Waterworld Safari, Phoenix

Discover this popular Arizona water park, which is now called Wet N Wild!

In the slide show above, you're looking at June, 2009 Wet N Wild construction photos sent by reader Jim Ray! Formerly called Waterworld Safari, Jim's pictures of the park from March, April and May, 2009 have already helped many people sift through the rampant rumors that "Waterworld is closing." Now, he's sent a 4th batch of pics to show us how the construction there has shaped up. Way to go, Jim! Thanks!

What happened to Water World Safari in Phoenix?

It's now the new Wet 'N Wild Water Park!

Water World Safari in Phoenix is under new management---and its new name is Wet N Wild! Golfland, which has operated Waterworld for many years, is no longer operating this popular Phoenix water park. Obviously, it's now a member of the Wet 'n Wild chain...with which you may be familiar if you've previously lived in a city that has one of their locations.

What changes to the park have been made? Many, many changes were made to Waterworld Safari for its re-opening as Wet N Wild, and more expansions have been made each season ever since. It is most likely you won't recognize the new Wet N Wild as being the old Water World Phoenix. As you can tell from the photos above, new rides were constructed, and the safari theme is now gone. To check out Wet N Wild's operating hours and see a park map, you should check the park's official website before you go. Here is a link to the new Phoenix Wet N Wild website, where you can find the hours for the day you plan to visit, plus information about all the new attractions there.

The rest of this page will be devoted to pictures and Water World Safari information from last year, 2008. This page will remain intact as a "nostalgic remembrance" of Waterworld Safari, for the thousands of people who had fun there.

Nostalgic tribute to Waterworld Safari

We won't forget you--and all the fun we had there!

Picture: Waterworld Safari, a beautiful water park in Phoenix, Arizona As you've read at the top of this page, Waterworld Safari has now changed management and has re-opened as Wet N Wild. The remainder of this page was written for the 2008 operating season, which turned out to be the very last one for Waterworld Safari. As long as people have an interest in remembering the fun they had at Water World, this page will remain on the website so that Water World's many fans may enjoy the pictures. The rest of this page is about the 2008 season:

"Simply refreshing!" is what most visitors say. And, few feel differently after stepping into Waterworld Safari's cool pools and flying down the water park's breathtaking slides! When the temperature rises over 100 degrees (as it does for months at a stretch during southern Arizona's long summers,) Waterworld Safari is where the young and young-at-heart of all ages want to head to beat the sizzling heat!

On this page, you'll see pictures of Waterworld's slides, pools and attractions, plus get practical information for planning your fun outing to this super Phoenix water park. You'll also be able to find out how to plan a fun birthday party at Waterworld. You can let the water park set up the party, then clean up afterwards...while you simply relax and enjoy Waterworld's attractions with your guests!

Get ready to have fun at Waterworld Safari! As you'll be able to tell by the photos of Waterworld's beautiful facilities and refreshing water activities, you outing will be an enjoyable day you'll remember for a long time to come!

Waterworld Safari Attractions

This Phoenix, Arizona water park is loaded with fun things to do!

Picture: Wave pool at the Phoenix Waterworld Safari in Arizona

The centerpiece of every water park is usually its giant wave pool...

...and Water World's wave pool makes a great centerpiece, indeed!

This giant wave pool holds dozens of water park guests! You can choose to rent a raft and float for hours, just relaxing and chatting with friends. Or, you can do some active swimming. Or, you can head to the sides of the pool where you can simply sit back and watch the rest of your group as they frolic in the water.

Serengeti Surf is the name of Waterworld Safari's wave pool, so that's the name you'll see in Waterworld's brochures and on park maps. A cute mural at the deep end of the pool helps to carry out the park's "African safari" theme.

Water slide fun on Waterworld's Black Mamba & Togo speed slides

Picture: 2 Waterworld Safari water slides, the Black Mamba & Togo

Get ready to take a hike! If you want to slide down, down, down, you've got to ascend to the heights!

The tall Black Mamba and Togo speed slides are just the slides you'll choose for zooming. These aren't for the faint of heart; but they're certainly plenty of fun!

It's named after Africa's largest venomous snake! The Black Mamba at Water World is awe-inspiring because it's got a famous name to live up to: this slide needs to get you as scared as if you've just encountered a REAL black mamba snake! Waterworld's black mamba can't kill you, like the reptile mamba can. But, this slide can certainly set your heart to pounding!

The Togo water slide is snake-like, too! It coils around and around just like a snake does...and you get to zoom through the tightly-twisting coils, reeling around at dizzying speeds!

Waterworld Safari's Kilimanjaro Speed Slides

Picture: speed slide at Waterworld Safari called Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa...

...and when you zoom down Waterworld's Kilimanjaro speed slides, you'll really FEEL like you're soaring down a mountain! These are the steepest slides in the water park. If you're up to a challenge, these are the park's slides you'll want to dare riding.

Height requirement: Guests at the park who want to experience Kilimanjaro's thrills (or strut their bravery!) need to be at least 48 inches tall.

No loose articles: Extreme water slides are safe...but only if riders follow the rules. No loose articles are allowed on Waterworld's speed slides. Also, no articles which could "catch on anything" are allowed. This includes eye glasses, sun glasses, hats, watches, jewelry, blue tooth earpieces, Ipods & earbuds, etc.

How to ride a speed slide: When braving the Kilimanjaro slides, you'll be riding feet first, and lying on your back. No head-first sliding is allowed, and you can't ride lying down on your tummy, either. First sit on the platform at the top of the slide. Tightly cross your arms and legs to keep them from flying (and possibly hitting something. Even just hitting the slide will hurt as you get going faster.) Lie backwards onto the slide as you descend. Open your mouth and scream. (Last step of these instructions is optional!)

Congo River Rapids: short slide fun

Picture: shallow pool, waterfalls and short slides form Waterworld's Congo River Rapids play area

Congo River Rapids can be a great place for the elementary school set to play. That's because this beautiful section of the water park has five fun short slides, and each of them has a different look and and feel to the ride.

But, you don't have to be a kid to enjoy the Congo River Rapids. You can just "hang out" and talk as you wade in the cool, shallow waters of the pond. If you get hot? No problem. Duck under a cooling thatched umbrella which will provide you with shade...and splash yourself with water to cool off from the sun.

Just kickin' it in Waterworld's Zambezi River

Picture: Waterworld Safari's Zambezi River is the water park's lazy river-type ride

Want to grab a tube & float with a slow-flowing current, expending no energy except to move your mouth to gab with friends?

Waterworld's Zambezi River ride will be just perfect for you, then! Named after Africa's 4th largest river, this is Waterworld Safari's version of the "lazy river ride" which is found in nearly every water park anywhere you go. There's a reason this attraction is so popular in many water parks: everyone wants to relax now & then!

Waterworld provides free tubes for your use on this ride: Yes, you may pay to rent a raft at Water World. Other attractions (like the wave pool) do NOT provide tubes. But, since tubes are necessary for the Zambezi River experience, the tubes are provided for your use while you're at this attraction. However, on a busy day, if all the "free" tubes are in use, you'll have to wait your turn until someone else gets through using theirs. If you've rented a tube, however, you're welcome to use if in the Zambezi River...and then you won't have to wait for one of the free tubes to become available!

Waterworld's Python water slides: "just right!"

Picture: Waterworld Safari's water slides

What happens if you're not a daredevil...and you don't think that Waterworld's speed slides sound like any fun at all? But...you're not a wimp, either...and floating on a raft for very long makes you yearn for something active to do. What ride would be just right for you?

Try Waterworld Safari's Python slides!

The attractive white Python slides are tall, but they descend from the heights at a moderate slope. You'll slide at a fun pace that's "just perfect," not terrifying...but certainly not for scaredy-cats, either.

Give one (or all!) of the Python slides a try! After you've reached the end of your ride, you'll exit the slide with a gentle plop down into a refreshing pool of water.

Waterworld Safari's toddler play area: Jungle Jim's

Picture: cute frog-shaped slide for toddlers at Waterworld Safari in Phoenix, AZ

Waterworld Safari in Phoenix has an adorable kiddie pool featuring shallow water, a play structure, and cute animal-shaped slides.

If your child has ever wanted to slide down a frog's tongue or a pelican's pouch, this is the right place to come!

And, on a hot day, standing directly under Jungle Jim's cute mushroom-shaped fountain is a great place to let a stream of drizzling water revive your energy.

Do you neet to rest awhile? Attractive thatched awnings provide shade for visitors resting on benches lining the side of the play area.

Waterworld Safari, Phoenix, AZ: Water Park Information

Waterworld's ticket prices, season passes and discounts

Prices for WaterWorld tickets in 2009 have not yet been announced. Waterworld Safari's ticket prices in 2008 were as follows:

Adults: Waterworld General Admission Price was $26.00. This is the ticket you'll need to buy for all family members 48 inches and taller.

Kids: Waterworld Junior Admission Price waas $19.50. This less-expensive ticket is for children 3 years old up until they reach 48 inches in height.

Toddlers: Waterworld Safari's Toddler Admission Price was $3.00. This ticket is for babies and toddlers age 2 and under. There is no free admission for young children at Arizona's Water World. This fee includes baby swim diapers.

Seniors: Waterworld Senior Admission Ticket price was $19.50 for age 55+. Evening discount at Waterworld Safari: After 4 pm, you get a discounted admission price; in 2008, this was only $19.00. No other discounts or coupons may be used with the evening water park discount.

WATERWORLD SEASON PASSES: Frequent visitors to Water World Safari can save money with a season pass purchase. For only $79 in 2008, season pass holders got admission not only to Waterworld Safari in Phoenix, but also to Big Surf Water Park in Tempe, and the Golfland-Sunsplash water park in Mesa. The earlier you purchase your season pass, the more you'll save...because once these 3 metro-Phoenix water parks close at the end of the summer, your season pass privileges end. Note that Water World is free to raise its prices at any time, so if you're going to want a season pass, get it at the park or online as soon as possible. (See link to the Water World official website below on this page.)

Fry's Grocery Discounts for Water World season passes: This discount has ended for 2008; it's highly possibly that this popular discount may return in Spring 2009.

Desert Ridge Marketplace: big spenders were rewarded during the month of June, 2008 with a free Waterworld pass! If you spent $300 in one day---at any combination of stores at Desert Ridge---you could save your receipts & take them to the mall office. In return, you got a free ticket to use at either Waterworld Safari, Tempe Big Splash, or Golfland Sunsplash in Mesa. This particular discount may or may not return in 2009.

Waterworld's dates and hours of operation

Picture: Water World sign

Waterworld water park in Phoenix, Arizona has not announced its 2009 dates and hours of operation yet. Following are the dates & hours for 2008...which were probably very similar to what the water park's schedule might be in 2009. However, since the water park will be under new management, it's difficult to say with certainty at this time.

Waterworld Safari's dates of operation in 2008: Water World opens to the public on Saturday, May 24th at 10 am; it closes at 8 pm that day. The park will then remain open daily through August 10th.

Water World Hours of operation: Every Sunday, Waterworld's opening time is at 11 am and its closing time is at 7 pm. Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Waterworld Safari will open at 10 am and close at 8 pm.

Water World's dates of operation after August 10th: When daily hours at the water park end, then "weekends-only" hours stick around for a few more weeks. On the following Saturdays, Waterworld will be open from 10 am to 8 pm: August 16, August 23rd, and August 30th. On the following Sundays, Water World Safari's hours will be from 11 am to 7 pm. On Labor Day, September 1, 2008, Water World opens at 10 am and closes at 8 pm. After Labor Day, Waterworld Safari in Phoenix will be closed all the rest of September, clear until opening day in 2009.

Waterworld Safari Birthday Parties

Picture: Birthday party pavilion at Waterworld Safari water park in Phoenix, Arizona

Boys and girls with summertime birthdays are lucky---

They can throw a birthday party bash at Waterworld Safari!

It's easy to have a birthday party at Water World. You simply invite 10 or more guests, make reservations at least 3 days in advance, pay a deposit to "hold" your space at the birthday tables...and, voila! Your work is all done; you just wait for the fun!

Water World birthday parties includes all-day park admission for each guest, plus the following things:

1.) Space at reserved outdoor party tables

2.) Festive paper goods, including tablecloth, paper plates, napkins and cups. You don't have to bring a thing! Plus, WaterWorld's staff has your birthday table already set up for you before you & your guests arrive.

3.) 2 pieces of pizza and one soft drink for every guest.

4.) 4 game tokens per guest (to use in Waterworld's air conditioned indoor game arcade)

5.) A gift for the birthday girl or boy: a free admission ticket to Water World when you come back for a different visit!

Waterworld Safari Birthday Party Prices: This complete birthday party package costs $26 per guest for parties held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. For weekend parties, the package costs $28 per guest. Reservations must be made for a minimum of 10 guests, and a deposit must be made. Call the birthday reservations phone number at 623-581-1947 to ask questions or reserve your child's party.

WATERWORLD DELUXE BIRTHDAY PARTIES: For an additional $2 per guest, Waterworld Safari will have a birthday cake waiting for you at the park, and will serve it to your party guests (along with one scoop of ice cream per guest.)

Waterworld Safari/Wet N Wild address, phone, directions

The Waterworld Safari/Wet N Wild Phoenix phone number was 623-201-2000. It has not been in service for quite some time. All questions should be directed to Wet 'n Wild Phoenix. (See the link to their website below.)

The Phoenix Waterworld Safari/Wet N Wild address is: 4243 W Pinnacle Peak Rd, Glendale, AZ 85310. This is in located in the Adobe Dam Recreation Area of Deer Valley.

Directions to the Water World water park--now Wet N Wild: Directions: From I-17 (north of Loop 101) take the Pinnacle Peak Rd exit. Head west to N 43rd Ave, where you'll turn left to reach the water park. Here's a Google map to the Waterworld Safari water park in greater Phoenix, Arizona.

Waterworld Safari website: Since Water World Safari is no longer a part of the Golfland group, info about the park is no longer available at the Golfland website.

Wet N Wild website: Here is a link to the new Phoenix Wet N Wild website, where you can get complete information about the new Wet N Wild water park which has taken Water World Safari's place.

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