location: Cinemark Carefree Circle IMAX, address is 3305 Cinema Point Colorado Springs, CO 80922 (Map to Cinemark/IMAX at Carefree Circle ) To reach recorded information, you may call the Fandango movie hotline at 1-800-FANDANGO (Exp Code 1104#.) Or, for customer service, you may call the Colorado Springs IMAX office phone number, 719-596-2173. Both documentaries and feature films are shown at this location. Here is the list of movie prices and showtimes at the Colo Springs IMAX theater.
  • Denver IMAX location: UA Colorado Center Stadium 9 & IMAX Theater, address is 2000 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222. This location is at the intersection of I-25 and South Colorado Blvd. ( Google map to Colorado Center IMAX in Denver. ) The Colorado Center IMAX phone numbers are (303) 757-8665 and (303) 757-3700. Or, to view the IMAX schedule online, here is the list of Colorado Center IMAX movie show times.
  • Denver IMAX location: Denver Museum of Nature & Science, address is 2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205 (in City Park.) Here's a Google map to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science plus IMAX. The Denver Science Museum IMAX phone numbers are (303) 370-6000, and (303) 322-7009. Note: this location shows IMAX documentaries only. To view a list of the IMAX movies currently playing at the museum, here's is the IMAX movie list and show schedule at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
  • Highlands Ranch IMAX location: AMC Highlands Ranch 24 Theaters, address is 103 W Centennial Blvd. Highlands Ranch, CO 80129. Here's a map to the Highlands Ranch IMAX Theater at the AMC 24 theaters. For recorded IMAX movie info, here's the AMC movie hotline phone number: 1-888-AMC 4FUN. The AMC Highlands Ranch phone number for Guest Services is (303) 471-6911. Or, to check the movie listings online, here are the AMC Highlands Ranch IMAX show times.
  • Westminster IMAX location: AMC Orchard 12 Theaters, address is 14653 Orchard Parkway Westminster, CO 80023. Here's a map to the Orchard AMC Theaters & IMAX in Westminster, Colorado. Phone number for recorded showtime schedule: 1-888-AMC 4FUN. AMC Orchard 12 Theater phone number for Guest Services is (303) 920-1222. Or, you may check the list of showtimes for the IMAX and other films at this location on the Orchard AMC Theaters & IMAX page of the AMC website.
  • Westminster IMAX location: AMC Westminster Promenade 24 Theaters, address is 10655 Westminster Blvd. Westminster, CO 80020. Here's a Google map to the Westminster Promenade AMC IMAX. To hear a list of movies & show schedule, call 1-888-AMC 4FUN. Or, the Westminster Promenade AMC phone number for Guest Services is (303) 439-7014. To view movie times online, here is the AMC Westminster Promenade IMAX movie schedule.

List of Nevada IMAX Theater Locations

Currently, all NV Imax locations are in the metro Las Vegas area

Here's the listing of current IMAX locations in Nevada. If you remember that there was once an IMAX Theater at the're right! However, the Luxor IMAX location has closed.

  • Henderson IMAX Theater location: Regal Sunset Station Theaters; address is 1301 W Sunset Road, Henderson, NV 89014; phone number (702) 454-1186. Here is the Sunset Station IMAX movie schedule. To help you find this location, here's a Google map to the Sunset Station IMAX Theater & Casino in Henderson, Nevada.
  • Las Vegas IMAX location: Brendan Theaters & IMAX at The Palms, address is 4321 W Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103; phone numbers are (702) 507-4TIX (4849) to hear recorded movie showtimes. Here is the Palms IMAX movie schedule. This IMAX theater is close to the Las Vegas Strip, for visitors wishing to catch an IMAX show at a convenient location. Here's a Google map to the IMAX Theater location at The Palms in Las Vegas.
  • Las Vegas/Summerlin area IMAX location: Regal Red Rock Stadium 16 Theaters; address is 11011 West Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135; phone number (702) 233-6948. Here are the Red Rock IMAX theater showtimes. Not all Las Vegas residents and visitors have been to this lovely new westside theater yet. If you need help finding it, here's a Google map to the lovely Red Rock Casino & IMAX Theater.
  • North Las Vegas IMAX location: Regal Aliante 16 Theaters, address is7300 Aliante Parkway North Las Vegas, NV 89084; phone number is (702) 399-2575. Here are the Aliante IMAX movie showtimes. Here's a Google map to the Aliante Casino & IMAX Theater.

New Mexico IMAX Theater Location

List of IMAX Theater Locations in Utah

Currently, the only Utah IMAX locations are in metro Salt Lake City

The state of Utah currently has only 3 IMAX Theater locations. These are all in the greater Salt Lake City area. They are--

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