Stratosphere Tower Rides

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Air Tower Rides

The Air Hotel’s spots tower is house to 3 scream-inducing thrill trips!

In the slide program over, you’re watching images of adventure trips on top of the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vega, Nevada. Adhering to the trip photos, you’ll also see images of the breathtaking sights you’ll enjoy from the Air Tower’s observation deck, and see several pictures of the Air’s game arcade, too.

The Stratosphere Hotel’s impressive tower

Light or wild: will you choose to stroll the observation deck … or zoom on the excitement trips?

What is the tallest structure in Las vega, Nevada?

The Stratosphere Tower!

Just how high is the Air Tower? At 1,149 feet tall, the Air Hotel’s observation tower is taller without a doubt than any type of various other framework in Las Vegas. This elevation is around comparable to a 100 story building. (The Air Tower isn’t in fact a “building,” however … so it can’t be called the tallest structure in Las Vegas.)

Nearly anybody would certainly appreciate taking a stroll along the monitoring decks of the Air Tower. Only those who are extremely worried of heights must miss out on this popular vacationer location.

There are 2 monitoring decks: one indoors and one more one outdoors. Inside, you’ll appreciate comfortable seats and also a/c. The outdoor monitoring deck, nevertheless, offers visitors an unique excitement– the sensation of absolutely nothing in between them as well as the fantastic views of the city listed below. On both decks, you might walk in a circle, giving you sweeping sights of Las Vegas in all directions.

You don’t have to be remaining at the Air Resort to take pleasure in the monitoring tower. There is, nonetheless, a modest cost to rise the tower. Lifts blend you to the top in a fast, simple ride (that’s also handicap obtainable.)

NOT everyone will appreciate the rides at the top of the Air Tower! There’s a certain cautiousness that also some extreme-ride fanatics really feel when contemplating an excitement that means specific death in case of a trip failing. Nevertheless, the flights at the Stratosphere Tower are thoroughly preserved as well as tested/inspected daily, to ensure that if you select to board, you can appreciate your flight recognizing that after the excitement mores than, you’ll securely debark onto the flooring of the monitoring deck protected.

On this web page, you’ll discover what rides are readily available at the top of the Air Tower as well as see photos of them … which need to aid you make a decision whether or not you want to give them a try! (Note: the Stratosphere Tower roller rollercoaster has actually been gotten rid of as well as is no more among the choices.)

For a present list of ticket costs and ticket combo bundles, please check out the Ride Prices Web Page of the web site.

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3 Stratosphere Tower excitement flights

The Huge Shot fires you high as you can go!

The Air’s monitoring deck takes visitors 866 feet in the air– over 100 tales high! It’s a Las Vegas spots which can be seen from miles around (and also assists visitors avoid obtaining lost as they’re driving in the direction of The Strip.)

Nonetheless, if that’s low enough up in the air to match you, then try riding the Big Shot thrill trip, which will certainly take you greater– to a massive 1,081 feet over Las vega Boulevard. The problem is … you will not have time to delight in the scenery. You’ll be also active yelling!

The Big Shot raises you approximately the elevations of the Stratosphere Tower– then mercilessly drops you! First, you’ll be released from the base station at 45 MPH. You’ll have a minutes pause at the top to ponder the terrible decrease ahead. After that without caution, you’ll all of a sudden locate on your own falling at terminal velocity back to the observation deck below.

Will you appreciate the Huge Shot? If you appreciate free-fall trips at your regional amusement park, the solution might be yes. However, at your residence community amusement park, you’re not so high up that the automobiles listed below resemble ants– as well as the people are almost invisible! Care to offer it a risk? It goes without saying, the Big Shot excitement trip is except individuals with heart issues!

Note: A fourth attraction, called the Skies Jump is additionally offered at the Stratosphere Tower. However, its cost is in unwanted of $100 each, therefore it will not be covered on this web page.

Air Tower’s Craziness ride

Would certainly you look after an extra daring consider the ground ‘way, ‘method down listed below you?

Attempt “Craziness, the flight!

Though the Huge Shot takes you greater right into the sky than any type of various other flight at the Stratosphere Tower, you’ll constantly have the “security” of knowing that the farthest down you can perhaps drop is the observation deck which continues to be sturdily below you.

There is definitely just air listed below the Craziness ride, nevertheless. When you look down, you’ll see the pathway and roads listed below you … 866 feet away! Your stomach will spin as well as your hands may start to sweat!

The Craziness trip itself, nevertheless, is relatively tame. The trip is shaped like a huge claw … which simply opens up as well as circles around the bikers via the air at a moderate pace. If this flight were sitting on strong ground, you ‘d undoubtedly pass it by … and let your preschool youngsters get on board.

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There’s something concerning being 100 tales up right into the air, however, that suffices to transform this flight into a remarkable, thrilling … and INSANE … moment that you’ll most likely never forget!

Stratosphere Tower’s X-Scream trip

The action of the Stratosphere’s X-Scream adventure flight is easy: you go up, you roll down; you roll in reverse, you roll forwards once again. (If you have actually ever taken a kid to Knott’s Berry Ranch, it’s extremely comparable to the Excellent Skate flight at Knott’s Camp Snoopy.)

However, the X-Scream trip may be one of the most scary of the 3 Air Tower thrill flights! It’s similar to the Craziness flight because there’s nothing below you other than air … until your eyes meet the walkway 100 tales listed below you. There’s one thing much more, though …

You’ll be looking right down at the ground!

The Madness trip positions cyclists so that they’re dealing with forwards checking out the various other bikers. They may peek the ground directly listed below them … yet, on the various other hand, they do not HAVE to.

When you roll forwards on the X-Scream, you WILL be looking downwards! That’s the direction in which the flight will certainly point you. The only getaway is to shut your eyes!

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